Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review - Is it worth buying?

Wondering how much the latest edition Ping Pong Table will cost which is Ideal for Outdoor usage? I looked online only to find myself in the same choice paralysis again.

Well, I found something & I guess the time to browse the internet for comparing different product prices is over. Cornilleau 510M Outdoor is by far the most popular Stationary Table for Outdoor usage.

It is one of those products over which spending comes with the assurance that there will be no need to bother about its durability.

It is a TT table my desired outdoor specification, with qualities at par with that of the best sturdy TT tables used in Colleges for Tournaments, in Holiday Parks, and school competitions.

Quality is an outcome of the investment. It is something I don’t believe anyone can get for free. When it comes to investment in Sports Equipment as a natural consumer, my desire is complemented with one factor, Long-time durability.

I will always prefer a reliable option, a choice that I have to make only once, that too in the start. Only that will eliminate the possibility of distractions making me more focused on my game.

Cornilleau 510M Outdoor is very competitive when it comes to similar Stationery Outdoor Table Tennis tables. The minimalist design makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Steel frame not just gives it a premium look but also adds to its strength against external circumstances.

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Dimensions & Specifications –

A good table choice includes a certain checklist. It shouldn’t be too heavy that it takes a group to lift nor too light to reflect fragility while playing.

Its dimensions should fit my room & its thickness should be enough to not allow any of my friends or practice partners to complain about the bounce, speed, or spin.

The Cornilleau 510M checks pretty much every box. Here is the list of its physical dimensions.

Attribute Measurement
Item Dimension 107.87” x 60.04” x 29.92”
Minimum play area 17” x 11”
Shipping Weight

Table Weight



Thickness of Surface       0.29 inch/7mm
  • A 196lbs weight reflects swift movement without compromising the Sturdiness.
  • The 7mm surface over the 60mm frame not only makes it light but also sleek.

Features of Cornilleau 510M Outdoor –

1. Sleeky Table Top:

My reivew on Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Table Tennis Table - Should you buy it or not?

60mm reliable Frame Surface with Steel finish at the edges gives it a razor blade shiny look. There is the MATTOP finish which provides an anti-glare finish so it is pleasing for my eyes regardless of the time I am playing.

Match this to the ITTF’s bounce standards having a 7mm resin laminate on the top. This also offers proper ball adherence which provides ample bounce and the right blend of speed and spin. It has a 2.25” structural galvanized steel frame to support the playing surface.

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2. Corner Protection:

It is an all-weather product, something that is at the top of every Outdoor product buyer’s filter list. The rain, heat, and snow might be an obstruction to an athlete’s performance, but not to Cornilleau 510M.

It is shockproof, waterproof, and weatherproof. That is one of the many consequences of its stellar durability.

It can take a few hits, having the reliance on the corner protection pads which not just protect it from the usual hits but also if I try to push it against the wall.

3. Extra Stable:

At a weight of just 196lbs, the Cornilleau 510M’s surprised me in the start. But don’t take its Strength lightly. The Use of Aluminium & Zinc for the Frame surface reduces the weight greatly without making compromises in the strength.

In addition, it also has a Steel Curve leg type with a ground fastening system. This compounded with the bonus ability to bolted in the ground, making it extra Stable. This Stability is a necessity for any outdoor table.

4. Steel Net:

Is Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Table Tennis Table worth buying? Honest review on this table tennis table and specification

Unlike regular nets which tend to become loose after few days of usage, the Cornilleau 510M Outdoor has a steel fixed net type. In addition, there is an anti-corrosive material that prevents it from rusting. It also has the Static Locking System.

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5. Dedicated Racket Holder:

All this with the feature of having a dedicated Racket holder & Ball dispenser, something that was missing from the STIGA Optimum 30 Table.

The assembly process is indeed no piece of cake & sometimes needs tutorials which one can easily find on YouTube. While on Youtube, do check the various durability tests it goes through.

In addition, it is Approved by FFTT LEISURE but the unique highlight is the 10-year warranty. This 10 years warranty is on materials and workmanship excluding wear parts (net and net posts) which gives the final satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Cornilleau 510M Outdoor –

1. Value for Money 1. No foldable mode
2. Ideal for All-weather conditions 2. Time-consuming assembly (1-2 hours)
3. Strength with lightness
4. Sleek 7mm Anti-glare tabletop
5. Build-in Holders & Dispensers
6. Whooping 10 years Warranty  

The Positives of Cornilleau 510M Outdoor –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

There are a lot of upsides in considering Cornilleau 510M as a choice. The advantages it offers make it stand out.

1. Value for Money:

The Quality it offers at this price is rare. Cornilleau 510M’s design & aesthetics is premium making the investment-worthy.

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2. All-Weather Ally:

The table is an all-weather ally of its owner. It is resistant to ill-treatment, having a steel frame with corner protection pads.

Also, the use of galvanized steel, anti-corrosive material, and steel nets makes it resistant to usual problems of rusting making it rightly “The table made for institutions”

3. Strength with Lightness:

Should you buy Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Table Tennis Table? My honest review and specification on this ping pong table

The Table is Ideal for heavy use. But having all things stiff might give the impression that it is heavy. It is not. With the right use of materials, the Aluminium Zinc alloy makes it light without taking away its strength.

4. 7mm Sleek Top:

It offers a hard dense playing surface with high-quality bounce. Add in the anti-glare material meaning one can play in any light be it natural or artificial making it truly all weather.

5. Build in Holder & Dispensers:

Having all the TT equipment in one place makes it less prone to losing. The table is build keeping in mind the need of the buyer. With the ball dispenser and Racket holder, all in one place avoid unnecessary chaos.

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6. 10 Year Warranty:

The part that makes it stand tall is the 10-year warranty backing the company provides. This itself speaks volume of the confidence the makers of Cornilleau 510M has on their product.

The Downsides to keep in mind –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

There are two sides to every coin. A product is perfected through evolutions and in the process, certain areas are left for improvements.

Here are a few caveats I find that one must keep in mind before buying them because these downsides might be important for some.


For someone who is looking for a compact Table, this is not good news. The Robustness comes at the cost of its inability to Fold. Unlike the Kettler Top star XL which is extremely portable, this one is meant to be fixed.


For a single person, it takes between 1 to 2 hours. That is not ideal when there are options available like the JOOLA Inside 25 that offers 20 minutes assembly.

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If I want to fold and move this table, is it possible?

Even though the table is light, it is meant to be stationary. It is not foldable and it has the feature of bolting to the ground which makes it great for outdoors but not for frequently folding.

Does the product come with a Warranty?

To ensure the highest level of safety, Cornilleau has positioned itself a long way above this standard. Backed with a 10-year warranty on outdoor tables and guaranteed 20-year availability of spare parts from the date of purchase.

This 10-year warranty applies to all components except wear parts – wheels, net, and net posts, adhering to the European safety standard EN 14468.

Is it the best budget-friendly table out there?

Priced above 1500$ it may not be the most pocket-friendly table but keeping the features in mind, it is worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Cornilleau 510M is a value for money product for the features it offers. It is not a super affordable deal, but it is parallel with the competition in the market.

At that price, if I am getting the most popular stationary use outdoor Ping Pong table in the market then this makes it an investment worth making when I am okay with the downsides it is packed with. For the one looking for great features, durability, and strength, it is a great purchase.

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