JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Table Tennis Table Review

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Being an intelligent buyer in a world of so many good table tennis tables can be somewhat intimidating. But table tennis table comes with one tell-tale sign of a quality table, and that’s if it was chosen to be used at the highest level.

There’s no doubt that JOOLA is one of the top brands for table tennis tables. The brand’s tables are built of high standards, have an incredible bounce, and render excellent value for money.

And the table tennis table we will talk about today was chosen not once but twice for the Olympics. The Joola Atlanta was the official table for the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games and is officially approved for use in any international table tennis tournament by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

It should be known that if you choose to purchase this table, you will receive a professional-quality table, and you will love it. JOOLA Atlanta table is one of the high-end expert table tennis tables, selected official table for the Olympic games of 1996 and 2000.

JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Table Tennis Table
  • Pro-quality table tennis table with unique transport system
  • Fast, high-density 22mm wood composite playing surface
  • Tournament-grade net with height-and-tension adjustment system

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1. Assembly:

When it comes down to assembling the table, it took me around 2 to 4 hours, with about 20% of that time spent deciphering the instructions. The rest of the time was just a lot of wrench turning.

The instructions are archaic (no words, just pictures), but the assembly is straightforward enough that it’s not too bad. Again, be prepared for some chunky pieces. Unless you have a strong partner, you will not be able to assemble this alone.

All in all, you may require 2 or 3 persons to move the packaging box of the table. After unboxing the parcel, two persons will have to assemble and lift the tabletop of the table.

2. Surface Area and Net and Post Setup:

Its JOOLA Atlanta table tennis tabletop is built of one of the best high-density wood, providing a composite form.

The tabletop is compact in shape, around 7/8 inch, making it easier to store and manage to make the table efficient enough to present a high-quality performance with strokes with stable uniform bounce across the table for compelling gameplay.

The net and post of this table are of a very high grade and tournament and professional quality. Apart from the top high-grade material used for the net and post set, it comes with a height and tension adjustment system, crucial for official games.

About the quality of the net design, it is ideal and fits in the structure.

JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Table Tennis Table
  • Pro-quality table tennis table with unique transport system
  • Fast, high-density 22mm wood composite playing surface
  • Tournament-grade net with height-and-tension adjustment system

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3. Two Table Halves Design:

Should you buy the JOOLA Atlanta Olympic - My honest review

When it comes to the table’s design for the JOOLA Atlanta table tennis table, it has a two halves frame. That is, the table is divided from the middle, making it foldable.

The two halve framework of this table tennis table makes it very simple to store and highly portable to transport around. The player has to fold the table from two halves and place it to find enough space to keep it.

The two halves design can also be used for self-practice, where the player can fold one half and use it as a wall practice.

4. Transportation and Safety:

The JOOLA Atlanta table is also an effortless table with a unique transport system with a foot pedal. A slight touch on the foot pedal lifts the table off the ground, making it easy to roll it on the 5-inch wheels, thus causing high transportability.

All the player has to do is step on the pedal, and it will raise and fold the legs of the table, then you can move it to your desired position. The majority of tables offer 3-inch wheels.

Other essential features include a DLS – dual-lock safety system that safeguards against opening the table. At the same time, in the storage position, it also flaunts a tournament-colored blue playing surface and steel net posts.

The JOOLA table also comes with 5-inch caster wheels, which adds to its movability. It has a 2-inch apron around the edges, making it extra durable and sturdy enough to resist warping.

It has the support of eight legs, which makes this table very steady during play. All these elements specified earlier are included in the purchase, making the JOOLA Atlanta table tennis table one of the most advanced and best professional tables available.

JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Table Tennis Table
  • Pro-quality table tennis table with unique transport system
  • Fast, high-density 22mm wood composite playing surface
  • Tournament-grade net with height-and-tension adjustment system

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PROS and CONS of JOOLA Atlanta Olympic

Pros Cons
1. High-quality tennis table that comes with a distinctive system for easy transport 1. The instruction manual is a little complex to understand.
2. Faster, high-density wood composite (22mm) surface for playing, making the surface bouncy and more stable for a smooth game. 2. Long assembly time.
3. The foot pedal helps lift the entire table off the floor to facilitate smooth rolling on its 5-inch casters. 3. The table is quite expensive and has cheaper alternatives in the market.
4. Tournament grade net comprising of height/tension system for adjustment purposes. 4. Because the table is heavyweight, you may require two or more people to help assemble it.
5. It is ITTF approved and was used as the official table during the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games.
6. Two halves design makes it foldable, which ensures troubleless storage of the table.


Is this an outdoor table?

No, it’s an indoor-only table and is not built for outdoor sports. The material is a little delicate for harsh outdoor conditions. The table is not sturdy enough to handle the outdoor atmosphere.

The tabletop might get damaged due to the weather conditions and moisture. The lamination on the table is not solid enough to protect it from external weather damage, affecting the tables’ performance.

For outdoor tables, you should check out our review for the Cornilleau-250S outdoor table. You can also check out Cornilleau-400M crossover outdoor and Kettler outdoor 10.

Does it have a removable net post?

Yes, the JOOLA Atlanta table tennis table comes with a removable net post. The net post is also foldable for more uncomplicated, easy, and comfortable storage, apart from being removable.

You don’t have to worry about the extra space a net-post set takes, as it is made for convenient storage.

What is the product warranty for this table?

The product warranty given by the brand to each consumer is for one year. However, the warranty can extend until five years from the purchasing date by paying a little more over the buying price.

The warranty covers all the mechanical damages to the table, but no physical impairments are covered under this.

Are paddles included with the table?

No, the JOOLA Atlanta tables only come with the table tennis table and all its components. They do not include paddles or ping pong balls.

That is supposed to be bought separately according to your playing style and skills. You can either go for JOOLA rackets or any personal favorite paddles according to your taste and style.

I would suggest Stiga Evolution or Palio Expert 3.0 for beginners, Killerspin JET200 or STIGA Pro Carbon for intermediate players, and DHS Hurricane for advanced players.

What are the color options available for this table?

The Atlanta JOOLA table tennis table is only available in one blue color option. The brand kept the table to a minimalist look and finished, so a more straightforward, more professional table tennis table like JOOLA.


After reviewing, I can say this JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Table Tennis Table is ideal for amateur and professional players. Apart from these minor drawbacks, most people agree that this is one of their best investments.

Many people love the table because it looks professional, it is foldable, and easy to store. The Atlanta is furnished with an unyielding, high-density 22mm wood composite playing surface that provides a consistent, uniform bounce.

In addition, it comes with a tournament-grade net with a unified height-and-tension tuning system. Because of the 2-inch-wide metal apron and eight rectangular legs, the table is also as sturdy as they come, enhancing balance and support when in the game.

And using the unique transport system of the table, it is so easy to move. A simple push of the foot pedal raises the entire table off the ground, letting you move it across the room on its 5-inch caster wheels.

Other details like a Dual Lock Safety (DLS) that prevents you from accidentally opening the table when it’s in a storage position; steel net posts; and a blue playing surface are just an addition to its pros. You may want to consider buying this to improve your skills by playing the game on a tournament-level table.

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