JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table Review - Is this ping pong table worth buying? BreadCity

Are you looking for a replacement for your old recreational table? Are you an intermediate player looking for a heavy-duty table? The JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table is extremely suitable for regular recreational usage.

It’s durable but heavy; each half weighs around 150 pounds. It’s simple to set up and has a fantastic playing surface. It also folds up and takes up very little room. When we need to store it, it easily rolls out of our family room and into the utility room.

The table appears to be well-made and plays well. The cargo being shipped is quite large, weighing in at roughly 300 pounds. The table is made up of two components, but each one is still quite heavy, requiring two strong persons to lift each one into place.

But, of course, the heavier 1-inch thick table comes at a price. The table was well-packaged and undamaged, and it went together quickly, taking only 10 minutes for each portion.

It’s only a matter of putting the wheels on, turning the part over, and putting the net on and you are all set to start your gameplay. The JOOLA Tour 2500 is designed for recreational or intermediate players who use their tennis equipment frequently.

The table’s top has a thickness of 1mm and is painted using an elaborate polyurethane paint process to provide a good playing surface for players. Another aspect of the table is its powder-coated aluminum frame, which provides strong and stable support for the tabletop.

The safety of JOOLA tables is always emphasized, and the Tour 2500 is no exception. For maximum safety, it has an anti-tilting device, automatic folding legs, and four locking wheels.

The Tour 2500 table features a 25mm painted table to the surface and a 50mm black powder-coated aluminum undercarriage. For extra stability, each table half incorporates automatic folding legs and four locking casters.

For added safety, a double anti-tilting device is included. The high-quality tournament-ready table tennis table also includes a complete competition net and post.

The MDF painted surface is a 1 inch (25mm) thick Metal frame with a thickness of 50mm and a 50x50mm undercarriage. On roller system, it is nearly preassembled with two distinct stand-alone halves.

PROS and CONS of JOOLA Tour 2500 –

1. Distinctive Polyurethane Processed ITTF Approved Top 1. Not compact enough for small houses
2. Sturdy Steel Legs
3. Hefty Powder-coated Undercarriage
4. Consistent Bounce
5. Playback Position Functionality
6. Includes An Anti-Tilting mechanism for Safety
7. Adjustable Height Levelers and Lockable casters Included

Pros of JOOLA Tour 2500 –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Distinctive Polyurethane Processed ITTF Approved Top:

The blue 25mm tabletop on this JOOLA Tour 2500 is made of MDF and has been sprayed with a special treatment to prevent chipping and warping over time. The table’s top is distinguished by the ITTF-approved medium-density fiberboard.

It also goes through a lengthy Polyurethane paint process. This is a useful feature because the tabletop may become worn over time, and this particular coating will ensure the table remains in its beautiful appearance.

The multi-layer blue painted surface provides players with a consistent and high-quality bounce. This multilayered paint procedure makes it extremely durable and resistant to warping and cracking.

A professional bounce is provided by the thick tabletop; the thicker the tabletop, the better the bounce. One can notice that this table tennis table is designed for players who are more serious about their game, as having a good bounce is essential for competitive gameplay.

2. Sturdy Steel Legs and Undercarriage:

My review on JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table - Is this table tennis table worth buying? My review on this ping pong table

A 50mm powder-coated frame with a 50x50mm substructure provides excellent protection and extends the life of the table by many years. The undercarriage is a robust, black-painted frame that supports the tabletop and has durable legs that can be folded away effortlessly.

With a weight of 300 pounds, the frame is one of the heaviest tables available. This indicates that the table is more sturdy and resistant to wear and strain. JOOLA is known for prioritizing table safety, and the Tour 2500 is no exception.

It has an anti-tilting mechanism as well as automatic folding legs. This table is solid and durable thanks to its 1.5-inch apron and 1.5-inch-diameter sturdy steel legs. Adjustable height levelers and four lockable casters are included with the table.

The locking casters are an important feature since you could knock against the table when smashing the ball against your opponent or hammering around the table to return the ball. The table’s four lockable casters keep it from rolling around.

3. Elaborate Features and Consistent Bounce:

The Tour 2500 has a playback position function, which is done by placing one of the halves in the storage position while the other half is in use. Lock the playing position half’s wheels and you’re set for hours of consistent training.

The bounce is quite consistent, there are no dead spots, and the ball spins effectively. The fact that the Tour 2500 is effectively two independent table halves that join together to form the whole table is one of its best features.

Each half has its built-in trundle system, allowing it to be carried and stored independently. You can simply fold and unfold the table and move it wherever you please. You can easily fold the table, unlock the caster, and transport it for storage after you’ve finished playing.

The setup time is only 15 minutes. The table is delivered in two parts and comes 95 percent pre-assembled. Hence, it only needs eight bolts to tighten to connect the legs. This necessitates the use of some tools, but this is to be anticipated with a high-end table like the Tour 2500.

CONS of JOOLA Tour 2500 –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

It sure takes up space in the play position and even in the storage position, which smaller homes/areas might not have. The most common downside of the Joola Tour 2500 is that it can get damaged during the shipping process.

Because it’s such a heavy table, it’s easy for the top to get scarred and for the table’s weight to distort and damage parts as it slides around in the back of a truck. Many of these concerns could be avoided if Joola did a better job of wrapping the table for shipment.

These issues are prevalent with heavy tables, and regardless of how well-packaged they are, a negligent delivery person might easily harm your table.

Some people may find the JOOLA Tour table tennis table’s two halves to be quite heavy, requiring people of sufficient strength to transport it to the desired location.

The JOOLA Motion 25 Table Tennis Table is a great alternative in terms of being heavy-duty and durable. The JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus Outdoor Table Tennis Table is another popular table among players since it barely takes about 10 minutes for assembly.


Is the table durable enough? Is there a warranty?

It is a heavy-duty table. Being around 300pounds, this table could last you for decades and more. To reduce wear, the legs and undercarriage are made up of steel and are very strong.

The frame is powder-coated to prevent any scratches. All the JOOLA Tables include a 1-year warranty against any factory defects.

Does the table come with in-built levelers?

The table’s legs have adjustable rubbers at their ends, allowing you to alter the height of the table independently for a level playing surface.

The table legs are equipped with four 3-inch locking caster wheels. They give extra security and stability to gameplay, solo playback, mobility, and storage settings.

Would I Recommend JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table?

It’s a great heavy-duty TT table that tends to be highly durable. Partly due to its traditional design and professional bounce, JOOLA’s Tour 2500 has become one of the most prominent and successful table tennis tables ever.

The somewhat thicker table serves as a transition between recreational and advanced play. If you want to buy a table to put in your basement, go with the JOOLA Tour 1800 Table Tennis Table, which is lighter and easier to transport.

The Joola Tour 2500 is made of high-quality materials and excellent engineering. While it lacks some of the bells and whistles seen on higher-priced indoor tables, it still provides a terrific playing experience at a fair price.

It truly is an excellent ping pong table at a reasonable price for your home and a slightly heavier table that requires a vast playing area. It’s perfect for the garage. For smaller-scale areas/homes, this table is not encouraged. It’s a heavy table which is sometimes hard to move around frequently.


Overall, given its price range, the Tour 2500 is one of the more outstanding table tennis tables on the market. It has exceptional bounce and durability while remaining quite inexpensive for what you receive.

JOOLA is a table tennis powerhouse, and their tables continue to impress, with this being one of their best. It achieves the one thing that most tables only dream of bridging the gap between professional and recreational tables by being USATT authorized for recreational facilities, schools, and families.

This table sells for roughly $700. In comparison to other similar tables, which may easily cost more than $1,000, the pricing is relatively reasonable. This JOOLA Tour 2500 would be a perfect choice if you’re seeking a durable yet reasonable outdoor table tennis table.

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