JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber Review

JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber Review - Is this worth buying this table tennis rubber?

You should choose the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR if your gaming is prepared to compete at the highest level possible. Because of the excellent dynamics of this rubber, the new unique purple durable Hyperbounce cushion is the key to the company’s success in the marketplace.

Used in combination with the Enhanced Friction Track, every stroke’s accuracy, precision, and consistency will be unparalleled. You don’t have to think about it if you want to harness the power of the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber for unrivaled performance in the game of table tennis.

When I first got this rubber, I used it mostly on my backhand since it was more lenient than my other rubbers. It adds to the production of increased speed, rotation, and loft. It is ideal for smashes and spins, given that the rubber is relatively constant across the sheet.

Nothing is lacking in the performance of this rubber, and its speed is pretty linear as well. The servings have a spiky texture due to the use of fresh herbs. The short game isn’t very springy, but the hammer smashes are rather bouncy indeed.

After just a few hours of play, the top sheet becomes abrasive and loses its grip on the game board. I would propose this to any new attacking striker who is just getting their feet wet in the game.

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Attributes of Joola Dynaryz Agr –

Material Rubber
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 12 x 12 Centimeters
Item Weight 0.09 Kilograms 

1. The best possible quality for exceptional performance –

Germany’s JOOLA premium rubber brand represents the company’s decades-long dedication to design and excellence. Professional table tennis players rely on Dynaryz AGR rubber, which is made specifically for them.

You need the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR to compete at the top level. The new purple hard Hyperbounce absorbent is the secret to this rubber’s incredible dynamic range.

The accuracy and smoothness of each stroke will be unmatched when paired with the Superior Torsion Exterior. Use JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber for a game like no other.

2. High-density foam with an improved grip surface –

Should you get JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber? My review, specification, and opinion of this table tennis rubber

The Hyperbounce Sponge’s brilliant purple color represents the tremendous amount of energy that this sponge will bring to your game.

Cutting-edge engineering has designed these ground-breaking sponges to enhance the speed glue effect while minimizing any kinetic energy loss.

It produces a very dynamic pad that introduces strength into each stroke, allowing it to be used for shots with lengthy projection.

It is designed to increase the reactive resistance between the game and the rubber ground to stop the ball from slipping, and the Improved Suction Field concept lets players produce controlled strokes and spins. JOOLA Dynaryz is available in two sizes.

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3. Astonishing control for superb play –

When it comes to playing shots, the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR gives you a fantastic amount of control. This is since it has several gears. The Carbo Sponge will offer you as much acceleration as you pour into it, if not more.

As a result, the rubber may seem almost dead during passive shots, although this is done on purpose. There is a reason for the pace dampening in this situation: give you as much control as possible.

If you want to play faster, you must first generate it by performing a faster stroke. Because of the linear relationship across swing pace & shot tempo, the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR is a very consistent rubber in performance.

4. Rubber sheet with excellent performance properties –

I must remark that the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR sets a new benchmark in the industry with its built-in speed bonding effect. The sound and sensation are identical to that of speed gluing, resulting in a level of performance that is unheard of.

Thus, I propose the new JOOLA rubbers for players who seek the best performing rubber and a substitute for those who like to play faster using speed glue. This high rubber is best suited for attackers who are well-versed in technical knowledge and have a high level of training.

Because of this, if you are a novice, you may have difficulty controlling the shots with this rubber. As a result, it is better ideal for advanced gamers who’ve already gained experience and proficiency in the game.

Pros and Cons of JOOLA Dynaryz AGR –

1. Quality and construction that is unsurpassed 1. Pricey and might put a strain on your finances
2. Created explicitly for persistent attackers
3. Long-lasting durability for long-term use
4. Spectacular Spin powered by cutting-edge technology

Pros of JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber –

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1. Quality and construction that is unsurpassed:

The manner rubber is manufactured is crucial in deciding the sort of game one would participate in. First, I must express my appreciation for this rubber sheet’s massive and really well-made structure.

This rubber has an intrinsic bonding effect that produces the correct sound when struck, and it is unquestionably an increased rubber with incredible speed and power when used correctly.

In other words, by using this rubber, you can be guaranteed that you will always receive the most excellent game possible every time.

However, I would suggest that it is mainly intended for expert players, so if you are looking for a more straightforward rubber sheet for more straightforward play, you may want to choose the Butterfly Tenergy 05 sheet.

2. Created explicitly for persistent attackers:

Is JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber good for buying? My honest review and features of this table tennis rubber

Using the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR rubber sheet, you can dominate your next competition by hitting tremendously powerful strokes propelled by pinpoint accuracy.

This sheet has been specifically created to accommodate your aggressive playing style, including rapid movement and great power. Altogether, this rubber sheet not only offers a vibrant splash of color that immediately lifts the spirits, but it also performs admirably.

It will not let you down in any way, so if you want quick play, this rubber provides the necessary speed to provide you with the most enjoyable activities.

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3. Long-lasting durability for long-term use:

In addition to its high-end professional-grade components, which this rubber also has, JOOLA is noted for its innovative designs.

So, when it comes to the durability and use of this rubber, I must state that it is really well constructed and can be used for an extended time if stored and appropriately utilized.

As a result, this increased rubber sheet with good Spin and pace will let you play for an extended period without experiencing any significant damage to it.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about losing money or receiving a substandard product since this rubber sheet is of high quality and will undoubtedly improve your games and abilities.

4. Spectacular Spin powered by cutting-edge technology:

In terms of Spin, this rubber is well-known for its ability to produce it. It has been designed with the most up-to-date technology, and it is particularly well suited for offensive strategies. The spin shots produced by this rubber are, in my view, the best I’ve ever seen.

Because of how constant the rubber’s Spin is, I was sure that this was the best rubber I’d ever used after just a week of playing with it.

Even though the rubber’s design is incredibly sticky and firm, the flexible top sheet allows for excellent Spin, especially when playing topspin strokes and control.

As a result, its medium-hard rubber surface can generate a great deal of power and Spin due to its medium-hard rubber surface. Then this is the rubber sheet you should be looking for if you want one with a heavy topspin capacity.

Cons of JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis Rubber –

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1. Pricey and might put a strain on your finances:

I must mention that this rubber sheet includes a plethora of significant features that gamers may use to improve their abilities. However, due to everything it has to provide, it becomes more costly compared to other sheets currently on the market.

As a result, if you’re looking for a rubber that isn’t too pricey, you may look into alternative possibilities, like the Butterfly 05 Dignics Rubber sheet, that are accessible.

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FAQs –

Does this rubber sheet seem like it’ll be simple to repair?

Yes, this rubber sheet features an easy-to-use attaching mechanism, which means that you can put it to good use by simply following the included directions.

When building JOOLA Dynaryz table tennis rubbers such as this one, I suggest using the table tennis adhesive since it performs better and is less time-consuming than other methods.

As a result, you have nothing to worry about other than having a good time with it whenever you use it.

Is this a rubber that novices may simply learn to play with?

As a result of its creation employing the most up-to-date sponge innovation, this rubber sheet will not achieve that requirement. Because of the high amounts of Spin and rapid speeds, it may be difficult for beginners to control the rubber.

People who have already earned expertise inside the game and are therefore more adept in it, I believe, will benefit from it the most.

Are rips and degradation of the rubber likely to occur over time?

Because it is made using the most recent sponge technology, there is no need to worry about the rubber getting worn and brittle.

In addition to periodic cleaning and storing your paddle in a climate-controlled location, you may extend its life by avoiding prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. As a result, your rubber will stay in top condition for an extended length of time.


Well, the first impression you get with JOOLA Dynaryz is how quick the rubber is, especially when it is in version 2.0. Particularly contrasted to Nexus EL Pro 50, it seems more formidable than 50 degrees.

As a result of the surface’s subtle sticky texture, the ball is very well gripped, and the ball sinks dramatically on the opponents’ side when looped. One area where it excels is flat hitting underspin, which is a rare occurrence.

It’s also perfect for counter looping since the rubber isn’t susceptible to spin, making it a terrific choice. The service is exemplary, better than average, but not the greatest I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

I suggest it for players with a 2100 or above rating since it takes superb technique and rapid punching power to get the high-quality shots you seek.

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