Donic BlueGrip R1 Table Tennis Rubber Review

Donic BlueGrip R1 Table Tennis Rubber Review - Is this table tennis rubber worth buying?

Do you enjoy playing table tennis with a banana flick? Are you looking for a rubber sheet that can keep up with your pace while also meeting all of your requirements?

If you want all of this, I offer an ideal rubber sheet for you, as it was designed specifically for gamers like you. Presenting the Donic BlueGrip R1, a hard, fast, and sticky table tennis rubber, which is also variable enough for playing from half distance.

Donic BlueGrip R1and Donic BlueGrip V1 are the two most recent rubbers (manufactured in Germany, ESN), and it has a really European feel to them. Despite the new plastic balls, Donic BlueGrip R1 rubber promises outstanding qualities.

Read the review till the end to know more details about this rubber.

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Donic BlueGrip R1 Features –

Brand Donic
Sport Type Table Tennis
Hardness Hard-50°
Material Rubber
Skill Level  Intermediate
Rubber Type Pimple in

1. Integrated speed gluing effect –

The BlueGrip R1 exhibits an incredibly catchy top sheet, which results in an integrated speed gluing effect. This causes a great deal of friction between the ball and the rubber, forcing the ball to spin and rotate a lot.

The feature is evident through its name itself. These attributes have a tremendous impact on a variety of strokes, including serves and returns, as well as aggressive and forceful topspins.

BlueGrip combines the best of both worlds by combining a sticky and incredibly gripping top sheet with a blue Tensor sponge with an integrated speed glue effect. This rubber has extremely high friction, allowing for a severe spin in any condition.

This rubber is not suitable for offensive-style play. Its mix of the catapult and high spin helps mitigate the counter looping issues that traditional Chinese rubbers are prone to. The Bluegrip R1 has a little softer feel and generates more spin.

2. Offers Catapult Effect – Is Donic BlueGrip R1 Table Tennis Rubber good for buying? My review and specification about this table tennis rubber

The catapult action of Donic BlueGrip R1 table tennis rubber allows for more precision while returning balls from challenging positions. Typically, it refers to the rubber being stretched, implying that there is more strain in the rubber, causing it to move faster.

The catapult effect aids in delivering blocks to the opponent’s plate. It provides greater speed but less control. As a result, players who seek more control are unlikely to choose this rubber.

If you wish to have rubber offering more control, then take a look at Donic Baracuda Table Tennis Rubber which offers excellent control, suitable for both pushups and chops.

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3. Banana flick –

Due to the high-spin technology of this rubber, it also helps in banana flick or banana shot which is a technique of receiving serves in table tennis which is employed against the serve short to the forehand – with a slight body-turn, the player hits a backhand.

It’s also known as the backhand sidespin flick. Banana flicks can be performed well only by practice, but some rubbers like BlueGrip R1 contribute to performing this.

On the other hand, the banana flicks are helpful against underpinning and pendulum to serve, particularly short serve or short push.

4. Donic brand quality –

The gaming equipment’s manufacturer significantly impacts the product’s quality. So don’t worry about the rubber sheet’s quality if you’re wondering about it since Donic, a well-known brand creates it.

Donic is a high-quality professional gaming equipment manufacturer that caters to a wide range of customer requirements.

This rubber isn’t any less, as it’s constructed with the most cutting-edge sponge technology for improved gaming tactics and long-term use. As a result, you may be confident in the product’s quality because it will not let you down.

PROS and CONS of Donic BlueGrip R1 –

Pros Cons
Suitable for attackers Not consistent for smashing
Longer contact time between the ball and the rubber Less control
Exceptional looping  Not suitable for beginners

Pros of Donic BlueGrip R1 Table Tennis Rubber –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Rubber for attacking gameplay:

The Donic BlueGripR1 was created with attackers in mind. The unique feature of this rubber is that it is ideal for attacking on both sides (forehand and backhand). Players who love counters will benefit significantly from this table tennis rubber (again, at both sides).

Attacking topspin players who need a maximum spin on serves and returns should choose this rubber. The Donic BlueGrip R1’s somewhat softer overall feel adequately compensates for the negative characteristics of the new plastic balls.

Thus, this rubber sheet is ideal for attacking games on both sides. As a result, I would recommend this rubber, BlueGrip R1, to a player who wants to develop a high-level attacking play with powerful loop drives, blocking, and smashing.

BlueGrip R1 features the medium-high throw angle in the Donic series, lands deeper in the opponent’s court, and kicks harder, forcing your opponent to play passively.

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2. Longer Dwell time:

Should you get Donic BlueGrip R1 Table Tennis Rubber - Review and Features about this table tennis rubberLonger contact time between the ball and the rubber, also called longer Dwell time, happens when the rubber makes contact with the ball when the ball is hit. Longer dwell times are said to be suitable for spinning, whereas shorter dwell times are thought to be better for speed.

My brother likes to play with rubber having more speed, and he uses Killerspin Nitrx-4z, which has a shorter dwell time, and thus playing with this rubber gives more speed. If you also wish to play with rackets with rubber with more speed, you can look at this rubber.

The thickness and hardness of the sponge and top sheet are some of the factors that affect the dwell time—the extended-stay period when hitting the ball results in much more spin on serves and returns.

3. Exceptional looping for powerful performance:

It’s nearly assured that if the rubber is a good hitter, it’ll be an amazing and bold looper. The rubber has a nice gripping top sheet that keeps it sticky even after deterioration and lifts the ball to a high position.

Lifting underspin balls with a lot of spins is simple. The rubber will aid you because of the soft top sheet whether you do a slow or fast topspin. I can also confirm that this rubber is considerably more stable when counter looping or power looping.

The loop’s speed is at its highest point. The arc is a little less dramatic this time around, but it’s still fairly fine. I observed that the BlueGrip rubber had various distinct features during looping.

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4. Flexible:

In terms of flexibility, I believe players may simply experiment with various gaming techniques and improve the ones that best suit them.

This is because the Donic BlueGrip R1 Rubber provides an extra margin of safety in any situation, not only when playing a high-risk topspin game, which makes this rubber on my priority list.

The top rubber surface has also been redesigned to reduce wear and enable faster and smoother performance. When combined with the built-in speed glue effect, the new composition creates excellent spin.

Cons of Donic BlueGrip R1 Table Tennis Rubber –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

Donic BlueGrip R1 has a comparatively fast spin rate which makes it suitable for attacking gameplay is not recommended for beginners, which I felt like one of the significant disadvantages of this rubber.

Even though the rubber has a good spin, it is not very consistent for smashing. The controllability of a rubber sheet is critical because it allows the player to take the action they want at a predetermined speed.

In terms of speed and spin, this rubber sheet is unrivaled. However, it falls short of giving the player perfect control over hitting the ball in a specific direction.

As a result, I would say that this rubber sheet does not have enough of it to meet every player’s needs in terms of control, which I would consider a defect in this rubber sheet.

The low arc, which gives a less safe but more dangerous return, is also a rubber defect. If you’re looking for an all-round rubber, then you can have a look at Donic Bluefire M3, which offers good speed, perfect control, and excellent spin.

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Can I use this rubber for a long duration?

Durability, without question, plays a significant role in making a product completely worth the investment and providing complete customer pleasure.

As per my experience with this rubber, I felt like this rubber is thick enough to allow for excellent professional play while remaining sturdy enough to be used for an extended period of time.

Donic BlueGrip R1 also allows for a lot of flexibility because the rubber sheet gives the player a lot of control and is flexible enough to match each player’s technique. That’s not all.

It also has a well-known brand name associated with it, ensuring you get good value for your money and a positive experience with the rubber. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, making it a wise investment.

What is the thickness of the rubber, and in which all colors are this rubber available?

The Donic BlueGrip R1 table tennis rubber is available in two different sponge thicknesses: 2.0 and Max. More than 2.0 mm is the maximum sponge thickness. The maximum sponge thickness and the total thickness of the rubber top sheet are no more than 4mm.

Because of the material’s thickness, you may easily achieve a quick reaction in your shoots. The rubber is available both in red and black color.

Do you think it’s a good idea to buy this rubber sheet?

Yes, I would strongly advise you to get this rubber sheet unless you’re a beginner, particularly if you require professional-grade, long-lasting, and tough rubber sheets.

But I personally have felt like for beginners. It will be difficult to play with this rubber since it has a fast spin rate and is quite forceful. It’s ideal for attacking. As a result, beginners may find it difficult to control the rubber.

But as a professional player, this rubber has all of that and more to give you. This is why I can guarantee perfect satisfaction and a fantastic time with the rubber since it contains all you require and more.


The Donic BlueGrip R1 is ideal for intermediate players who want to use controlled aggressive shots as their primary tactic. Given its medium-high throw angle and outstanding grip, I believe R1 will appeal to a broader spectrum of players as a BH rubber, allowing for executing critical moves like the banana flick with decent control.

Another hard rubber version with a sticky top layer is the Donic BlueGrip R1. Compared to similar rubbers, this rubber’s greatest strengths are various finishing strokes and half-distance play. Unfortunately, the BlueGrip R1 lags behind the competition in terms of rotation.

However, this isn’t always a disadvantage. On the contrary, the BlueGrip R1 is more controllable in some gaming scenarios. This rubber is ideal for players who wish to score direct points with a variety of finishing shots while also playing from half distance.

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