DONIC Bluefire M1 Table Tennis Rubber Review

DONIC Bluefire M1 Table Tennis Rubber Review - Should you buy this table tennis rubber

Do you want to replace your paddle’s rubber with a better rubber sheet that will help you produce more spins with higher speed? The DONIC Bluefire M1 Table Tennis Rubber is known for its turbo speed and high spins.

I first used it with Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed Blade, and it’s a speed demon who’s amazing for assaults but not so much for brushes.

Then I decided to put it in my new Yasaka Sweden Defensive JTTA Table Tennis Paddle to achieve more control since the rubber does provide a high speed and it can get hard sometimes to control when plying in rallies.

Soon as I did that, I found that I could generate more spin with brushes and manage the speed a little better. This is a fantastic rubber that I have yet to find a flaw in. The blue miracle DONIC’s Bluefire M1 is a brand-new rubber invention that offers incredible speed.

As an outcome of the perfect combination of the huge pored blue sponge with an exceptionally spinny top surface rubber, a new high-tech generation of rubbers in the proven Formula FD3-technology has been produced.

The top rubber has a thin, long pimpled-in structure that gives it the most flexibility and fantastic feel. Above all, the Bluefire is incredibly quick, with a distinctive high arc while top-spinning that allows for maximal spin and speed.

For those who like to block and drive, this is a superb backhand rubber. The top sheet is extremely quick, allowing for a significant spin on serves and pushes.

This rubber is also incredibly resilient and long-lasting while keeping optimal performance. The bounciness, on the other hand, is good for attacking but bad for defending, especially in chopping and underspin defense.

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PROS and CONS of DONIC Bluefire M1 –

1. Ultra-turbo Speed 1. Lack of Control
2. Maximal Spin Generation
3. Inevitable Smashes
4. Extraordinary Looping and Counterlooping
5. Dramatic Extra Kick Feel
6. Advanced Formula D3-Technology

Pros of DONIC Bluefire M1 –

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1. Inevitable Smashes

This is where the rubber really excels, with quick and precise balls that have a distinct contact feel. Many players seem to express concerns with this, however, the blue sponge transfers more vibrations, which is beneficial when utilizing composite blades.

The rubber is incredibly linear and easy to manipulate during counter hits. The ball clearly engages the sponge and jumps off of it at a reasonable rate. The top sheet of the rubber, on the other hand, does not kick the ball hard; instead, it let the ball sink towards the sponge, giving time for error correction.

Despite the fact that the ball’s speed is the same, some Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber fans and users dislike this lack of catapult, which seems to provide more speed.

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2. Extraordinary Looping and Counterlooping:

My review on DONIC Bluefire M1 Table Tennis Rubber - Should you buy this table tennis rubber?

If the rubber is a good hitter, it is almost certainly an outrageous and bold looper. The rubber features a nice gripping top sheet that stays sticky even after deterioration and lifts the ball high. Underspin balls with a lot of spins can be lifted easily.

The rubber will assist you whether you do a slow or fast topspin because of the soft top sheet. I can also confirm that whether counter looping or power looping, this rubber is far more stable.

The blue sponge provides much clearer feedback than the red sponge. The loop’s speed is at its maximum. The arc is perhaps a little less dramatic, but it is still quite high.

When looping, I discovered that the Bluefire sponge has several distinct properties.

3. Dramatic Extra Kick Feel

The sponge’s irregular pore size gives it an ‘extra kick’ feel. Even if the rubber is worn or ‘dead,’ resulting in the booster evaporating, you can still feel this kick, which guarantees that you delivered sufficient force for the loop.

The ball’s arc is unique since it is not symmetrical and dome-shaped. Its peak is over the opponent’s side, not over the net, but the opponent’s side’s center or the first third of the table.

The ball then crashes to the table with an unsettling speed and spin. Similar to looping with any other professional rubber, the ball flies off the table. This either pushes them a little further or causes them to misinterpret the ball as a long shot.

Counterhitting the shots is the same as counter looping with TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber, and blocking them is the same, which is overall great in both the rubbers. I believe the feedback is more powerful, allowing me to make better adjustments.

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CONS of DONIC Bluefire M1 Table Tennis Rubber

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The quickest rubber I’ve ever played, it’s also the most resilient and strong, and it generates a lot of spins. However, there is a significant lack of control. Anyway, if you have the technique and the appropriate blade, it’s still a great rubber.

So I recommend this rubber for FH (forehand) since you’ll need something with a little more control on the backhand, believe me. It’s a good rubber for active or passive blocking, but it’s also an offensive rubber, so be careful or the ball will go long.

M1 performs admirably close to the table, but it really shines on power loops with amazing spin and speed. When you’re not in a good position, the high throw can assist you to clean the net.

On serve, it has a lot of spins, but you have to be careful to keep the ball low. Overall, the control seems to be the only complaint from buyers, but it can be easily tamed with practice.


Is the rubber long-lasting and durable enough?

From my perspective, durability is the most important element in this blade. I’ve been using the Bluefire rubbers for over four years, and all I can say is that they’re capable of at least 200 hours of gameplay.

Can beginners use this rubber?

I would advise you to skip this table tennis paddle rubber if you are a beginner or even a beginner-intermediate player. This rubber provides your blade with a high speed and lots of spins.

Hence, compromising with the control and it could be hard for beginner players to control the rubber.

Would I Recommend DONIC Bluefire M1 Table Tennis Rubber?

The M1 is a great rubber that gives you the utmost speed you require as an offensive player. It’s a terrific weapon if you’re an offensive player who likes to score whenever the opportunity arises.

I cannot emphasize more the fact that it comes with ultra high speed and is sometimes uncontrollable for beginners. Therefore, I would advise you to look for an alternative with more control and of a lower budget if you are a beginner.

It also has a long inverted pimple inside, which improves its flexibility and catapult action slightly. The model M1 has the most difficult surface in the series, allowing you to increase your speed and spin power. This rubber is ideal for professional topspin players with a substantial budget.


This M1 is among Donic’s Blue Fire range of rubbers. The combination of large-pored blue sponge and ultra spinny top sheet creates FD3-technology, a new high-tech rubber generation.

Overall, this rubber is ideal for a high-level aggressive player who likes speed and spin.  Even while it performs admirably for mid-close to the table strokes, it falls short when it comes to long-distance strokes.

It is designed for advanced offensive players who enjoy playing in a small, condensed area. Overall, the Bluefire M1 provides you with a high topspin throw angle and rapid speed, allowing you to optimize your spin output.

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