Butterfly Addoy 3000 Table Tennis Racket Review

Butterfly Addoy 3000 Table Tennis Racket Review - Is this table tennis racket worth buying?

Do you want to start your table tennis career with a high-quality paddle that could provide you with the control you need? The Butterfly Addoy 3000 Table Tennis Racket might be the one you have been looking for.

Compared to the regular flared handle, the handle is more like a mix of flair and straight, which makes it a bit better to grip. It does, however, make serving that necessitates shifting grips simpler.

The weight is in the middle, neither too heavy nor light. When compared to other readymade bat rubbers, the Addoy rubber is relatively quick. Remarkably, it’s not quite spinny.

I was able to produce some spin, but it is quite restricted. This is advantageous for beginners since it implies the rubber will not react to the opponent’s approaching spin. This paddle is excellent for blocking, pushing, and flat-hitting.

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PROS and CONS of Butterfly Addoy 3000 –

1. ITTF Approved Paddle 1. Not as Fast
2. Durable Addoy Rubbers 2. Non-Replaceable Rubbers
3. 1.55 mm Thick Sponge
4. 5-Ply Wooden Blade
5. Flared Handle for Extra Grip
6. Speed over Spin
7. Offers Outstanding Control

Pros of Butterfly Addoy 3000 –

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1. ITTF Approved Paddle:

According to the International Table Tennis Federation, the Butterfly Addoy 3000 is tournament-ready, implying that you could enter a competition with this bat if you really wanted to put your talents to the test and have some fun.

Of course, because it’s meant for novices, it’s a fairly restricted paddle. Hopefully, by the time you’re ready to compete, you’ll be comfortable with a quicker, spinnier configuration.

These bats allow you to experiment with different ways of play and build your style. However, if you are an intermediate player, you could check out the Eastfield Offensive Table Tennis Racket, which might be more suitable for you.

2. Durable Addoy Rubbers:

Should you get Butterfly Addoy 3000 Table Tennis Racket? My honest review and specification about this table tennis racket

Addoy rubbers are utilized on both sides of this table tennis bat, making it ideal for novices who wish to try out different styles or develop their personal style.

The bat may create considerable speed and a large quantity of spin due to the improved performance given by these Addoy rubbers. There’s only one thing you need to know about its rubbers, and depending on your preferences, it may or may not be beneficial to you.

The rubbers used are non-replaceable, unlike the bulk of table tennis bats. Butterfly used permanent glue to adhere the rubbers to the blades, maybe to strengthen their bonding.

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3. 5-Ply Wooden Blade:

The Butterfly Addoy 3000 has a 5-ply blade and Addoy rubbers that have been verified by the International Table Tennis Federation, or ITTF, making it suitable for competition.

Despite the fact that it does not compare to other professional-level paddles, you may still use this bat in tournaments or contests to put your skills to the test and have some fun.

Because it is designed for novices, this table tennis bat has limited functionality; thus, if you genuinely want to improve your game and conquer contests, you should invest in goods designed for professional players.

Hopefully, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals and are comfortable with a faster, spinnier set-up, you’ll opt to enhance your bat and enter competitions.

4. Flared Handle for Extra Grip:

A flared handle holds the 5-ply wood blade of the Butterfly Addoy 3000 in place, which is the most popular handle type for table tennis paddles. The flared handle’s base is wider than the top of the handle.

This indicates that the handle’s base is broader than the top. Its purpose is to provide a little extra grip and lessen the chances of it slipping out of your hands when you’re holding it.

It adds a little more grip and reduces the likelihood of it dropping out of your hands. Flared handles are the most common form of handle. Anatomic (as opposed to flared) and straight handles are also available.

Once you’ve gained some confidence, the Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set is a good stepping stone from the Addoy 3000.

5. Speed over Spin:

Is Butterfly Addoy 3000 Table Tennis Racket worth buying? My honest review and specification about this table tennis blade

With the Butterfly Addoy 3000 table tennis paddle, the manufacturer focuses speed over spin. This is a wonderful benefit for individuals who are just starting started in table tennis because spin may be challenging to grasp at first, making it tough to keep up with the game’s fast-paced nature.

The amount of spin produced for novices is modest, making it easier for them to start rallies because the ball is less likely to bounce off the table when learning the game.

When you’re confident in your talents, it’s time to think about upgrading your bat to take your game to the next level. You may get a bat with more spin and a faster pace to help you improve your skills even more.

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6. Offers Outstanding Control:

The speed of the Butterfly Addoy 3000 bat is great for novices since it lets them keep up effortlessly. The sponge thickness of this bat is 1.55 mm, which is somewhat less than the typical rubber thickness of 1.99 mm.

This means the rubbers used to make the paddle sluggish or defensive, so don’t anticipate too much, especially if you’re a great player. You should select the Butterfly Addoy 3000 table tennis paddle as a beginner since it offers outstanding control.

Because it is less spinny, this Butterfly Addoy 3000 will be great for you. After you’ve mastered the basics of bat handling and spin, you can upgrade to an advanced-level bat to further hone your skills.

CONS of Butterfly Addoy 3000 –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

You can not change/replace the rubbers if you want. This seems to be the biggest drawback of the Butterfly Addoy 3000 table tennis paddle. Even though the fighting tempo is quicker than the spin, this does not mean that the bat is quick.

It’s because manufacturers use a different classification system that only applies to the beginning and intermediate bats. Mastering the foundations of table tennis would be perfect for you as a beginner.

This bat will most certainly be slow, but not as slow as the unbranded bats that come with table tennis equipment. Because most sophisticated bats produce tremendous speed and spin, it’s tough to practice with them.

This paddle is designed to help you stay up with speed. Experienced Offensive players might find the STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Racket more ideal and suitable to their style.

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Does the package include a cover?

No, it does not include a racket cover. You should always purchase a paddle case to protect your table tennis racket and make it last longer.

Before buying the Butterfly Addoy 3000 table tennis racket, you should consider the fact that the rubbers used on this paddle are non-replaceable.

Rubbers usually tend to wear off in a few months. Hence, you must keep this racket in a paddle case protected from dirt and other elements.

Why is this paddle suitable for beginners?

You’ll rapidly acquire shot placement and rally control thanks to a thin sponge layer for excellent control and a more forgiving surface area, as well as Addoy rubber for increased speed.

Your first goal should always be to maintain control. When you first start, you’ll be losing out on a lot, so the Butterfly Addoy 3000’s generous level of control will be ideal.

You should update the bat only when it becomes limiting. Also, make sure your next bat is still one that you can control.

Would I Recommend Butterfly Addoy 3000 Table Tennis Racket?

The Butterfly Addoy 3000 is the ideal racket for a beginner table tennis player. It’s easy to master the fundamental strokes because it’s packed with control. By making its speed outweigh its spin, the margins of error are widened even more.

Strokes are more challenging to execute with bats that have greater spin. This is because, as a beginner, the increased spin will have a greater impact on the ball’s movement.

This grip is very beneficial on both the forehand and backhand because it provides for equal power distribution on both shots. It generates more speed than spin, making it an excellent pick for amateurs looking to acquire a competitive edge over their opponents.


The Butterfly Addoy 3000 is a beginner-friendly shakehand table tennis paddle. High-quality components, primarily the rubbers, are employed, as with other Butterfly products, contributing to its balanced performance.

It generates more speed than spin and is therefore excellent for amateurs searching for a competitive edge. The paddle’s surface and thinner sponge make it less aggressive, providing good control for beginners.

The Butterfly Addoy 3000 is a pre-assembled bat aimed at beginners looking for a competitive advantage. You could also check out the Eastfield Allround Table Tennis Paddle that has been a massive success amongst beginners.

Quality is guaranteed because it is made by Butterfly, as is the case with all of their items. It is made of Addoy rubber, which contributes to its well-balanced performance. The paddle’s surface and thinner sponge make it less aggressive, resulting in superb control that’s ideal for beginners.

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