Donic Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Review

Donic Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis rubber?

Are you looking for a superior quality table rubber sheet that gives you the feel while playing? Well, in that case, I know a rubber that will suffice all your needs, something you won’t ever regret buying.

Presenting, the Donic Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber Sheet that is well made and easily affordable. This rubber is so powerful that you will experience the best gameplay with it for years to come and never be disappointed.

It is even made with the latest technologies that Donic uses to make its high-end rubbers, and the fact that it is easily affordable and has high speed means that you will get nothing less than a well-made product.

Hence, I would say that using this rubber will certainly up your game to a whole new level and help boost your confidence, giving you the best experience of your life, hence making it a must-have for sure.

Features of Donic Coppa Jo Gold –

Hardness Medium
Speed  10+
Spin 10+
Control 5

1. High-performance rubber sheet

I must say that the COPPA JO GOLD sets a new standard with the in-built speed gluing effect. The sound and feel are similar to speed gluing, giving a performance one can only dream about.

Hence I recommend the new Coppa rubbers(from Jan Ove Waldner) for the players that prefer the highest performing rubber from the FORMULA series and a replacement for speed gluing.

This high-performance rubber is suitable for highly trained attackers with good technical know-how. So if you are a beginner, you may find it tough to control the balls with this rubber. Hence it’s more suitable for intermediate players who have already developed their skills in the game.

2. Great speed with limited control –

Should you get Donic Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber Sheet? My review and specification of this table tennis rubber sheet

Using this rubber sheet, you can add more power and speed to your shots since the Donic Coppa Jo Gold rubber allows you to make effective shots with better control.

This medium-hard rubber even has a pretty good speed. Still, it offers limited control, allowing fantastic quality shots and good flexibility. It provides some great hits that can eventually help improve your skill and up your game.

So if you are a player who loves attacking play and looking for a rubber sheet to match your pace, then this is the most suitable one for you for sure.

But with all this, it fails to satisfy beginners’ needs, so if you want a simpler rubber, you can check out other options like the Donic Baracuda Big Slam Rubber Sheet.

3. Inbuilt speed glue effect –

The main concern players face when looking for rubber sheets is gluing them to the racket. But here, that’s the last thing you have to worry about!

The rubber comes with an inbuilt speed glue effect which removes the hassle of refixing the rubber surface onto the racket before matches.

The inbuilt glue substitutes speed glue and ensures that the rubber sheet does not come off during your intense matches.

So with this added feature, using the rubber sheet becomes very convenient and hassle-free, allowing you a great experience without any disturbance, which is excellent!

Pros and Cons of Donic Coppa Jo Gold –

Pros Cons
1. Medium-hard top sheet for smooth play 1. Offers less control 
2. Inexpensive and easily affordable 
3. Well made rubber with inbuilt gluing effect 
4. Durable for the long run
5. High speed for attacking play

Here are the Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Medium-hard top sheet:

The speed is essential in determining the quality of play which mainly depends on the build of the rubber sheet. In this case, this medium-hard top sheet with longer pimples increases the dynamics and hits the ball harder.

Hence, this Coppa rubber has great potential because it is a high-performance rubber that is suitable for highly trained attackers with good technical knowledge.

The sound and feel are similar to stick speed, giving you the experience of your lifetime. So you can easily exercise different gaming styles with ease thanks to this rubber sheet.

2. Inexpensive and easily affordable:

Is Donic Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber Sheet good for buying? Review and features of this table tennis rubber sheet

What I love the most about this rubber sheet is that despite its high quality and performance, it is inexpensive. This rubber sheet is less expensive compared to other paddles available in the market, making it easily affordable.

Instead, it is so well built that it will easily last a long time and not wear out soon, making your investment worth every penny. Furthermore, it also has fantastic features for you to use and play with, which makes it completely worth investing in.

3. Superior quality and build:

The way rubber is constructed is quite crucial in determining the type of game one will have. I must say that the construction of this rubber sheet is fantastic and very well made.

This rubber has an inbuilt gluing effect that gives the perfect sound when hit and is undoubtedly a high-performance rubber with fantastic speed and power. So, with a rubber-like this, you can rest assured that you will only get the best game every time.

But I would say it’s mostly meant for advanced players, so if you want a simpler rubber sheet for more simple play, you can check out other options like the Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX rubber sheet.

4. Durable for long term use:

My review of Donic Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber Sheet - Should you buy this rubber sheet?

Donic as a brand is known for its high-end professional quality materials, which this rubber doesn’t lack either.

So talking about the durability and usage value of this rubber, I must say it is very well built and can be used for an extended period if kept and used safely.

Hence this high-quality rubber sheet that has excellent spin and speed will allow you to play for a long time without any severe damage to it.

So you won’t have to worry about losing out on your money or getting a bad quality product as this rubber sheet is definitely well made and will surely enhance your gameplay and skills.

5. Designed for speed attackers:

Win your next tournament by striking incredibly powerful shots that are driven by precision by using this Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis rubber sheet. This sheet is specially designed to suit your aggressive playing style with fast pace and high power.

You can choose from two attractive colors: red and black. So overall, this rubber sheet not only adds a fresh pop of color that sets the mood right in, but it also plays well and won’t disappoint in any way possible.

So if fast play is your style, then this rubber has all the speed to offer you the best gameplay.

Here are the Cons –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Offers less control;

The controllability of your shot will severely depend on the quality of your rubber of the racket. This is why this Donic Coppa Jo Gold rubber can fall short of giving you a powerful shot with more control because it is a medium-hard rubber that offers less control.

Overall, you will get a good experience, but your shots may lack the high-end kind of control that aggressive players play with. So if you are looking for a rubber that provides you with more flexibility and better control, then this will be a misfit for you.


Does the rubber come in a set of 2?

No, the rubber does not come in a set of 2 pieces. It is shipped as a single piece only, but if you want to make a set, you can buy more quantities of the same product online.

Moreover, this rubber is easy to use and keep, so you can use it hassle-free without worrying about anything at all. So as long as you keep it intact and in good shape, it will last you a long time and not wear out soon either.

Is this rubber sheet very expensive?

No, even though high-end rubbers turn out to be very costly, this rubber sheet is not that pricey. Instead, it is easily affordable online for buyers to buy it.

So with rubber of such good quality and so affordable, you know, it is worth buying for sure, and it will even last you a long time, making your investment worth it.

Hence, if you are a table tennis enthusiast looking for a rubber to match your pace, this one is the most suitable one.

Will the rubber come off easily?

No, the rubber is medium hard and of excellent quality, making it extremely long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

Instead, even if you play harsh strokes, the condition will remain the same, so there’s nothing you have to worry about other than playing a good game and having fun.

Instead, it even comes with an inbuilt speed glue effect to prevent peeling. This means you may play with this rubber without any hassles and quickly practice all of your gaming techniques as well.

Would you recommend buying this rubber?

Yes, I would recommend you to buy this rubber sheet. It is made by a well-known company and has impressive features that make it worth buying.

It is not only long-lasting, but it can also withstand rough play thanks to its high speed, medium-hard rubber, and decent control, hence making it a good value for money.

So if you want to take the game of table tennis seriously, then this is the appropriate fit for you.

Conclusion –

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