Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle & Set Review

Jebor Professional Table Tennis Set Review - Is this table tennis set worth buying?

Wondering which is the ideal racket that can help you raise the benchmark of your game? The search for any racket begins with asking the right questions? What is the requirement that it must fulfill?

What features are essential for you, and most importantly, what features can I live without? Even though it comes with the promise of answering every query, the Digital world didn’t announce the caveat that it will be ‘overloaded.’

If I need a racket in my budget, I will have to choose by deliberately rejecting many options. Having a clear understanding of what I need is therefore essential.

If I search for a good racket for professional training today, it is tough to find an ideal one. Some will have the problem of a short handle; some might not come with a dedicated carry case.

Even if I get the above two, some compromises have to be made with the quality of the rubber, which affects the elasticity. This is the void Jebor Professional fills.

The Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle Advanced Training Ping Pong Racket is a piece of power-packed equipment that clicks with me, and I am sure with other training professionals of the game.

Features of Jebor Professional –

Brand Jebor
Package Dimensions 10.9×6.7×2.8 inch
Package Weight 1.83lbs (0.82Kg)
Skill Level Professional

1. Strong Grip –

The Jebor Professional Table Tennis Paddle is an advanced Training Ping Pong racket with a ply Wooden Blade compounded with Long Handles. The Pure Log and Long Handle make it great for Professional as well as recreational purposes.

I expected good games with fellow players and indoor for fun, which delivered me the same. What makes a racket stand apart is the design of handles. Handle play a vital role in enhancing the grip.

Ask any international player, and they will highlight how important it is to have a good grip. That’s because it compliments the Speed, the angle of attack which affects the spin, and the force which gives the desired bounce. All these are game-changers for a player.

2. Corrosion Resistance –

Is Jebor Professional Table Tennis Set good for buying? My honest review and specification about this table tennis et

Corrosion is a major cause of equipment damage in any industry dependent on metal for the machinery. To protect the racket’s paddles, the Jebor Professional comes with layers of cottonwood, offering great endurance.

This endurance is a consequence of the fact that the material is corrosion-resistant. I noticed the racket could control the ball speed efficiently and hit the ball smoothly over the net.

The paddle comes with a protective film that can avoid dust and friction with others. I compared it with my regular paddle and found that Jebor uses the thickness of sponge 20MM, with great flexibility, making people enjoy the Ping-pong.

3. Elastic Rubber –

The rubber of the Jebor paddle has good quality, moderate thickness. It is available in a diverse band of color options, making it very handy to recognize players from the racket they are holding, especially during a tournament.

But the thing that struck my attention was the Elasticity of the sponge material used. It is highly elastic, having a thickness of 2.0MM. This rubber offers a solid rotating force.

It gives the advantage of fast-speed & dense persistence. It is suitable for offensive and defense and contributes supreme control, grip, spin, and speed upon operation against the ping-pong ball being played in the contest.

4. High-Quality Material

Quality work is mirrored in the professionalism and attention paid to the significant components and the tiniest bit.

The wooden baseboard, which occupies the top surface area, comes with a core of seven layers of pure wood, which strikes the right balance between softness and hardness. The controlled performance it offers is most noticeable.

The quality is visible in the crystal logo as well, which makes it look more exquisite. It gives the user a sigh of relief since this factor guarantees the stability of the racket and lops the placement more accurately. Apart from this, the Science Radian is a booster to improve the attack precision.

Pros and Cons of Jebor Professional –

Pros Cons
1. Long Handles 1. Expensive
2. Good Quality material
3. Highly Elastic Rubber
4. Anti-corrosive material


Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Long Handles:

The seven-layered Wooden Blade has handles of adequate length. These Pure logs and Long Handles make it suitable for multiple purposes like Recreational, Outdoor sports, and professional matches.

The long handles and good quality wood give an excellent grip to the player. The factors of speed, spin, and bounce are therefore more in control of the player, and errors due to material quality are exponentially reduced.

2. High-Quality Material:

The Blade and core layers are pure wood and give an optimum balance between softness and hardness. The stunning presence of the crystal logo is also a reflection of a touch of the highest quality.

A good quality eventually results in longer life of the product. Therefore, the end-user is satisfied not just with the performance but with the realization that Investment in these is long term.

3. Super Elastic Rubber:

Should you get Jebor Professional Table Tennis Set? My review and features about this table tennis racket set

Compared to regular paddles that offer thicknesses of 10mm to 15mm, the Jebor Professional offers a thick 20mm sponge. It not only gives the advantage of viscous persistence and speed but also grips, spin, and bounce.

It is great for offensive and defense. The Rubber is of good quality and just the right thickness. It also provides supreme control to the player. It gives the punchy feeling when the ball is hit, and it satisfies every time.

4. Anti-Corrosive Protective film:

Corrosion has been one of the prime causes that affected durability. A good fraction of the rackets that I have bought in the past came without any layer of protection, which explains why I am always looking for another one.

The paddles not just make the gameplay difficult but untidy too. The paddle in the Jebor Professional comes with a protective film that can avoid dust and friction with others.

There is also the presence of Corrosion resistance material. So, one can expect great endurance from the product. This endurance makes it a reliable product for the masses.


Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

Even though Jebor professional tried to checklist all the boxes, Quality does come at a price, and there is always room for more improvement. The product is expensive compared to its competition by some margin, which makes this product not the first choice for users of all economic groups.

I compared the price and characteristics of products of different budget segments like the Portzon Ping Pong Paddle and concluded that one could find a racket with a reduced quality at a better price.


Does the racket come with a Carry Case?

A good option is not just the one that looks lucrative but is the one that can be maintained for a longer duration. Generally, rackets are replaced very frequently because there is no protection to them when they are not in use.

Having a carry case, therefore, becomes very important. The Jebor Professional comes with a Carry case which obviously makes it much easier to move around.

How does Jebor Professional enhance Control of the Player?

The Wooden Blade and the blade come with a core layer of wood compounded with Long Handles, which strikes the right balance between softness and hardness and offers more autonomy to the player, giving the performance he wants.

Also, the paddle with protective film can avoid dust and friction with others.

Does it offer Good Spin as required by professional players?

Yes. The Spin and speed factors are very crucial for any racket. The Angle at which a player attacks and the force that can be delivered are directly related to the material being used in the rubber.

The Jebor paddle has excellent quality rubber with adequate thickness. It is also highly elastic, having a thickness of 2.0MM. It is this rubber that offers a strong rotating force. This, in turn, influences the spin.

Final Thoughts

By weighing all the multi-faceted aspects, The Jebor Professional offers, I found it a great product, and every penny spent on it is valuable. At the price of a usual racket, the user gets one with absolutely excellent grip, a high-quality sponge for great spin and control, non-corrosive material, and above all, a case to make sure it stays with the end user for longer. This makes The Jebor Professional a worthy investment for professionals.

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