Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed Review

Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed Review - Is this Table tennis rubber worth buying?

Are you someone looking for a rubber sheet that provides you with super high speed and amazing blocking? If yes then this is the one for you!

A few months ago I was looking to upgrade to a faster rubber with a good dwell time that was good at looping and blocking as I wanted to add those skills to my game. That is when I came across this rubber.

I have used Butterfly products in the past and decided to buy this product as Butterfly mentioned that this was the fastest rubber in the Butterfly series and therefore I decided to give it a shot.

A few months later I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it and would buy it again if I had to. This is definitely the fastest rubbers I have ever owned and I think the fact that it is powered by High Tension and features Butterfly’s latest Microlayer technology.

The Mircrolayer technology apparently also provides increased spin and speed due to its thin surface, I wouldn’t agree with the increased spin part completely but it sure does have great speed. The looping and blocking on this rubber feel phenomenal!

However, if you are a more spin-style player I would recommend you purchase the Bryce or the Bryce Speed rubber sheets, as the spin on this rubber is pretty low and not super impressive.

Flicking with this rubber can be a little difficult as this rubber is pretty sensitive and any spin on the ball would grab the rubber and cause you to lose control over it.

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Characteristics of this rubber sheet:

Style High Tension Pimples-In Rubber
Spin 103
Speed 145
Hardness  35
Color Black or red
Thickness  1.9 or 2.1

PROS and CONS of the Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed:

1. Powered by high tension 1. Less spin
2. Speedy 2. Flicking can be difficult
3. Good on both BH and FH 3. Super sensitive rubber
4. Little dwell time 4. Weird feel
5. Easy blocking

Now let us take a deeper dive into the features and PROS and CONS of this rubber.

PROS of Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Speed:

Butterfly marketing this rubber as the fastest rubber in their series isn’t wrong at all as this is very true! With a speed of 145, this rubber has very little dwell time and helps you always deliver fast and consistent shots both on your FH and BH.

It is amazing at looping and blocking. Keep in mind that looping requires a vertical motion at around 80 degrees which isn’t a problem at all but just something I thought I’d let everyone know.

Punching is just the best with this rubber. So if you want a blocking and punching game you are in the right place.

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2. Spin:

Should I buy the Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed? My personal review on this table tennis rubber

This rubber has a very low spin which is a bit of a downer for me as I love spin games. This rubber does fly forward to give me just enough sound for my RPB stroke to add pressure but it still isn’t as great.

If you want more spin I would recommend you go for the Bryce or the Bryce Speed rubber sheets, they don’t have much speed or power but the spin is excellent and creates those beautiful high arcs.

3. Hardness:

This rubber lies on the softer side and has a more springy feel that allows for better control along with speed. What most people don’t realize is buying a softer rubber is better as it won’t break as easily, you can always pair it with a more offensive and heavier blade to generate your desired level of power.

That being said I find the low hardness on this rubber perfect but if you do want to buy a harder rubber I would recommend the Tenergy 05 Hard by Butterfly.

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4. What shots can it be used with?

Is Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed worth buying? My honest review on this table tennis rubber? Should you buy it?

This rubber is great on both my BH and FH but I have to say that this isn’t so great on certain shots. Flicking as I mentioned above is pretty hard to do with this rubber as the rubber is pretty sensitive and any spin on the ball would cause the rubber to grab it increasing dwell time and causing you to lose your control along with speed.

Looping, blocking, and punching are as good as can be with this rubber and have improved my game by a lot, keep in mind that my technique mattered, this rubber won’t automatically make you super amazing at table tennis.


Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

We talked about the pros of the rubber now it’s time to talk about the cons. The first issue is something that I have mentioned plenty of times in this article and that is the low spin on it, there is, unfortunately, nothing that can be done to fix it.

Therefore if you are someone who prefers spinny FH and BH shots I would recommend you buy a rubber sheet from the Tenergy series such as the Tenergy 64 FX.

Speaking of Tenergy I wouldn’t recommend you buy this product if you like playing with tenergy rubbers as it is a big step down as this rubber has a much different and weird feel compared to all the rubbers from the tenergy series.

Also, you have to make sure your technique is 100% all the time otherwise you’ll end up hitting into the net which is a huge letdown as I bought this rubber so I could have a slight advantage over my opponent by saving some energy.

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FAQs about the Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed:

Is this rubber tacky?

This rubber isn’t as tacky as most Chinese rubbers but there is a slight tackiness to it compared to modern high-speed rubbers, this helps your game a lot.

Is this rubber consistent?

The play on this rubber is identical almost every single time, it will give you good consistency but that is only if you stay consistent with your technique.

Is this suitable for beginners?

I would say that this rubber isn’t as great for beginners as it is pretty powerful and high speed which means that beginners or amateur players would have a really hard time controlling the ball and being precise. If you are new to table tennis I would recommend the Tenergy 05.

Would I recommend the Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed:

This is one of the fastest rubbers I have ever owned, it has great power. The spin on it could be higher but overall I like it and how it has improved my game so far.

If you remember Ryu Seung Min’s performance in the 2004 Olympic game, this rubber can play as well without fast glue. So to answer the question yes I would recommend this rubber to everyone as I believe it has value for money.


In this article, I reviewed the Butterfly Bryce HighSpeed Rubber Sheet. Writing this review took me a lot of time and money and therefore I would appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and family. Feel free to comment on any of your doubts and queries down below. Thank you!

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