Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table Review

Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying?

Do you want an outdoor table tennis table that is not only affordable but also specialized for the safety of your children? The Cornilleau 400X might be the best choice, considering the safety of your family.

The New Sport 400X is an excellent table for family and recreational use. This table offers excellent value for money, outperforming most tables from other manufacturers in the same price range.

Cornilleau is well-known for its high-quality tables. They create models with cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials. All non-wearing parts come with a ten-year warranty (excl. wheels, net, and posts, bats, cover, etc.)

The 400X table’s appearance is what makes it stand out at first glance, but when you play it, you’ll see what it has to offer. The next model, up Cornilleau 500X, has a thicker tabletop that provides a somewhat greater bounce and cushioned corners for ‘toddler safety.’

It also offers a ten-fold reduction in glare thanks to the ‘complete’ Mat-Top treatment (as opposed to the soft-mat, which only reduces by three times).

The Cornilleau 600X is somewhat on the pricey side. However, it is worth checking out for more features and more outstanding performance.

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Specifications of Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table –

1. 5mm Thick Resin Laminate Playing Surface

The 400X table’s 5mm-thick resin laminate playing surface provides excellent rebound quality for regular usage. This table is suitable for both beginners and experienced players, whether you prefer playing with friends or family.

The playing surface is supported by the frame, which is a steel framework. A deeper frame provides the optimum amount of support for the playing surfaces.

The 400X frame is built of Aluzinc, a corrosion-resistant alloy including steel, aluminum, and zinc recognized for its extraordinary sturdiness. The 400X feels quite robust, thanks to its 50mm frame depth.

2. Anti-Glare Coating –

Should you buy Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table? Review and features about this table tennis table

To perform at your best, you must be able to play in the sun without becoming dazzled by glare. When compared to an uncoated table, the SOFT MAT treatment applied to the 400X table lessens the intensity of the sun’s rays by three times.

The strong core laminate tabletop is built to resist the most extreme conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining heavily, snowing heavily, or if it’s really hot. Even if abused, it will not be damaged – bat hits and other impacts will not leave a mark.

Anti-corrosion coatings have been applied to all of the metals used in the 400X table, and they were chosen for their resilience. For these reasons, the 400X, like all of our outdoor tables, comes with a 10-year warranty.

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3. Unique Locking System with Adjustable Feet –

For ultimate safety in both the playing and storage positions, the 400X table incorporates 16 locking points. This proprietary technology ensures a high level of security.

The table is easily opened and closed using the accessible handle, and the 400X has an extra built-in safety feature: if the handle is not held while the table is unfolding, it automatically re-locks at a 65-degree angle.

The 400X table has an ingenious design that allows you to change your feet easily. Crank the collar to adjust the height of your table – no effort necessary!

Because the mechanism is not immediately coupled to the foot or in direct touch with the floor, there is no need to elevate the table.

4. Oversized Double Wheels –

Place your table anywhere you like and take your game to new places. Cornilleau tables feature enormous double wheels that provide several benefits. They easily overcome obstacles, glide effortlessly over any terrain, and are incredibly nimble.

These huge wheels make the table easy to maneuver and sturdy in small spaces, such as around a tight corner, to find the perfect area for putting up your table. The 400X comes with two brakes, which considerably limit the chance of your table sliding, whether in storage or use.

PROS and CONS of Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table –

1. Safe and Secure for Children 1. Longer Assembly Time
2. Ideal for Family Game
3. Smart and Striking Design
4. Reduces Shine and Glare by three times
5. Retractable Points Counters to Keep your Score
6. 5mm Resin Softmat Playing Surface

PROS of Cornilleau 400X –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Safe and Ideal for Family Game:

Cornilleau designed its tables with safety in mind since table tennis is the perfect family activity. The Sport 400X has a unique DSI system that allows for the fastest and easiest locking system on the market and an automatic stop to prevent accidents.

Moving and storing the table is a breeze with the DSI and the table’s extra-large wheels. Moving and storing the table is simple with the DSI and the table’s large wheels, and the post and net can be placed flat against the playing surface to minimize damage while the table is folded.

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2. Smart and Striking Design:

Is Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table good for buying? My review and specification about this table tennis table

The Cornilleau Sport 400X is a stylish and distinctive table with broad tapering legs with colorful accents that will make it an eye-catching highlight wherever it’s put – be it in your yard or your house.

But it’s not simply a fashionable addition to your outdoor (or indoor) environment; it’s also a table that even the most seasoned players will enjoy playing.

Every player will be enthralled by its outstanding performance, which will turn each game into a fierce war for domination!

3. Retractable Points Counters to Keep your Score:

When playing on a bright day, the Cornilleau Sport 400X comes with a 5mm resin Softmat playing surface, which reduces glare and shines by three times.

The two brakes offer the greatest steadiness, while the height-adjustable legs make it simple to produce a perfect surface level.

Retractable point counters on each side of the table ensure that even the most fierce games can be kept track of. When not in use, each side has a storage facility that can hold a total of four rackets and four balls (two on each side).

CONS of Cornilleau 400X –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

The Cornilleau 400X table tennis table is one of the most suitable leisure tables you could find in the market. The only drawback worth mentioning is that I wish it took a little less time to get fully assembled.

You can easily find many other options and alternatives that take not more than 10-15 minutes for the assembly process. These tables come 95 percent pre-assembled, eventually cutting down the time taken for setting up the table.

The STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table barely takes 5-10 minutes to set up and is great for recreational play.

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What is the DSI locking system, and how does it work?

The innovative DSI locking system offers maximum safety by halting midway if dropped, so you can rest easy knowing it’s safe around kids.

Cornilleau’s Compact Technology folding method decreases the risk of tipping, inhibits kid encroachment between the trays when in storage, and makes it easy to open and close your table.

Is it possible to separate the net set?

No, the table’s net and post system are included with the table. After setting up your table, all you have to do now is unfurl the net poles and secure them in place. As a result, you won’t have to remove the net set before putting the table for storage.

You can then ensure that the net of your ping table is correctly stretched with a simple move. It’ll stay in tune over time since it’s clean and accurate.

Would I Recommend Cornilleau 400X Table Tennis Table?

Cornilleau’s Sport 400X Grey Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a great value table from Cornilleau’s new Sports Leisure Table Tennis Tables line.

It’s waterproof so that it can be used both indoors and out, and it’s constructed with bigger wheels and twin brakes to make getting in and out even safer and simpler.

Furthermore, the playing surface is composed of 5mm thick Softmat Weatherproof Resin Laminate, which reduces glare from the sun by 3x and is resistant to bat hits – ideal for when games get a bit too heated. While the table is folded up, this prevents the posts from being broken.

It features a clean, tidy storage position and the fastest and safest folding technique in the business. A ten-year warranty is included. It also features a bat and ball storage space.


The Cornilleau Sport 400X Grey Outdoor Table Tennis Table has a compact folding technology that allows you to move the table securely and efficiently while saving room. The frame is made of 50mm corrosion/scratch-resistant steel with tapered, adjustable legs for further stability.

The folding net on the table is also adjustable, allowing you to keep the net taut throughout games. The table also has a central DSI lock system with 16 locking points for added security; if the table is opened and the handle is removed, the panel will automatically lock at a 65° angle, preventing any mishaps. With all these features integrated, it could turn out to be the perfect table for your family.

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