DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo Review

DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo Review - Is this Table tennis paddle rubber worth buying

Are you looking for a high-quality rubber sheet that has great spin and speed that allows you to play for a long time without any serious damage? If yes then this is the rubber for you.

A few months ago I was looking for a rubber that would add more power to my game as my older rubber had good control but was super slow. That is when I came across the DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo and decided to buy it and a few months late I have to say that I do not regret this purchase at all!

Most professional-level players like me are looking to add more power and precision to their game as we have already mastered the control part. That is the reason I bought this racket, the speed, and power of this rubber are just phenomenal!

If you are a beginner I would recommend a lighter and thinner rubber such as the Butterfly Tenergy 64 FX. However, if you are someone who wants to buy a rubber sheet that implies the feeling of old-school ‘speed glue’ and increases playtime by about 50%, I would recommend you keep reading this article to know more about it.

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Characteristics of the rubber:

Size 1.8mm
Color Red
Control 6-
Speed 10++
Spin 10++
Sponge hardness medium-hard

PROS and CONS of the DONIC Acuda SL Turbo Rubber Sheet:

1. High speed and spin 1. Nothing!
2. Developed using some latest technology
3. Enhanced playing characteristics like better spin and speed, higher arc, etc.
4. Good for offensive play for both close to the table
5. An outstanding feeling when hitting the ball

Now it is time to take a deeper dive into the features and PROS and CONS of this rubber sheet.

Pros of DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo –

1. Speed:

The first thing that I’m gonna be talking about is speed and that is because this is an offensive style rubber best known for its great speed and power. I am a professional level player and I wanted to add more power and precision to my game as I had already mastered the art of controlling the ball.

The matte surface of this rubber paired with the large pored, middle-hard sponge guaranteed this power and speed. I love forehand shots from close to the table on this rubber as it plays great on the first ball.

I love these features as I am someone who pays a lot of attention to the first ball attack, I believe that if you start strong in a table tennis match you will finish strong by catching your opponent off guard on the first shot itself.

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2. Spin:

Should I buy DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo? Is this table tennis racket rubber good? My personal review on BreadCity

This rubber creates beautiful high arcs that are pretty visible and you can definitely feel the difference when you upgrade to it. The topspin shots on this rubber are incredible and have not disappointed even one bit.

The power and spin of this rubber are outstanding and I would definitely recommend you buy it if you are someone who is an attacking player.

3. Feeling when you hit the ball:

This rubber provides us with the old-school ‘speed glue’ feels when playing. No one uses speed glue now like they used to back in the day but you will feel like this rubber does due to the latest technology it uses.

It has an outstanding feeling when hitting the ball and I definitely recommend it if you want to experience that authentic speed glue feeling.

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4. Control:

My review on DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo rubber - Should you buy this table tennis paddle rubber sheet? Is it any good?

As I already mentioned, this is an offensive style rubber and therefore the control isn’t the best I’ve ever seen.

It is manageable for me as I have been playing table tennis for a super long time now but if you are a beginner or even an intermediate level player, I would recommend you buy a rubber that is thinner and softer than this one for eg, the Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX.

However, if you are confident in their control of the ball, this is the rubber you should invest in.

5. Which blades would it go well with?

Because this is an offensive type of rubber I would recommend you use a more defensive style blade if you want more control. However, if you want to add more even more power to your game I would recommend pairing it with an offensive style blade.

I tried pairing it with the Bloodwood 5 and the Burn Aratox which are both classified in the All+/Off- category. It played amazingly on both of those! The DONIC Waldner Ultraseno paired super well with this rubber as well!


For most of the products I purchase, there is always a downside but I am surprised to say that there is nothing about this rubber that is an issue to me. I like everything about it and nothing disappoints me.

I know this might sound like it is too good to be true but it is! There might be issues some people would have with it but I believe most of them would be based on every individual’s preference about their rubber sheets, there is no con that everyone would have to deal with.

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FAQs about the DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo:

Is this product durable?

The material is pretty high quality and the matte surface of the rubber seems durable and would last for a very long time in my opinion.

Does this come in a pack of two?

No, this rubber comes in a pack of one and you need to buy two to make sure that you have a complete blade. This rubber is good on both FH and BH so you don’t have to worry about looking for another rubber.

Is this good for defensive play?

This rubber is known for its offensive type play but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good at defense. Your technique is what matters most so if you have a good technique for defense then yes this rubber would be great.

Would I recommend the DONIC Acuda S1 Turbo:

This is a pretty high-quality rubber that has top-notch spin and speed. Red is a very athletic color and adds a good look to your racket. The high arcs and great power are something that I have always wanted in rubber so if that is what you want I recommend you buy this rubber.


In this article, I reviewed the DONIC Acuda S1 Rubber Sheet. Writing this review took me a lot of time and money and therefore I would appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and family. Feel free to comment on any of your doubts and queries down below. Thank you!

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