Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade Review

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Have you been looking for another upgrade to your regular table tennis paddle? Do you want to replace it with a more professional and all-season weatherproof table tennis table? The Butterfly Petr Korbel table tennis blade might be the one you’re looking for.

I had been playing with my trusty Butterfly Primorac table tennis blade for several years, when I wanted to change to something a little faster, I decided to go with the Japanese Korbel blade.

I chose a lighter blade because I prefer the agility and control it offers over raw strength. Tenergy 05 FX 2.1 Table Tennis Rubber is on both sides of my 85.8 gram Korbel.

I thought I’d made a terrible mistake at first because it sounded hollow and vibrated through the handle. After two sessions, though, I became acquainted with the Kobel and now consider it to be a superior blade.

Yes, it has a hollow sound, but it is faster and more controllable. Overall, a really solid blade. The Butterfly Petr Korbel blade has long been regarded as a blade that can perform a variety of tasks from any location on the table.

Should you buy Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade? My honest review on this table tennis blade

For years, this Best Seller, named after the Czech star, has been a favorite among all types of players. This all-wood blade is made of dependable limba wood, which provides the precise combination of touch and power that both offensive and defensive players require.

You can trust the Petr Korbel to deliver whether you’re flipping serves like Korbel or chopping and countering off the table. The Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard is a superb rubber for quick strokes (smashing, counterattack) and has a lot of spins.

Butterfly Feint Long II is a good choice for players who enjoy confounding others with long pips. Feint Long II was created to maximize the effect of long pips-out rubbers when the pips are easily twisted and distorted by nearing the ITTF’s aspect ratio restrictions.

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PROS and CONS of Butterfly Petr Korbel –

1. High Level of Control 1. Not Good at Blocking
2. Higher Throw Angle 2. Slow Blade 
3. Noticeable and Pleasant Thinner Handle
4. Comfortable Grip
5. Outstanding Balance
6. Produces a Lot of Spins

Pros/Specs of Butterfly Petr Korbel –

1. Higher Throw Angle:

In comparison to the other two identical blade models of the Butterfly Korbel Series, Petr Korbel provides a higher throw angle to players. It may react as quickly as the Korbel Speed, with the exception that the balls tend to have a more considerable arch.

As a result, you can determine that when the bat strikes the ball, it will arrive at its destination slower than Korbel Speed. With Petr Korbel Racket, you may gain a greater feel for the game, and the blade performs well in the short game.

Even on flat hits, the “throw angle” matches my game, and fewer strokes are dumped into the net. It’s great for pushes, blocks, and flicks, and it’s great for loops, drives, and smashes. Even when you’re away from the table, the power is more than enough.

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2. Comfortable Grip and Thinner Handle:

Is Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade worth buying? My honest review on this ping pong table tennis blade

If you like a thinner handle, you might fall in love with this blade. The handle of this blade is noticeably slimmer than that of the Butterfly Korbel SK7-FL Paddle. The grip is quite comfortable, and you’ll get a great feel from it.

You can execute good loops and long drives with the blade if you use soft rubber. I like this handle because it allows for a loose grip, which is necessary for that relaxed moment before tightening the grip and strike through the ball; it allows for the “whip effect” as opposed to a snug grip, which does not allow for that looser grip and therefore puts more stress on the wrist.

It has a medium-firm feel and good feedback, allowing a player to generate both sensitive topspins and strong direct shots. If you enjoy looping and good placement, this blade is a must-have.

3. Outstanding Balance and Control:

It’s a great offensive blade with a lot of speed and feel. It’s fantastic in practically every way, which is why I would recommend it to beginners, as well as all-around and offensive gamers.

First and foremost, like with many other premium Japanese-made BTY blades, the build quality is outstanding. When coupled with rubbers that have a good arc, this blade is surprisingly fast and has excellent control.

It has a medium feel and is slightly stiff (between soft and hard). The weight is hefty, typically in the 90-to-95-gram range, and the balance is pushed towards the head.

While the dwell time is short enough to be categorized as OFF, it enables a lot of spins to be imparted with the correct rubber.

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CONS of Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade –

The drawback of Petr Korbel is that it is not very good at blocking. You’ll probably get too much touch, which will cause your blocking to fall short at times. The blade is slow and has a fantastic feel to it.

Players with a looping game from mid to long-distance will definitely love this blade. Because the shot quality is low, you have to imply additional spin and plan for a long rally. You’ll gain a fantastic degree of control in exchange for a small loss of speed.

Because of the strong and deeply pressed handle, the blade is relatively stiff, yet the dwell time is still sufficient due to the thinness. This blade’s thinness, along with the heavy head, makes it a winner for topspin strokes.

If you are looking for a faster blade being an advanced player, the Butterfly Korbel Speed-ST Paddle of the Butterfly Korbel series.

It surely is a better option for intermediate to advanced level table tennis players. It’s a quicker blade also made of 5-ply wood. It will undoubtedly provide you with superb spin flexibility due to its thickness.


What is the weight of this blade?

Mine weighs in at around 92 grams. However, each blade is unique, with weights varying from 85 to 100 grams for Butterfly Petr Korbel blades.

I would also recommend asking the seller before buying the paddle so that you can get the paddle( with the weight of your choice) you are comfortable with.

Is the Petr Korbel slow?

It’s not too fast and I would not recommend this for advanced players who are looking for speed in their new paddle to one-up their game.

It does provide you with great control and spin in trade-off with some loss of speed, which is fairly manageable and is a plus for a beginner-level player.

Would I Recommend the Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade?

Yes, I would recommend this to any player looking for that amazing control. This Butterfly Petr Korbel is truly a great choice and popular among a lot of players. You would rarely find any complaints about this paddle.

It is one of the best Offensive blades available out there. This all-wood blade is made of dependable limba wood, which provides the precise combination of touch and power that both offensive and defensive players require.

You can trust the Petr Korbel to deliver whether you’re flipping serves like Korbel or chopping and countering off the table.


Butterfly blades are quite popular among the sport’s top. Butterfly table tennis blades assist players to improve their performance and take their game to the next level thanks to their high-quality craftsmanship, excellent performance, stylish design, and long durability.

The Petr Korbel will be powerful enough if you shake it off because it is hefty. It might be hard for a beginner or weak player to handle this paddle. If you are a beginner, I would recommend checking out the Yasaka MaxWood Blade for quick control.

It’s ideal for a strong player to use a heavy drive to assault. You can’t go wrong with the Limba outer ply Petr Korbel blade if you want to establish a steady offensive game but aren’t sure which blade to utilize.

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