Cornilleau 500X Table Tennis Table Review

Cornilleau 500X Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying?

Do you want a recreational table tennis table with exceptional weatherproof technology and innovative design? This Cornilleau 500X Table Tennis Table has all the features you are searching for and more.

The most recent models have all got significant modifications and enhancements. The tabletop is now available in two colors: blue and black. It was formerly available in grey or blue.

The tabletop is still 6mm melamine (the best material in the industry) and far superior to plastic/aluminum or metal tabletops. I liked that this model’s tabletop and frame are still covered by a 1-year warranty, making it superior to all others (except the higher-end Cornilleau tables).

A 6mm Resin Mat-Top finish is included on the Cornilleau Performance 500X (this reduces glare by ten times). It includes superb weatherproofing, as well as an innovative net with height and tension adjustments that fold away as the table closes and re-appears when you unfold it.

This prevents the poles from being shattered by a football or other similar object. It has a clean, tidy storage position and the fastest and safest folding technique in the business.

The legs are sturdy, and the wheels are of decent quality (two of which have brakes). It also contains a bat and ball storage compartment, as well as padded corners and leg levelers

The 500X invites you to focus on what counts most: the game, as it embodies Cornilleau’s ‘high performance’ spirit. Its outstanding rebound makes it ideal for high-level rallies, and its varied functions enable you to play wherever you want, in any situation.

Its powerful personality is aided by its tapering legs, bold lines, and solid sides. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and a 20-year guarantee of repairability.

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PROS and CONS of Cornilleau 500X –

1. Deep Frame for Extra Support 1. Not a great Bounce for Advanced players
2. Highly durable Undercarriage 2. Tabletop is not thick enough for competitive play
3. Anti-Glare Coating
4. Thick Panel provides a Better ounce
5. Adjustable Automatic Net 
6. Bat and Ball Storage
7. Protective Locking System

Pros of Cornilleau 500X –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Deep Frame with Thick Panel:

The playing surface is supported by the frame, which is a metallic structure. A deeper frame provides the best amount of support for the playing surfaces.

The 500X frame is built of Aluzinc, a corrosion-resistant alloy including steel, aluminum, and zinc that is known for its extraordinary sturdiness.

The 500X feels extremely robust, thanks to its 50mm frame depth. The 500X table provides an excellent playing experience with its 6mm thick resin laminate playing surface.

The thicker the panel, the better the bounce. Players of all levels, from novices to those who demand the finest, will appreciate the rebound quality of the 500X table.

2. Highly durable with Anti-Glare Coating:

Is Cornilleau 500X Table Tennis Table worth buying? My honest review and specification of this table tennis tableThe strong core laminate tabletop is built to resist the most extreme conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining heavily, snowing heavily, or if it’s extremely hot.

Even if abused, it will not be damaged – bat hits and other impacts will not leave a mark. All of the metals in the 500X table have been treated with an anti-corrosion coating and chosen for their durability.

For these reasons, the 500X, like all of Cornilleau’s outdoor tables, comes with a 10-year warranty. To perform at your best, you must be able to play in the sun without becoming dazzled by glare.

When compared to an uncoated table, the MAT TOP surface absorbs the strength of the sun’s rays and minimizes glare tenfold. Only the higher quality of your forehand and backhand shots will leave you stunned.

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3. Adjustable Net with Storage:

The net posts automatically go into place as you fold out your table. Using the dial at the bottom of the net, set the height for your game, then adjust the tension by pulling the rope and blocking it with the clasp.

Your net is in great working order, and you’re ready to go. You can place your bats and balls on the table’s sides, empty your pockets and use the accessory containers, and even leave a tiny bottle for when you become thirsty.

Every element has been carefully considered to ensure optimal comfort and ease of use. The 500X table has an ingenious design that allows you to easily adjust the legs.

Simply crank the collar to adjust the height of your table – no effort required. Because the mechanism is not immediately coupled to the foot or in direct contact with the floor, there is no need to lift the table.

4. Protective Locking System

For ultimate safety in both the playing and storage positions, the 500X table incorporates 16 locking points. This proprietary technology ensures a high level of security.

The table is easily opened and closed using the accessible handle, and the 500X has an additional built-in safety feature: if the handle is not held while the table is unfolding, it automatically re-locks at a 65-degree angle.

The 500X comes with two brakes, which considerably limit the chance of your table sliding whether in storage or use. Corner padding has been installed on the 500X table to reduce sharp edges and cushion any knocks or bumps.

If you enjoy playing ’round the table’ games, a table with corner pads will be very beneficial to your hips.

CONS of Cornilleau 500X –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

It has a decent bounce which could still be disappointing for some intermediate or advanced players. If you are looking for a thick top with a great bounce, you should check out other options like Cornilleau 700X Table Tennis Table.

A family or an individual in need of a stronger frame to withstand different weathers and climates should check out the STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table which provides exceptional longevity.

For extra strength and ball bounce, some customers prefer a thicker tabletop and easier assembly which the STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table thrives to provide.

These features are available on the Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Table Tennis Table, so if they are relevant to you (for more competitive gaming), check the other versions.

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How long is the warranty of this table? Does the warranty cover spare parts?

Cornilleau tables come with some of the industry’s best guarantees, including a 10-year outdoor warranty, a 3-year indoor warranty, and a guaranteed 20-year availability of spare parts from the date of purchase.

Except for wear elements such as wheels, nets, and net posts, all components are covered by a 10-year/3-year warranty.

Is it long-lasting enough to withstand harsh conditions?

Cornilleau tops are resistant to shock and do not deform or shatter over time. They provide the finest ball bounce and are the most durable tops on the market.

Furthermore, Cornilleau’s compact technology folding system lowers the possibility of the table losing its balance.

Would I Recommend Cornilleau 500X Table Tennis Table?

I would recommend the 500X if you are looking for a table tennis table with a decent bounce. I dig the corner padding, sturdier frame, thicker tabletop, and, of course, the bounce, which is a step up from the Cornilleau 300X Table Tennis Table.

The 500X is a great sturdy table for backyard/front yard or porch games that folds up and down easily when not in use or in the storage position.

It’s a bit of a forgotten model (it’s somewhere between the 300X and the 600X), but I admire what it has to offer and there are barely any customer complaints about it.


Cornilleau tops are resistant to shock and do not deform or shatter over time. They provide the finest ball bounce and are the most durable tops on the market.

The DSI Locking System is the best in the market, which is one of the reasons the tables cost so much more than the competition. With the 500X, there are 16 locking points.

On an outdoor table, parents like the corner protection padding as well. We all know how much kids love to run around while they’re outside, and having those pads on the corners means they’ll be safe if they run into that part of the Cornilleau 500X. The 6mm surface is perfect for recreational and leisure play.

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