DHS Hurricane-II Table Tennis Racket Review

DHS Hurricane-II Table Tennis Racket Review - Is this table tennis blade worth buying?

Are you an experienced player looking for a paddle to help you improve your game? The DHS Hurricane-II Table Tennis Racket might suit your playing style. To improve my game, I decided to purchase a highly rated, spin-focused paddle.

It didn’t take long for me to develop a feel with this bat because the weight was ideal. The rubbers are sticky and have excellent spin and speed, making them ideal for intermediate play.

I’d say the packing was adequate for the product’s high price point, and the build quality was decent. It is very nicely crafted and far above my expectations. This is not the paddle for you if you want speed. However, if you’re going to control and defense, this is the paddle for you.

PROS and CONS DHS Hurricane-II –

1. 2mm Sponge Cushions with 5 Wooden Layers 1. Foul Odor Complaints
2. Highest Quality Chinese Rubber 2. Needs Regular Care
3. Comfortable Grip with a Strong Handle
4. Landson Wrist Support
5. Larger Bat Size along with a Decent Paddle Cover
6. Heavy Weight provides Additional Force
7. Supports Aggressive Play

Pros of DHS Hurricane-II –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. 2mm Sponge Cushions with 5 Wooden Layers:

The DHS HURRICANE-II is built of the highest quality materials. It’s no surprise that this attribute impacts its efficacy and performance—a 2mm sponge cushions the blade’s 5-ply construction.

One of the most unique and unusual elements of DHS is the rubber linked to it. The rubber is available in two distinct varieties as well as two different colors. Professional paddles include a rubber finish that is likewise highly regarded.

It has a hurricane rubber on one side and DHS G555 Quick Attack/Loop Pips-in Table Tennis Rubber on the other, giving you an extreme spin to assault your opponent with.

It is said that you can play several games before changing the rubber. It also comes with cushioning made of the highest quality Chinese rubber. Due to red pimple-like spots on the paddle’s surface, it produces spongy effects.

2. Comfortable Grip with a Strong Handle:

Is DHS Hurricane-II Table Tennis Racket good for buying? My review and specification about this table tennis blade

It has a really comfortable grip and a strong handle that gives you a lot of traction and comfort. It’s incredibly useful since it eliminates the need to worry about a shaky grip or sweaty fingers when playing many games and practice matches.

It will also increase your self-esteem. The Landson wrist support is extremely beneficial in allowing you to make each stroke with excellent spin, control, and support. This will offer you an advantage over your opponent and aid in your victory.

It has a comfortable wood grip that allows you to play numerous bouts without losing a beat. DHS created the paddle with a longer grip that is ideal for lengthy play.

3. Larger Bat Size along with a Decent Paddle Cover:

Another distinguishing aspect is its larger-than-usual size. This really offers the gamer an advantage in terms of finding the sweet spot more quickly. The handle, as well as the blade, is longer.

It is composed of wood and provides a greater grip for the players. It’s also enjoyable to grip. It also comes in a decent paddle box/cover. A plastic covering that goes over the rubber on the racket and boosts its durability is included.

The beautiful box, also known as the carrying case, offers enough room to transport the paddle, two balls, and other supplies. To keep your equipment from falling out, it contains comfortable cushioning cut-outs and a zipper.

4. Heavy Weight provides Additional Force:

The DHS Hurricane II paddle is hefty. If you play professionally, this is a significant plus. Once you’ve gotten adjusted to the weight, you may use it to provide additional force to your shots while also improving your defensive shot control.

Players with an aggressive playing style will benefit from the DHS Hurricane II paddle. It best supports the aggressive player by providing a wide variety of shots and putting the opponent on the defensive from the first stroke.

You can easily force the ball to fly in a lower arc faster, making it difficult for the opponent to get it away. The DHS Hurricane II is a fantastic paddle built of high-quality materials. It takes some maintenance, but if you put in the effort, you can extend its life.

CONS of DHS Hurricane-II  –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

When compared to comparable paddles that can be purchased for much less, the DHS table tennis bat is exceptionally pricey. There is some disagreement over whether the price is justified, and there is little doubt that it is, given the high level of quality.

If you are a beginner, you should check out the Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket, which might help you start your table tennis career. The DHS Hurricane II is a difficult paddle to maintain.

It will require time out of your regular routine, and it is strongly advised that you try to maintain it. If you’re going to spend so much money on a good product, it’s also a good idea to keep it in good condition.

As previously stated, it comes with a plastic sheet that should be placed on the paddle whenever it is not in use. Some consumers have complained of a foul odor emanating from their paddles.

It’s possible that this is a manufacturing flaw; however, not everyone has had the same problems.

FAQs –

Why should I consider purchasing this item?

This product should be considered first and foremost if you are a severe or professional player. This paddle is manufactured from high-quality Chinese wood and rubber. It comprises only high-quality materials to ensure that players perform at their best.

It’s been meticulously created for professional players and has intriguing features like a cushioned two-sided dual-purpose surface, Landson wrist support, painted surface, and an additional carry bag.

When should the rubber on my DHS Hurricane II be replaced?

You shouldn’t have to replace the rubber anytime soon. If you maintain it and clean it up after every other session, it should last you longer than the expected time. The use of a paddle cover would also increase the durability and lifetime of the paddle.

Professionals and players who have high-quality and rigorous sessions should change after 75-80 sessions, whereas casual players should wait until they have used it more than 120 times.

Would I Recommend DHS Hurricane-II Table Tennis Racket?

For individuals who wish to compete in tournaments and play serious matches, DHS Hurricane- II is typically the best option.

The reason for this is because this device has a Chinese rubber coating and an enormous design, as well as a comfortable grip and Landson wrist support, making it ideal for professional gamers and severe game players.

It will offer them an advantage over your opponent by assisting them in improving their returns and getting the perfect spin on the pin pong ball. It is mostly intended for professionals and those who are actively interested in the game.

The protective casing and plastic film improve durability. It also includes wrist support. If you’re a defensive player, this is the ideal option for you.


The Hurricane II paddle is excellent for a committed gamer. It has a high build quality thanks to Chinese wood and rubber, a firm grip, and land on a wrist brace for further control. On both sides, you’ll find a dual-purpose cushioned surface.

The larger paddle size makes it easier to locate the sweet spot and strike the ball harder and quicker for the winning score. The contrasting colors of the rubber make it simple to distinguish between the two sides and swap the game in the midst.

If you are still looking for better alternatives to polish your skills, you should check out the Killerspin Kido 7P RTG Table Tennis Racket, which might suit your playing style better.

One of the most notable aspects of the Hurricane II paddle performance is its capacity to serve extremely great spins. The speed and control are also quite satisfying.

Because of its lightweight and long wooden handle, you can play for longer periods. The protective casing and plastic film improve durability and longevity.

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