DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubber Review

DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubber Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis rubber?

Do you wish to change the rubber sheet on your paddle with a better rubber sheet that provides a nice balance of attacking and aggressive all-around table tennis? Then comes Donic Coppa X2 to the cart.

DONIC Coppa X2 Table Tennis Rubber is a Dynamic rubber with good control. If you’re a power all-rounder or an offensive player, this rubber is for you. Spin, blocking, smashes, and an active backhand are also offered by this rubber.

Speed, spin, and control come effortlessly whether one plays close to the table or far away. Of course, speed is built-in, but durability has also been improved. This rubber is very well-suited to producing power for a powerful backhand player.

Throughout this review, we’ll talk about a variety of interesting facts and features. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Stiga DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft table tennis rubber, keep reading till the conclusion.

Features of DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft –

Brand  Donic
Sport Type Table Tennis
Hardness Medium
Material Rubber
Skill level Intermediate
Technology FD3
Weight 60g

1. The next-generation rubber –

The Donic Copa X2 rubber is created with a one-of-a-kind technology called FD 3 technology, resulting in a high-quality product with a strong brand identity. As a result, the DONIC Copa X2 is an entirely new rubber invention that offers as maximum speed as possible.

It’s a new high-tech generation of rubbers based on the tried-and-true Formula FD3 technology, created by combining a large pored orange-colored sponge with an incredibly spinny top surface rubber.

This clever new technique gives the rubber the most flexibility and fantastic feel possible. So, in terms of quality, this one is unquestionably excellent. Through the new technology, No more speed gluing.

No tuning, no juggling. The era of modern table tennis has started. More fun. Pure fun at the game. Honest victories.

Donic Coppa X2 platin soft next rubber generation combines everything:

Lifetime Plus: The number of possible playing hours will be advanced by about 50%.

Catapult PLUS: The catapult effect of the new large-pored sponge provides more precision when returning, even in difficult positions.

Tension PLUS: Improved inner tension implies the feeling of even more? Speed glue energy.

2. Unavoidable Smashes –

Should you get DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubber? My honest review and specification about this table tennis rubber

With rapid and precise balls that have a distinct contact feel, this is where the rubber really shines. Many players appear to be concerned about this, but the blue sponge transfers more vibrations, which is advantageous when using composite blades.

The rubber is highly linear and easy to handle during the counter hits. The ball visibly engages the sponge, which hops off at a respectable rate.

The top sheet of the rubber, on the other hand, does not kick the ball hard but instead allows it to sink towards the sponge, allowing time for error correction.

3. Slightly tackier Top sheet –

When it comes to the rubber’s top sheet, I will describe it as a medium-stiff top sheet with moderate grip and a very minor tackiness. This is why it feels softer, slower, and less spinny, especially on high-impact shots.

That’s not all, though. To reduce abrasion, the top rubber surface has been redesigned. As a result, you can play for longer periods of time with a surface that isn’t abraded.

So, to be more precise, you can play a nice game and perform numerous gaming methods with this rubber, making it a must-have for sure. But if you want a tackier one than this, you can have a look at DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber.

PROS and CONS of DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft –

1. Soft sponge with high-quality spin 1. Working with medium hardness necessitates concentration
2. Defense and easy shots 2. Less speed
3. Soft Rubber for hassle-free gaming
4. Provides high control, which makes the rubber suitable for beginners too

Pros of DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubber –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Soft sponge with high-quality spin:

This rubber sheet’s level of spin is its most appealing attribute. Furthermore, because it is a medium soft sponge, it produces even more sound and control. That’s not all, though.

The new Donic Coppa X2 formula generates incredible spin, a huge slam rubber with an integrated speed glue effect.

The ball leaves the blade in a much greater arc when using the Donic Coppa X2 Platin soft rubber sheet, providing significantly more spin, which is exactly what every player wants.

As a result, with such high spin standards, you may play a wonderful game while still having fun.

2. Defense and easy shots:

Is DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubber good for buying? My review and features of this table tennis rubber

Shots and finishing strokes flow effortlessly from the hand! When you’re close to the table, you can finish off your opponent with gradual attacks from your opponent. High balls are the easiest for this rubber to handle!

Surprisingly, the defense is also excellent. It is simple to serve high-arched balls to the ground line without making any mistakes. No matter where you are, counterattacks are possible.

This is why I believe the Donic Coppa X2 generates enough power to allow you to give your best shot and grow. As a result, the rubber is well worth purchasing due to its playing characteristics and hardness.

3. Soft Rubber for hassle-free gaming:

The Donic Coppa X2 medium-soft rubber is ideal for players who wish to play comfortably while still getting a nice bounce. The greater rotation of the ball stabilizes the flight and boosts speed with this rubber.

After a few hours of practice, I believe the results are sufficient to justify the usage of this new rubber. Even the best players noticeably increase their placement accuracy.

As a result, you may play without worry while hitting tremendous spin shots. One of my friends has Donic BlueGrip R1 table tennis rubber which is somewhat hard, and we used to play with it frequently.

So, with experience of playing with both these rubbers, I can say that soft rubber-like Donic Coppa X2 has more control and less speed than challenging rubber-like Donic BlueGrip R1, which has more speed less control.

I don’t say that soft rubbers can’t be fast! But comparing it with hard rubber, as I’ve mentioned, it gets slow sometimes.

4. More Control:

If you’re a beginner looking to develop your backhand looping or spins, there’s no better rubber to start with. It’s an excellent choice for any aggressive player who doesn’t need the blazing fast speed of a rubber-like the Donic Coppa X2 platin soft table tennis rubber.

And it’s also an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade from a cheap paddle to their first true racket in 1.5-2.0mm sponge thickness.

It can perform almost everything on the table, and it will allow a beginner player to learn his game without the rubber imposing its own quirks. It also responds nicely to speed glue, which has a similar sensation but is significantly faster and spinnier.

Cons of DONIC Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubber –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

The quick game took a hammering. It was difficult to return heavy backspin or ghost serves. The backspin or underspin seemed to make pushing more difficult, but it wasn’t a problem.

Blocks that were both spinny and non-spinny did not appeal to me. When a flat or no-spin ball on a block returned to the table, it had virtually little power or speed and frequently ended up in the net.

The gears began to appear at this point. The rubber utilized for this shot necessitated a greater amount of effort to stop it than had previously been necessary.

While I liked the amount of spin it generated, I didn’t like how quickly the rubber was ruined by it. It was far more difficult for me to deal with a guy who used a lot of topspin.

I felt like the rather direct gaming behavior allowed for dynamic topspins that were easy to handle and precise. Considering all of these characteristics, the Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft enabled a varied topspin game on the backhand.

To block successfully, you virtually have to curl your wrist entirely over the table and close it to almost face down. The quality of your racket’s rubber will have a significant impact on the speed of your hit.

Because it is a soft rubber rather than a really firm one, the Donic Coppa X2 rubber may not be able to provide you with a high-speed shot. This explains why the rubber’s speed is so low, but it’s because the spin is so high.

So, in general, you’ll have an excellent time, but your shots may lack the high-end speed that aggressive players employ. So, if you’re searching for a rubber that gives you greater speed, this isn’t the rubber for you. Like the Butterfly Dignics 05 table tennis rubber, other alternatives are also available.

FAQ’s –

What is the thickness of this rubber, and in which all colors are this rubber available?

Donic Coppa X2 is available in 1.8/2.0/max thickness. The maximum sponge thickness and the total thickness of the rubber top sheet are no more than 4mm.

Because of the material’s thickness, you may easily achieve a quick reaction in your shoots. You can see that Donic Coppa X2 rubber is available in both red and green colors.

Is it possible to get two pieces of rubber in one package to fix both sides of the paddle?

No. There is only one piece of rubber included in the packaging. If you need to replace it, I recommend purchasing two of the identical things or purchasing the rubber separately.

When purchasing a rubber, the only thing to consider is the color. Don’t forget that one of them should be black and the other should be red.

Furthermore, this rubber is simple to use and maintain, so you may use it without worrying about anything.

Is this rubber worth buying? Would you recommend buying Donic Coppa X2?

Yes, I would advise you to purchase this rubber. It’s a decent-quality, long-lasting rubber with good spins and power, and you can easily have a solid game and hit great shots with it.

The only defect I felt while playing was the speed interruption that occurred sometimes. Everything else was good with this rubber. The rubber is really soft and of excellent quality.

As a result, I am confident that you will be pleased with its features and functionality. Every time you use this rubber, you will have a good game.


Summing up all the features mentioned above and everything, The Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubbers are comprised of high-quality materials that provide a good balance of attacking and aggressive shots.

It is better suited to attacking and offensive play styles with quick counter spin. This sort of rubber has also been improved in terms of durability. The rubber speed is ten, the spin is ten, and the control is six.

This rubber is ideal for players who enjoy playing backhand shots. Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft Table Tennis Rubbers are designed to give you reasonable control and speed over the ball, allowing you to perform superior topspin and half-distance play.

The rubber hardness is medium, and the spin elast surface is primarily used for offensive play. It’s ideal for all-around gamers that like to spin, block, and bash. Rubber hardness is soft+, and the spin-elast surface is designed primarily for aggressive play.

The main feature of this rubber is undoubtedly its wide range of stroke variations that can be played both safely and efficiently. Variable attacks with spinny topspins (or forceful finishers) and adaptable serves/returns add to the unpredictability of your game.

As a result, the Coppa X2 Platin Soft is inappropriate for particularly offensive players or attacking players that rely on an extreme spin. This rubber is ideal for players who fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

This rubber is better for Backhand play than Forehand. If you can afford this rubber and find these features interesting, I highly recommend you go with this. You will never get disappointed.

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