Butterfly Korbel SK7 Table Tennis Racket Review

Butterfly Korbel SK7 Table Tennis Racket Review - Is this table tennis blade worth buying

Are you looking for good weight and a professional table tennis racket? Then you have landed in the exact right place, as I have an offer to give you that will not let you down for sure.

I too kept looking for a good racket, but my search stopped when I found the butterfly Korbel SK7 racket. Looking at its features I instantly bought it, and it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

It has not only enhanced my gameplay but has also given me the confidence to play with force and put up a tough fight against the opponent. The blade inherits the excellent features of the 5-ply pure wood blade, which makes it very durable for the long run and can give a good hit as well.

Honestly, I love that about the racket, as it makes playing so much easier and more fun. Talking about the price as well I found it very reasonable for the brand and quality of the paddle.

Even the durability of the paddle gives enough surety and is good enough to be used for intermediate and advanced table tennis players, which is why I would recommend it for you as well.

Let me show you more about the specs in detail so that you can then decide for yourself then!

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Features of Butterfly Korbel SK7 –

Brand Butterfly
Weight 92g
Thickness 6.8mm
Style Attack

1. Construction:

Talking about the construction, the entire quality of a paddle depends on it which invariably depicts how your game will go as well. This Butterfly Korbel SK7 blade features a classic Limba for both surface and 5-plies of Sus.

That makes it a total of 7-plies pure wood blade, which shows that the quality is very durable for the long run and will allow you good gameplay too. As the thickness of the blade is also 6.8mm, which is of a decent thickness.

This is why I can say that the overall feeling is quite comfortable and flexible. It is good enough to allow you to have a game and build your skills with it, as it can easily cater to rough play too.

2. Butterfly brand –

Is Butterfly Korbel SK7 Table Tennis Racket worth buying? My review and specs on this ping pong racket - BreadCity

Personally, when I am looking for gaming tools I prefer to go with branded ones as only then can you play the game as they offer exactly what one needs to use while playing.

In which case the brand name Butterfly is definitely among them as they offer top-notch quality and a variety of options you can choose from depending on your needs and requirements which is very feasible as it can suffice every kind of customer.

Moreover, the Korbel SK7 is a very popular and cost-effective table tennis blade produced by Butterfly. The racket has a decent weight made with a soft surface and thick handle, which proves that it is made to perfection.

The grip is very smooth as well, so it can give you a good grip and allow you to enhance the speed and power of the throw.


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3. Controllability –

Talking about controllability, it plays a huge role for ping pong rackets. As for the player, their entire gameplay and techniques are based on the level of controllability of the paddle.

In that case, the Butterfly Korbel SK7 is an offensive table tennis blade featuring a relatively soft touch with great controlled feelings even at a high speed. This allows the shot to be very fast and the attacking to be very powerful too.

As the racket combines with all 7-ply wood with a bit heavier weight than the ordinary blade. It may be a little heavy to use however it gives complete control to the player to make their moves and put up a tough fight against their opponent.

4. Provides an ergonomic grip –

The ping pong paddle handle has a rounded flared design offering superior grip and comfort. This allows the paddle to fit comfortably in your hand and the covering allows you to move your hand swiftly without having to put too much pressure.

I truly enjoy playing with the racket too, as once you get hold of it, it instantly sets the mood right in. The neat look with the red, beige, and black colored handle makes it a very stylish table tennis paddle.

So clearly it is not only a durable high-end material product but it also looks very neat and adds a fresh pop of color too.

Pros and Cons of Butterfly Korbel SK7 –

Pros Cons
1. Allows a good gameplay 1. Is heavy
2. Very durable for the long run 2. Limited usage
3. Has great power and speed
4. Branded quality 

Here are the Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Great power and speed:

The main focus of this racket is its speed and power for it allows a great sense of controllability. It is honestly one of the most controllable rackets out there.

The soft feel makes an over-the-table play, especially blocking, effortless & effective, providing you with a good hold over the game and putting you a step forward compared to your opponent.

So no doubt if you are very interested in the game then this racket will only enhance your experience as it can easily cater to rough or aggressive play as well. This is why I can say that the Korbel SK7 is an all-around offensive table tennis blade.


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2. Durability:

Should you buy Butterfly Korbel SK7 Table Tennis Racket? My honest review and features of this table tennis blade

To be honest the first thing I look at in any product is its durability and long-term use because only then does it prove to be value for money. If you have the same mindset then I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the Butterfly Korbel sk7.

The combination of 7-ply wood makes it very sturdy for use and the materials are of top-notch quality so without a doubt, it will go a long way.

If you are a rough player and are wondering if the paddle will break easily, let me tell you that this racket itself was made for attacking moves, so you will enjoy using this racket as it is made for the win and won’t wear out fast.

3. Gameplay:

The main reason for buying such a high-end professional quality racket is to experience the game of your life. This racket does exactly that as by using the blade you can attack the ball and it will give you an excellent feel.

It can be slightly shocking at first but it also creates a slight vibration that allows for a good shot. The speed is slightly faster than the other blades out there hence allowing you enough power to play with.

Moreover, when the ball is vigorously attacked, the direction is easy to control, the arc of the ball is relatively straight, and the whole feeling is entirely satisfactory. Hence, I can assure you of a good experience using this racket.


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4. Butterfly brand:

If you are someone who loves to enjoy a game for what it is, then I am sure you will love this racket. As it carries one of the most well-known brand names in the market, named Butterfly.

Butterfly as a brand is known to produce quality equipment with a huge variety that a player can choose from. So if you are worried about getting a bad quality racket, well, you don’t have to because you are assured quality equipment by Butterfly.

This is why I would say that you don’t have to worry too much about the racket, as I can assure you complete customer satisfaction.

Here are the Cons –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Too heavy:

For you to have a good game, the racket you use should be feasible enough for it to be held for a long time which is the one thing that this paddle lacks as it weighs about 90gms which is a bit heavy.

So some players may need to take some extra time to get used to its slightly extra weight. This is why the weight may become a hurdle especially because players prefer to use their energy for playing the game rather than holding the racket.

But if you want a slightly lighter paddle you can check out other options like the Balsa Carbo x5.

2. Limited usage:

I feel as a player one would want a flexible racket that they can use to experience different styles and hit different kinds of shots. I feel this racket lacks that feature since it has limited usage, as it can mostly cater to only roughly play or attacking techniques.

Which causes a player to limit their playing style to only that of attacking. No doubt it has very good construction and is a very powerful tool, but if you love to change your playing styles often, then this racket may not be the perfect fit for you.


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Will I get 2 rackets or 1?

No, you won’t get two rackets. As the package is shipped as a single-piece set. However, you can order more pieces of the racket in case you want to make it a set.

Will I get a cover with the case?

No, you won’t get a cover with the case. The racket is shipped in a single plain package, but you can find some options online. However, if you want a racket with a case included you can check out the Butterfly 401 as it comes with both.

Is the racket only meant for professionals?

No, there is no such restriction that only professional players can use it. The racket is easily available online and if you are looking at enhancing your skill at the game, you can buy it and use it too.

Would you recommend buying this product?

Yes, I would recommend you to buy it. It is one of the finest ping pong rackets available in the market and I am extremely happy with its features and materials used.

It provides a strong grip and is very good for play too. So I would recommend you to not think too much and go for it, as I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed at all, rather you will only have a seamless gaming experience, every time it’s used.


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