JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table Review - Is tJOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying?his table tennis table worth buying?

Are you looking for a recreational table tennis table with a decent bounce? The JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table could be a great alternative at a budget-friendly price. This table was purchased for usage in my home.

I got this along with the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Table Tennis Robot. Although, along with the bolts, you’ll need a wrench because it doesn’t come with any equipment. Other than that, the setup was simple.

It was built up entirely by myself. It’s simple to move around the house, and it’s also easy to store. The board’s quality is outstanding. It has a good hold on the ball and does not interfere with the ball’s spins.

The JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table is ideal for anybody searching for an enjoyable game of table tennis at a reasonable price. This fantastic table tennis table is 95% pre-assembled and ready to use in only 15 minutes.

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Features of JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table –

1. 5/8 inch MDF Surface –

The table is made of 5/8 inch MDF with a blue painted surface. With the usage of this high-quality material, the surface is highly durable.

Having the ball touch the table surface provides an excellent and constant bounce every time you play. When you play table tennis on this table, the excellent bounce will give you a wonderful experience.

If you’ve read up on what to look for when buying a new table, you’ll understand how critical the tabletop thickness is. It has an impact on the ball’s bounce, and the thicker it is, the better.

The table thickness of the JOOLA Tour 1500 is 5/8′′ (15mm), which is on the low end but still suitable for casual and recreational players.

If you’re more serious about your project and have a larger budget, we recommend at least a 3/4′′ (18mm) tabletop thickness. The quality of your game for a small more investment is, in our opinion, well worth it.

2. 4-Lockable Caster Wheels with Leg Levelers –

Is JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table good for buying? My honest review and features about this table tennis table

Leg-levelers are included with this table, which is an excellent addition to any ping-pong table. Playing on an uneven table may be extremely frustrating; hence leg-levelers should be included with every new table tennis set.

Safety is a significant consideration when purchasing a new table, and ensuring that the table does not shift in the middle of a game is critical.

When you’re done playing for the day and need more space in your basement cave, the legs automatically fold up, making putting the table away from a breeze.

The table may also be leveled by adjusting the height of each leg to fit an uneven floor. The JOOLA Tour 1500 has four lockable caster wheels, so you can be confident it will stay where you placed it.

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3. Included Net and Post System –

High-quality materials were used to construct the net and post. It has adjustable tension, allowing you to change the net’s tension to the desired height.

Because the net and post are attached between the two sides of the table, you will need to remove them while folding the two halves of the table in the storage position. It may be inconvenient for certain people, but it is not a significant issue in most cases.

If you’re an intermediate player looking for a high-quality table that can satisfy your needs, this JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table is a great option. All players looking for a recreational table with convenient storage may choose the JOOLA Tour 1500 table.

4. Playback Functionality –

If you love playing solo, you’ll appreciate the fact that the JOOMLA Tour 1500 allows you to do so. To use the playback mode, the ping pong table can effortlessly fold up on one side.

You’ll be able to improve your talents in no time. When you consider the $500 price tag, the Tour 1500 table offers a lot. Anything that can provide tournament-level play is a plus, and it does so with the net and post set.

Also, on a full-size table that is easy to store, you receive a decent ball performance. If you’re only interested in playing for fun, this is the table for you.

PROS and CONS of JOOLA Tour 1500 –

1. Quick and Straightforward Assembly Quite Heavy 
2. Outstanding Table Construction Tabletop not Thick Enough 
3. Sturdy Steel Frame 
4. Exceptional Performance for a 15mm Surface
5. Adjustable Height Levelers
6. Practical Mobility and Transportability

PROS of JOOLA Tour 1500 –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Quick and Straightforward Assembly:

The JOOLA Tour 1500 is one of the most effortless table tennis tables to put together I’ve seen. The bulk of modern ping-pong tables are relatively quick to put together. Therefore it appears that the ping-pong table makers have worked out how to cut assembling time.

Having said that, there are still several tables that take 3-5 hours to assemble. The unit comes essentially pre-assembled, with only a few bits that need to be put together before being used.

The legs are easily unfolded, the T-Brackets for the middle wheels are attached, and the net is attached. It’s that easy, and the entire procedure should take no more than 20 minutes.

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2. Outstanding Table Construction:

Should you get JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table? My review and specification of this table tennis table

The Joola Tour 1500 features a highly sturdy and stable construction for an entry-level table, weighing approximately 200 pounds. The steel structure is made up of two distinct table pieces.

They connect to form the playing surface, but once detached, they may either interlock or be kept individually. This also gives you the option of using the table halves as extra tables for other occasions, such as parties, rummage sales, or project space.

The steel structure is rather sturdy for an entry-level table, with cross beams and T-Brackets for further support and stability. The frame is composed of heavy-gauge steel and has a steel apron to keep the MDF top in place.

The 5/8 inch MDF tabletop is blue and delivers moderate bounce that is pretty uniform across the playing area. However, it is far from tournament grade.

3. Exceptional Performance for a 15mm Surface:

For a ping pong table in this price range, the Joola Tour 1500 performs admirably. We’ve discovered that this table is incredibly mobile and straightforward to put up. The top has a regular bounce after it’s set up, and while it’s not a tournament table, it’s excellent for an entry-level table.

Overall, the table appears to be relatively solid. The 200-pound frame is strong enough to feel stiff rather than fragile. I discovered that vigorous play could occasionally separate the two table sections, but they can be easily reassembled.

On an uneven surface, the table can easily slump in the center, but I was able to simply rectify this using the leg levelers. They allowed us to fine-tune the playing surface, even on an uneven basement floor.

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4, Practical Mobility and Transportability:

The eight wheels roll smoothly and may be locked if desired. A rollaway design is convenient for transport and allows you to quickly transfer it after it’s folded for storage.

The table, which comprises two sections and includes an auto-folding trundle, is readily compactable. It is equipped with two anti-tilting devices.

Well, if you or someone else places their hand on the table, it will begin to collapse a little, and you will be able to tilt the table. Thus it is virtually necessary and designed with safety in mind.

CONS of JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

It contains all of the characteristics you’d look for in an updated version of a table tennis table, including a sturdy frame and leg levelers, and it’s also incredibly simple to fold and store.

The table may be rather heavy and difficult to transport from one location to another. When folding the table for storage, the net and post must be removed.

The only major drawback is the thinner-than-ideal surface thickness, but considering the price, it’s about appropriate and comparable with other tables of the same thickness.

Overall, it’s a strong contender, and I’d suggest it to anybody seeking a low-cost home table tennis table.

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What does it mean to be authorized by TeamUSA?

TeamUSA is a US government national committee that sponsors the game to assist professional athletes competing in Olympic and Paralympic sports. As a result, the table and brand you’re buying have been approved by the USA team, indicating that it’s ready to play on.

Does it include a net?

Yes, it comes with a net and post system. You wouldn’t need to purchase one separately. The net is 15.24 cm wide, and the stakes are clamped to the table. A cord is used to support the net, which is then placed at either end of the table.

A simple, detachable clamp post and an adjustable net tension mechanism are incorporated in the net and post set. When folding the table for storage after usage, the net must first be removed.

Would I Recommend JOOLA Tour 1500 Table Tennis Table?

The Joola Tour 1500 is the newest addition to Joola’s entry-level ping pong table lineup. It’s a robust table that competes with the trendy Joola Inside Table.

The 5/8-inch top provides a good playing experience, but more competitive players may choose a table like the STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table or the JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table, which is a thicker, tournament-quality top.

The JOOLA Motion 18 (JOOLA Triumph 18) is another excellent alternative for a reasonable price and thicker tabletop. The Tour 1500 is a fantastic table for beginning and intermediate players, as well as leisure players. It also comes at a very affordable price with so many great features.


Overall, the Tour 1500 table tennis table is an excellent choice for families and recreational players. It’s designed for ease of use, but it’s also constructed to last. While it isn’t the most excellent ping pong table on the market, it does have several appealing characteristics that make it a popular choice.

You get what you paid for with this JOOLA indoor table tennis table. It has an excellent design, is simple to put together, and you may play it alone whenever you like.

However, you won’t receive the extra coating or thickness on the tabletop that you would get at a higher price point, which reduces the ball’s bounce. When you consider that an indoor table costs around $500, the Tour 1500 provides excellent value.

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