JOOLA United Pro 18 (Triumph 18 OR Motion 18) Table Review

JOOLA United Pro 18 (Triumph 18 OR Motion 18) Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying?

Do you want a recreational table tennis table for home use and easy portability? The JOOLA Motion 18 Table Tennis Table might be the right one for you. Even though it was somewhat heavy, it was well packed.

I was able to put it together with minimal problems using the directions. It has a nice thickness to it, making it ideal for usage at home. It was simple to assemble, although the 325-pound package need the assistance of two persons.

This table is almost ready to use. It appears to be highly strong and long-lasting. It took me around 15 minutes to put everything together. It was a little difficult to put together, but the directions were clear and it went together quickly.

It has a very genuine bounce after several weeks of usage, and it is easy to store out of the way when not in use. This is the table for you if you want a sturdy table at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a thicker tabletop, you should check out the JOOLA Motion 25 Table Tennis Table and the JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table.

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Features of JOOLA Motion 18 Table Tennis Table –

1. Charcoal-Coated MDF Surface –

The 18mm charcoal-coated MDF surface, also known as medium-density fiberboard, is featured on the two-piece tabletop. MDF surfaces are common in recreational table tennis, but the polyurethane coating adds durability and protection against scratches, ball markings, and other wear and tear.

The Motion 18 comes with a white 40mm warp-resistant frame that provides excellent stability for the 18mm tabletop. Not only does the tabletop provide sturdy support, but the white frame contrasts nicely with the dark charcoal tabletop.

2. Safety with Double Anti-Tilting Device –

Is JOOLA United Pro 18 (Triumph 18 OR Motion 18) good for buying? My honest review and specification about this ping pong table

Many people purchase this table because it features a dual anti-tilting system that makes it very safe to handle. The feet may be adjusted to the table’s level thanks to the twin anti-tilting system.

It can give the youngsters a certain amount of protection while handling the table with such measures in place. A magnetic abacus-style scoreboard is affixed to the table, making it simple to keep track of your score while playing.

With this table, you may have lockable casters that are 2 inches in diameter. They are extremely resilient, allowing the table to remain in place without shifting.

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3. Leg Levelers –

While not all ping pong tables in this price range include leg levelers, you will appreciate that the JOOLA Triumph 18 does. Uneven carpeted floors, as well as sloping cellars and garages, are easier to cope with.

After all, the most crucial consideration when determining which table tennis table to purchase is how effectively the playing surface can offer you a solid bounce.

If the table can provide you with a good bounce at a reasonable price, it should be a good deal for you. There’s also the magnetic abacus type scoreboard, which is ideal for keeping track of the game’s results.

4. Included Net and Post System –

A matching net set is provided with every Motion 18. The net set’s posts may be utilized to keep the surface level for best play. The net set is designed to be ready to install as soon as it arrives.

JOOLA created the net system to be simple to install but durable, so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. A sturdy base is included with the mid-level two-piece table.

Each portion of the undercarriage is equipped with automated folding legs. This table features four built-in ball holders. You may retain up to three balls in each holder. Even if the table is folded in half, the holders from one-half will be accessible.

PROS and CONS of JOOLA Motion 18 –

1. Superior Table Construction 1. Not for Professional Use
2. Effortless Assembly
3. Simple and Practical Storage
4. Sturdy and Safe Gameplay
5. Solo Playback Functionality
6. Built-in Ball Holders

PROS of JOOLA Motion 18 –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Superior Table Construction:

The 3/4-inch (18mm) medium density fiberboard (MDF) playing surface is the Joola Triumph 18’s feature. It has a strong and relatively thick playing surface painted with a polyurethane finish that helps the table resist scratches, ball markings, and other damage.

The 3/4-inch tabletop is supported by a powder-coated steel frame and base, which helps to maintain the playing surface stable and uniformly supported for a consistent bounce.

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2. Effortless Assembly:

Should you get JOOLA United Pro 18 (Triumph 18 OR Motion 18)? My review and features about this table tennis table

It’s never fun to spend too much time putting together your table when you’re anxious to play. Because JOOLA knows this from years of expertise and manufacture, they supply all of their tables mostly constructed for players.

The table, net system, and all other associated features will take no more than 15-20 minutes to put together with Motion 18. The Motion 18’s undercarriages contain four locking caster wheels (2″) beneath each side of the tabletop.

These wheels make it easy to carry the table, and the locking mechanism on each wheel ensures that it is stable and safe to play on.

3. Simple and Practical Storage:

The Motion 18 features a twin anti-tilting system for enhanced safety while putting the table away. The tabletop folds in half for simple storage, and the attached wheels make moving the folded table a breeze.

Second, the legs of the Joola Triumph 18 are auto-folding, which makes folding and unfolding the table easier and safer. This can also aid in the prevention of accidents.

A sturdy base is included with the mid-level two-piece table. Each portion of the undercarriage is equipped with automated folding legs.

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4. Solo Playback Functionality:

The Motion 18 has the right style and capabilities for solo playback mode. When you’re ready for some competition, you may alter the table back to its original, level surface to get back into the game. The built-in ball holders at each table corner are one of the Triumph 18’s biggest convenience features.

The holders are conveniently accessible and allow you to keep up to 12 balls below the table (3 in each corner), so you can maximize your playing time and spend less time looking for lost balls. The corner ball holders just rely on friction to keep the balls in place, enabling you to move them about with ease.

CONS of JOOLA Motion 18 Table Tennis Table –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

The Motion 18 by Joola is a terrific table for families that enjoy playing games at home. This is a low-cost table that delivers good performance and is simple to set up. If you’re looking for a tournament-style bounce, this table isn’t for you.

The Motion 18 lacks this feature and is more expensive than other entry-level tables on the market. Because of the table’s weight, transporting and storage may need more than one person.

If you are serious about playing table tennis and want a good table to practice on, you should seek better quality and professional tables that are designed for tournament play.

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Is the Tour 1800 different from this table?

The JOOLA Tour 1800 has a blue 18mm tabletop. It easily separates into two halves and is children-friendly. The assembly time is pretty much the same as Motion 18, which is around 15-20 minutes.

Tour tables range differ from United Pro tables in three ways. They are blue rather than grey, lack hollow corners for ball storage, and lack an attachable score counter.

Is the table durable and secure enough?

The caster locking wheels are included with the automatic folding legs in the Motion 18 table tennis table. The wheels are hidden beneath each side of the table, staying firm even when folded.

A double anti-tilting device is included to make the table even more secure. The table’s adjustable rubber feet make dragging it simple and smooth. When you transfer this table from one location to another, there will be no loud noises or scratches on your floor.

Would I Recommend JOOLA Motion 18 Table Tennis Table?

The Joola Triumph 18 is a cost-effective entry-level table that is best suited for recreational players looking to improve their game and experience.

This table is a cut above other, more fragile, entry-level tables and an excellent bargain at a very low price point, thanks to its 3/4-inch surface and robust steel construction.

The players require high bounce and consistency of performance for tournament-level games, which can be found on the Joola Motion 18 Triumph table. This Joola product will withstand the rigors of the game and provide the finest possible outcome for the participants.


The Joola Motion 18 Triumph table will make your friends and family delighted with its basic structure and simple playing approach. The added safety elements are particularly appropriate for an in-house table since children will have no risk of colliding with it and being injured.

The charcoal black color scheme is intriguing and will create lovely furnishings for your home’s design. It is safer and easy to handle because the legs automatically fold. You may also play tennis on any surface with the table and have a steady game.

The corner ball holders provide you with the option of employing friction to keep the balls secure. It’s a beautiful bargain at an economical price because of the steel structure and 34-inch top.

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