DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso Carbon Table Tennis Blade Review

DONIC Waldner Ultraseno Carbon Table Tennis Blade Review - Is this table tennis blade worth buying?

Are you looking for a table tennis blade that provides you with good control along with speed? If yes then look no further because DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso Carbon Blade is the one for you!

I bought this blade a few months ago as I’d been using my old one for quite a while and wanted to upgrade to something that has a lighter feel to it. That is when I came across this one and decided to buy it.

A few months later I have to say that although it takes time for it to master it and use it to its full potential, it will not let you down once you are at that point! I am an intermediate-level player and can already feel the difference in the outer layer of soft limba wood in the blade.

There was a huge discount on the blade which is something you don’t see that often on high-quality blades so I am pretty happy with that. I think that the speed on this table is pretty decent and the control is great!

As it is a lighter blade it makes sense that the control is better than the speed, this is the reason I would recommend beginners buy this blade over powerful blades like the STIGA Clipper Classic, etc.

Buy those blades if you are no longer an amateur-level player and are looking to add more power and precision to your game.

Characteristic of this blade:

Package dimensions LxWxH 5.91×3.94×0.79 inches
Weight 7.05 ounces
Speed 9
Control 8-
Fiber Carbon fiber

PROS and CONS of the DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso –

1. Amazing control 1. Not as powerful
2. Great feel
3. Good speed
4. Lightweight
5. Good delivery service

Let us now take a deeper dive into the features and PROS and CONS of this blade.

Pros of DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Weight:

This is a pretty lightweight blade weighing anywhere between 77-85g which is pretty hard to find nowadays. The lightweight is what gives it great control.

Usually, carbon fibers aren’t this light but this one is an exception however if you do want to purchase a blade that isn’t made out of carbon fiber I would recommend the Butterfly Timo Boll ZLF which is made with a ZL fiber that is lighter and more flexible.

2. Control:

My review on DONIC Waldner Ultraseno Carbon Table Tennis Blade? Is it worth buying this table tennis racket?

As I mentioned above, the lightweight nature of the blade gives it great control. The feel of this light carbon is also great and doesn’t make playing uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that your technique and the kind of rubber you use matter. We will talk more about the rubbers you can/should use on this blade later in the article.

3. Speed:

The speed on this blade isn’t phenomenal but it is still pretty impressive for such a lightweight blade. A speed of 8- is obtained by the hard Carbon plies which have been placed around a relatively thin middle veneer.

I feel like the medium speed on this blade makes it even better for beginners as it allows them to control their shots and be more precise. This obviously helps them progress the right way.

4. Touch:

The inner and outer veneers that we discussed above have a varied hardness which gives the blade the perfect touch and feel. The shots feel great and it is more authentic overall.

IT plays well from mid as well as the close distance which is great for me as I am an offensive player.

5. Rubbers you can use on this blade:

Should I buy DONIC Waldner Ultraseno Carbon Table Tennis Blade? My review on this table tennis blade

Picking the correct rubber for your blade doesn’t seem that important but it is! The rubber is what the ball bounces off of so you need to make sure that whichever rubber you’re using, complements your blade.

I would recommend using the Donic Baracuda, Barcauda Big slam, Acuda blue P2, Blue fire M3, Bluestrom Z2/Z3, Coppa X2 Platin, etc. on your BH and the Sonex JP, Blurfire M1/ M1 turbo, Bluegrip R1, Bluestrom Z1/ Z1 turbo, Bluefire JP1/ JP1 turbo, Acuda blue P1/P1 turbo, Acuda S1/S1 turbo, Coppa JO Gold, etc. on your FH.

You could also use the Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard rubber on both your FH and BH to complement the lightweight nature of the blade and add a little more power to your game.

Cons of DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso:

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

We’ve talked about the PROS of the blade, not it’s time to talk about the CONS.

The only issue I have with this blade is that it isn’t as powerful. Now I know that this table is meant for greater control but I feel like it could’ve done a little better in the department of power.

I have perfect technique and use a pretty high-quality rubber but I still don’t get the results or power I want.

FAQs about the DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso:

Is it durable?

Carbon fiber is usually pretty durable and therefore I think that this blade would last a long time without chipping. Make sure to keep it away from too much sunlight or moisture by storing it in a cool and dry place.

What kind of distance is this blade good for?

This isn’t a super offensive blade and therefore is better when played with mid or close distance, it definitely isn’t made for far from the table play as it won’t produce powerful shots and the ball would most likely dive right into the net.

Is this good for amateur-level players?

I would say that this blade is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level players as it has good control and would help the newbies get off on the right foot and learn proper technique because of the good control of the blade.

Would I recommend the DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso Carbon Table Tennis Blade?

This is a pretty good high-quality blade that has amazing control and good speed. I was very impressed with the delivery service as my product arrived before the delivery time predicted!

There isn’t a lot you need to do once it arrives, you just glue on the rubber and start playing! It also has a pretty sweet discount which no one would wanna miss.

So to answer the question, yes, I would recommend the DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso Carbon Table Tennis Blade to everyone.


In this article, I reviewed the DONIC Waldner Ultrasenso Carbon Table Tennis Blade. Writing this review took me a lot of time and money and therefore I would appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and family. Feel free to comment on any of your doubts and queries down below. Thank you!

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