Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Table Tennis Paddle Review

Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Table Tennis Paddle Review - Is this table tennis paddle worth buying?

Are you looking for a racket that suits your aggressive forehand and backhand play? The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Table Tennis Paddle might be the best alternative for you.

If you choose one with an 85-86 gram weight and don’t use the quickest rubbers, this blade may be a decent all-rounder. Control is excellent. With a Butterfly Dignics 09C Table Tennis Rubber forehand and a Butterfly Dignics 05 Table Tennis Rubber backhand, my blade weighs 87 grams.

The speed and control are well balanced. Not for flat-hitting players or those who are brand new to the game. The considerably larger head makes it more head heavy, which makes it easier to hold.

The sensation is still sharp and sensitive, but it’s a touch more manageable, especially when blocking powerful topspins and rapid balls. The handle is sufficiently thick. Spin, speed, and consistency are all well-balanced.

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PROS and CONS of Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC –

1. Larger Blade 1. Decreased Speed
2. Notable Grip
3. 5 Wood and 2 Carbon Layers
4. Ideal and Updated Rubber
5. The sponge has Stronger Elasticity

Pros of Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC –

1. Larger Blade:

A longer blade is featured on the Butterfly Harimoto ALC. As a result of this characteristic, the blade has superior control over the ball. The increased fraction of total transverse fiber lying around the blade due to the broader blade surface also enhances the blade’s toughness to some extent.

Such a design allows for consistent production of attack strength, allowing for a full-face offensive attack on all sides of the table while decreasing blade vibration while touching the ball.

The design of the Butterfly Harimoto ALC racket was also thoroughly merged with Tomokazu Harimoto’s specifications, which contained solid personal characteristics.

You should surely start your table tennis career with the Eastfield Allround Table Tennis Racket if you are a beginner.

2. Notable Grip:

Should you get Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Table Tennis Paddle? My honest review and features about this table tennis blade

Harimoto’s favorite color is blue. Hence the handle or grip of the blade is created in that hue. The LOGO has a bow symbol, also taken from the surname “Harimoto,” which sounds close to the word “bow.”

The blade is based on the Harimoto Innerforce Layer ALC blueprint, and the original ply of the wood construction is five wood, two carbon, with built-in fiber, is kept.

Three sharp arrows symbolize Harimoto’s drive and pursuit of triumph in the bow motif. The shakehand FL grip is the most common variety seen on the market. There are just a few ST grips available on the market.

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3. Ideal and Updated Rubber:

Butterfly DIGNICS 05 (this is a brand new rubber from Butterfly). It included a new idea called Spring Sponge X, a revolutionary design for ping pong rubber. Butterfly TENERGY 05 FX is the backhand rubber utilized (soft, lightweight, spin, stable).

The reinforced and enhanced DIGNICS 05 rubber surface is more wear-resistant and durable while adapting the particle shape of the development number “NO.05” with exceptional spin performance.

Butterfly claimed that this was the “breakthrough evolution.” Compared to the previous generation, the sponge performance has stronger elasticity. It has better control to retain the ball when released, resulting in a more powerful spin, accurate dropping point, and improved control.

Closed table arc balls and backhand loops are particularly well-suited to the rubber. This may be sufficient for high-level offensive players.

4. Suitable for Defensive Play:

A bigger board surface will make it easier to feel like you’re gripping the ball. Harimoto Tomokazu is a highly steady defensive player who does not shake hands. You have complete control over the line and drop point when defending.

It may be claimed that this blade is ideal for pursuing defensive modifications. When defending, the ball is returned rapidly while being extremely stable.

The opponent’s response is of exceptional quality. This racket is better suited for active defense rather than passive defense. It does, however, need some fundamental abilities and is better suited to expert ping pong players.

CONS of Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

The Harimoto Tomokazu incorporates improved ease of play while preserving the Arylate-Carbon blade’s well-known stability, accuracy, and punch.

It is unsuitable for players who enjoy playing far table arc ball to avoid this blade because it may not handle the power they wish to exert.

If you like to play with your forehand, the DHS Hurricane 5 blade is an attractive choice; however, those who prefer to play backhand arcs should choose the Butterfly Viscaria blade.

This blade is also not for players who have been accustomed to using DHS Hurricane III rubber. You may not exert the speed you require with this blade since the DHS Hurricane III rubber has an excellent grip and is a strong rubber.

Players that enjoy performing huge smashes might not find this blade exemplary. When you try to make a hard smash with this blade, you might think it’s pretty ordinary.

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Is the blade entirely constructed of wood layers?

Innerforce Technology combines five plies of natural wood with 2 ALC fibers just above the core veneer to provide a softer touch and longer ball dwells time during topspin play.

The HARIMOTO TOMOKAZU ALC offers greater ease of use while preserving the Arylate-Carbon blade’s well-known stability, accuracy, and punch.

In terms of speed and control, how does this perform?

The Tomokazu Harimoto ALC has an excellent sensation in terms of control. It’s simple to control the ball with tiny drop points, and it’s pleasant for the short ball, thanks to the near-pure wood feel.

The blade’s control is excellent. Tomokazu Harimoto ALC’s pace is not very rapid, but it is moderate and consistent, with a tremendous continuous assault. It’s not a blade that’s recognized for its quickness!

Would I Recommend Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC Table Tennis Paddle?

I would recommend this paddle to players with excellent backhand abilities, particularly while playing loop and drive. Because this blade was explicitly created for Harimoto’s playing style, and he excels at playing with his backhand.

This blade is best suited to players with a tiny playing style and action structure, as well as compact power. It can provide you with enough force to do a topspin. You don’t have to use all of your strength to achieve it.

You’ll be able to hit more consistent strokes if you can quickly return the racket to the ready position. A more prominent sweet spot allows you to make fewer mistakes while playing the game.

It would be ideal for players who are used to playing with Butterfly rubber because this racket was made to go with Butterfly rubber.


Harimoto Tomokazu Innerforce ALC is a highly stable blade that may provide ample support for players that want to play quickly and variable. This blade lacks power, and it performs somewhat worse than the Long 5, which has the same inner construction but requires more power.

It is also quite comfortable when the player is far away from the table, providing sufficient force. When driving a backspin, which may create a lovely arc for the ball, the experience of holding the ball and the friction is excellent.

This blade excels at defense; it is pretty steady, and the control is excellent, making it ideal for the set of a fast change of line when defending.

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