Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber Review

Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis rubber

Are you searching for a great rubber to use on your table tennis blade? Rubber that is the mixture of fast speed and a powerful spin? The Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis rubber is the perfect choice for you.

The Tenergy series of rubber is generally known for its mercurial nature. This includes Tenergy 05, Tenergy 25, Tenergy 64, Tenergy 80, and so on. And the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber stands out as the fastest among the rubbers that make up the Tenergy family.

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Specifications of Butterfly Tenergy 64

1. Features:

Speed: The Tenergy 64 rubber is very fast. Put it on a carbon blade-like Donic Waldner Senso Carbon or Stiga Carbonado 145. It’s going to be a fire cannon.

Spin: It has good spin for its speed. But if you’re looking for more spin, I’d suggest using an all-wood blade with it like a yasaka max wood.

Control: It’s a little complicated to control, especially if you are advanced.

Serves: Serves played with this rubber have a lot of spin in them. Serving short in this is also very easy.

Short game: Mixed with a carbon blade, it can be challenging at times. The combination of these two makes it harder to keep the ball fast. If you face problems with the short game, you should probably use an all-wood racket to get more control.

Durability: The power of the tenergy series is not only its playing qualities. The durability is also outstanding. The rubber visually looks a little worn out in a little while. However, unlike rubbers, the playing characteristics are still sustained for an extended period. The features change within the first few weeks.

Blocking: Blocking, especially with the backhand, is lovely. The ball shoots off the blade more straight, making it easy to punch block.

Arc: To arc noticeably lower than the one of tenergy 05, for example. This tenergy 64 rubber is suited for players looking for a fast dynamic rubber.

It performs best when playing mid-distance since the trajectory is more streamlined. You can generate a lot of speed while still maintaining control. Especially on the backhand, this rubber is perfect.

2. Top sheet Chemistry

Should I buy Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber? My personal review on this table tennis rubber

The top sheet of Tenergy 64 table tennis rubber is made with the natural rubber formula. That’s why even though this rubber is medium-hard, it feels so delicate.

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo uses synthetic rubber that has the same hardness as Tenergy 64 but feels firm. Even though it is more expensive than Hurricane 3 Neo, Tenergy 64 is more long-lasting due to natural rubber.

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3. Spring Sponge Technology

The Spring Sponge Technology involves the peculiar air bubbles inside the sponge and the thin pimples on the very flexible surface. This technology provides dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation.

You are guaranteed a swift, dynamic rubber that uses the innovative and advanced Spring Sponge with the High Tension technology. The spring sponge technology in Tenergy 64 is the latest.

Its singularity is a sense of “catching” the ball, which is a sensation that is only found in the Tenergy 64. Spring Sponge Technology renders a sense of control.

The law of the Spring Sponge Technology is: the longer the ball stays in touch with the rubber, the higher the grip. That is, the deeper a ping pong ball can delve into the rubber, the longer the ball will stay in connection with the blade.

The Spring Sponge Technology is also applied to as Distinctive Grasp Feeling. This is because this technology produces the idea that the rubber adheres to the ball longer than usual.

4. High Tension Technology

Review on Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber - Is this rubber worth buying?

High Tension Technology is an imperative feature of the Butterfly Tenergy 64 table tennis Rubber. This system is also known as Energy Built-In Technology. This enhances the tightness on a rubber’s surface and sponge.

Thus, enabling the rubber to exhibit the energy of an incoming ball and use the power outwardly. The addition of tension in the sponge, the surface of the rubber, or the addition of High Tension in both rubber components is a modification adopted in the Tenergy 64 rubber.

This technology contributes a lot of feels, spin fluctuations, and firm dynamics. It helps to lessen the energy loss by giving tension to the fragments of the rubber. It also helps to enhance speed performance and rotational performance and improves the control performance significantly.

Top athletes rely on this technology. This is because this technology produces high performance, which the advanced professionals command.

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5. Unique Pimple Structure

Did you know what the “64” in Butterfly Tenergy 64 stands for? It is basically the development code for the pimples used to produce this unique inverted rubber.

The pimple arrangement of Tenergy 64 has a breadth of 1.7mm. The pimple of Tenergy 64 is more distinguished, and there is a greater interval between the pimples. This is distinct from the pimple structure of all other rubbers in the Tenergy line.

The unprecedented composition of the pimples of the Tenergy 64 heightens its speed. It also contributes to a softer feeling and gives more control over the ping pong ball.

Pros and Cons of Butterfly Tenergy 64

Pros Cons
1. High Speed: This is the fastest rubber in the Tenergy line. 1. The Butterfly Tenergy 64 is somewhat challenging to control. 
2. Good Spin: This rubber can also provide a good spin with a rating of 105. 2. The pushing can also be slightly hard to control. Suppose you have your blade at a certain angle. In that case, you can unintentionally pop up the ball and allow your competitor to smash on you. 
3. Easy for Smashing or Blocking: The Tenergy 64 is callous to the incoming spin. This makes it more natural for power-hitting or blocking. Good at performing the block game with the extended bounce that the rubber can give to the athlete. 3. This rubber is not for the defender. If you try to whack with this rubber, you will notice it is inconsistent and can immediately go long off the table.
4. Spin in Soft Stroke: The surface of Tenergy 64 is grippy amply to hold the ping pong ball for a longer time. This helps produce spin, primarily in soft strokes like serve, drop shots, etc.
5. Durability: Though it is a high-tension rubber, the Tenergy 64 is long-lasting.
6. Precise Control: This rubber also has adequate control, especially for advanced athletes.
7. Very Reputed Brand: A world-class, esteemed brand like Butterfly.

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My Review on Butterfly Tenergy 64

Is Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber worth buying? My review on this table tennis rubber

Genuinely, the Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the most trustworthy backhand rubber I’ve ever played with. I like it on a Stiga Clipper, Donic Burn-Off blade, or Donic Lagonda blade.

The uppermost sheet can be a little tacky, and if you are a defender, it is not counseled that you buy this rubber as it is meant for straight attacking. The ball’s trajectory is moderately low; thus, it is excellent for blocking, smashing, and countering.

However, the spin is impressive, particularly for backhand looping bounce and away from the table tennis table. Surprisingly, pushing is better with the tenergy 64 than the tenergy 05, generating an excellent spin.

This is a superb rubber on composite blades with a medium feel like Michael Maze. The main selling point of this tenergy rubber is its speed. Spin is fair for me. It is not super spinny nevertheless can give you the spins you want.

The control is also precise. When I first tried playing with this rubber, it was very bouncy and was hard to control. My first hit using this rubber was very bouncy and made me miss the ping pong table a few times.

However, after some hours of getting used to this rubber, I would say this rubber is a straight-up fire that can be super fast. Once you comprehend how to manage it, it will enhance your game so much.

If your opponent hits a high ball at you, you can cleave through it, and your opponent will have no chance to return it. The Butterfly Tenergy 64 is a speedy, dynamic rubber for fast topspin play, particularly in mid-distance.

This rubber is fitting for professionals looking for their fate more in the bounce than in the spin.

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Is Tenergy 64 a good rubber?

When I first got the Tenergy 64, I wasn’t very impressed with it. It replaced my previous Acuda S1, and the T64 seemed so much slower. However, as the weeks went by, I gradually warmed up to this rubber, and now I am pretty happy with it.

It is much spinnier than Acuda S1 IMO and has a higher throw angle, easier for opening up. Fairly good durability hasn’t lost its shine even after 50+ hours of training.

Overall, good rubber works well on both forehand and backhand: okayish speed, good spin, reasonable control.

The Rubber is for both sides or only one side?

It is good on both the backhand and front hand. To me, I think all of the tenergy series suits both BH and FH. But the tenergy 64 is dominantly for backhand players.

Which Tenergy rubber is the best?

Tenergy 05 for maximum spin, Tenegy 64 for full speed and passive control, Tenergy 80 for balance between speed and spin, and Tenergy 25 for utmost precision close to the table.

What are the color choices available for this rubber?

The color options available for Butterfly Tenergy 64 are black and red.

What are the thicknesses available? Which one to choose?

The Tenergy 64 is available in three thicknesses – 1.7, 1.9, and 2.1cms. The quick and easy rule about selecting rubber thickness is that thicker sponges(2cms or more) result in more offensive play.


If you want a sticky rubber to help you manage your powerful shots, then the Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the rubber you necessitate to purchase. The Butterfly Tenergy 64 rubber is fast, like super-fast. So swift that it’s recognized to be the most electric of the Tenergy line, which is what this family of rubber is distinguished for. This fast-attacking rubber will have you hitting any and every ball in your proximity.

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