Cornilleau 300X Table Tennis Table Review

Cornilleau 300X Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying?

Do you want an outdoor table tennis table that is affordable and budget-friendly without compromising the quality? The Cornilleau 300X Table Tennis Table is built for you.

At first glance, the 300X table’s sturdy construction and stability are apparent. These aren’t the only benefits, though. Its playing surface has outstanding rebound, which will please players of all skill levels.

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The movable legs on the 300X table allow it to adapt to slightly uneven terrain, while the central locking/release system and two brakes ensure a high level of safety.

Folds easily (the catch may be too high for younger children), with the net always in place, a space to store balls and bats, and a handy scoring counter for each participant.

The Cornilleau 300X is the highest-quality outdoor ping pong table available for under $1000. The 300X features a 5mm resin laminate playing surface that performs admirably in any weather.

Cornilleau excels in combining a high-quality table with a reasonable price. This model has received nothing but good comments from most of the consumers. Ideal for families, individuals, community centers, and other groups.

The 300X is simple to open and close, stores easily, and has a high safety rating. The tabletop surface is available in blue or grey. The Cornilleau Sport 300X is the first in the line to use Cornilleau’s unique DSI folding technology, which is the safest and easiest to use.

On bright sunny days, the 5mm resin soft-matt coating on the playing surface lowers glare by three times. It also includes a clever net that can be placed flat against the table frame (with tension adjustment). This prevents the posts from breaking.

A ten-year warranty is included. The legs are sturdy and have leveling feet, as well as high-quality wheels. It also features a bat and ball storage space.

The Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table has somewhat stronger legs, which is one of the advantages of the next model up. Although some sellers claim to include this as a free accessory, the net and post set are an intrinsic part of the table!

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PROS and CONS of Cornilleau 300X –

1. Resin Laminate Tabletop 1. Quite Expensive for Recreational Play
2. Robust and Sturdy Construction 2. Long Assembly Time
3. Play on a Variety of Outdoor Surfaces 
4. Playback Mode Option
5. Included an Extended Warranty
6. Unrivaled Extra Features

Pros of Cornilleau 300X –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Resin Laminate Tabletop:

The playing surface is one of the most significant considerations when purchasing a table. This will have an impact on things like spin and speed. The thickness of the wood on indoor tables is an excellent measure of quality.

Outdoor tables, on the other hand, are made of materials that are more heat and moisture-resistant. This can make determining the quality of the playing surface more challenging. A 5mm resin laminate surface is used on the Cornilleau 300X.

Although 5mm is on the low end of outdoor table thicknesses, the table’s coating is where it shines. The Cornilleau 700X Table Tennis Table is a better choice when it comes to tabletop thickness.

With its 22mm top, nothing beats the bounce. If the price is not fitting in your budget, the Cornilleau 500X Table Tennis Table falls right in the middle with its 6mm top and additional features.

On bright days, outside tables are most enjoyed, which means a lot of glare. Cheap outdoor tables have a near-glossy finish that might be dazzling when you’re playing.

This is why the SOFT MAT anti-glare finish is so useful. When compared to a regular table, it reduces glare by up to three times — a fantastic feature that you’ll appreciate.

2. Robust and Sturdy Construction:

A 50mm frame made of Aluzinc, a strong and corrosion-resistant material consisting of zinc, aluminum, and steel, supports the playing surface. The corrosion-resistant coating is also applied to the rest of the metal structure.

As a result, it is well-suited to harsh environments. Cornilleau further says that the table is so durable that it will not be marred by knocks or scrapes. Cornilleau’s Compact folding technology is also used on the 300X.

This decreases the possibility of the table tipping over, which is especially useful in windy places. Cornilleau has safety nailed for this table with a total of 16 separate locking points and an automatic lock failsafe at 65 degrees.

If that wasn’t enough, once folded, the Cornilleau 300X takes up less space than the normal table, decreasing storage needs.

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3. Play on a Variety of Outdoor Surfaces with Playback Mode Option:

Is Cornilleau 300X Table Tennis Table good for buying? My honest review and specification

The Cornilleau 300X was designed with a wide range of terrain in mind. To begin, the table is equipped with huge double wheels. This makes it much easier to maneuver on difficult conditions like gravel and grass.

The greater surface area of these expanded twin wheels decreases the chance of the table tipping over while being carried. Even when you’ve found your ideal playing space, the 300X makes shifting the table a breeze.

The swivel feet make it simple to lift and lower the table’s corners. You don’t have to lift one end of the table to change the feet, unlike many other tables. Because the mechanism is not directly attached to the foot, altering it is simple.

For added stability, the feet adapt to whichever surface they are on. Each side can work independently of the other, like with many table tennis tables. This allows you to practice with yourself by leaving one side in the upright position.

4. Included an Extended Warranty:

The Cornilleau 300X comes with a colossal 10-year warranty. Cornilleau’s competition gets blown out of the water as a result of this. Most companies provide a one or two-year warranty, maybe even three, but never more than ten.

Cornilleau demonstrates its great commitment to product quality by offering a 10-year guarantee. This guarantee is extended to all of their outdoor tables, not just the 300X.

They are far superior to the other major brands in this regard. What’s intriguing is that Cornilleau’s indoor tables, which are subjected to less harsh conditions, come with a 3-year warranty.

Cornilleau is a specialist in outdoor tables, as evidenced by this. Cornilleau also promises replacement parts availability for the next 20 years, which sweetens the deal even more.

This is where things start to get a little wacky. The 300X is a no-brainer if durability is your primary priority when selecting an outdoor table.

5. Unrivaled Extra Features:

The Cornilleau 300X is packed with a number of characteristics that its competitors lack. The first is the net’s ability to be folded. On a table tennis table, the nets are usually the first to wear out.

This is due to the fact that they protrude from the table and are readily pushed over. They’re also less durable than the remainder of the frame. This is why the foldable net, which can be stored flat against the table’s edge, is so useful.

When in use, it effortlessly locks in place and tightens for higher strain. The incorporated point counters on the table’s side are another element we like. They’re simple to utilize and assist you in keeping track of the score.

The fact that the point counters aren’t fixed made me happy. This means you can fold them under the table if you need them out of the way. We appreciate the modest attention to detail.

To reduce the risk of harm, point counters should not be utilized in games like around the world. The bat and ball storage in the table side panels is the final item to mention. It can hold up to four bats and balls, which is more than plenty for most individuals.

Just keep in mind that only weatherproof bats should be stored outside since regular bats will rot. Cornilleau makes excellent outdoor bats like the Cornilleau Tacteo 30 Weatherproof Table Tennis Racket.

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CONS of Cornilleau 300X –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

Paying $1000 for a recreational table tennis table might not be a choice for some of the customers. The 300X table is quite expensive for sure. The 300X is, nevertheless, incredibly well-made, which is why it comes with a 10-year warranty on all non-wearing parts (excl. wheels, net, and posts, bats, cover, etc.)

This table is highly recommended to anyone searching for a beautiful, family-friendly games table that will provide years of high-quality table tennis.

But it also requires a considerable amount of time for the assembly process, which could be a major letdown for many families that want a conventional table tennis table.


Is there a warranty for this table?

Cornilleau tables come with some of the industry’s best guarantees, including a 10-year outdoor warranty, a 3-year indoor warranty, and a guaranteed 20-year availability of spare parts from the date of purchase.

Except for wear elements such as wheels, nets, and net posts, all components are covered by a 10-year/3-year warranty.

Is it safe for the kids to play on this table, and where did it come from?

The tables are made in France, according to the answer. The frame is made of 50mm corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant steel with adjustable legs for added stability. The folding net on the table is also adjustable, allowing you to keep the net taut throughout games.

The table also has a central DSI lock system with 16 locking points for further security; if the table is opened and the handle is removed, the panel will automatically lock at a 65° angle, preventing any accidents.

Would I Recommend Cornilleau 300X Table Tennis Table?

Cornilleau’s new Sports Leisure Table Tennis Tables include the Cornilleau Sport 300X Blue Outdoor Table Tennis Table, which is a wonderful budget-conscious table.

It’s weatherproof, so it can be used both inside and out, and it’s constructed with bigger wheels and twin brakes to make getting in and out even safer and easier.

Furthermore, the playing surface is made of 5mm thick Softmat Weatherproof Resin Laminate, which reduces glare from the sun by 3x and is resistant to bat hits – ideal for when games get a bit too heated. The tabletop has a good rebound, which will please players of all skill levels.


One of the best outdoor table tennis tables available is the Cornilleau 300X. It is located in the middle of the X range and provides the best value for money. It is the ideal table for a family with children because it was designed with safety in mind.

However, it also provides a fantastic playing experience for those who are more competitive. The anti-glare surface, as well as the score counters to prevent cheating, will make everyone delighted.

The bundled 10-year warranty is the cherry on top of this fantastic table. You may confidently make a purchase knowing that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong. This kind of warranty is hard to come by among outdoor table tennis tables.

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