Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table Review

Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying?

Are you struggling to find a table that can withstand the elements while still providing you with a quality playing surface that the elements won’t harm? The Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table might be the suitable one for you.

Definitely of high quality, I chose to step up our game and invest in this because I like playing so much. The ball holders are excellent, and the provided paddles are responsive but not overly so.

I’m sure we’ll have it for a long time! It’s more comfortable to use because of features like the under-table ball holder and big wheels. The wheels run smoothly, the net is secure, and there is ample paddle and ball storage.

It was straightforward to put together (1.5 hours if you take your time); but, the last part of the procedure will require three strong people (15 years or older) to finish.

Features of Kettler Outdoor 10 –

1. 22mm Honeycomb ALU-TEC Surface –

The Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table is completely waterproof, thanks to a 22mm (0.87 inches) Honeycomb ALU-TEC surface and a composite aluminum underneath.

This function allows you to play the game anytime, regardless of the weather, because the ALU-TEC + can expand and compress the tabletop in response to weather changes without damaging it.

The table also has a double-layer covering and a resin-treated board. The high-impact resin apron around the table’s edge protects it from harm and aids in the top’s resistance to warping.

The ball has a confirmed true bounce thanks to the UV-resistant weatherproof treatment.

2. Practical Folding System –

Is Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table good for buying? My honest review and specification about this table tennis table

This table’s one-hand locking mechanism makes table folding simple and intuitive. If one hand is occupied with anything else, you may fold the table with the other.

Because the table is foldable, all players have access to a full playback capability and facility. You can play the game alone if you don’t have a buddy. Two of the four off-road 5.5′′ wheels steer are equipped with diagonally positioned safety brakes.

It allows the table to be transported on all surfaces thanks to the swivel wheels, and it can be firmly positioned and gripped on the floor thanks to the safety brakes.

3. Elasticized Storage –

The table features elasticized storage for your rackets, as well as a ball dispenser at each table end for dispensing and storing ping pong balls. The newest one-hand locking system has been implemented, making the operation of opening and folding the table straightforward.

The table may be folded in seconds by only one person. It should be pretty simple for you to put the pieces together. In one and a half to three hours, you should be able to put up the Kettler Classic 10 Outdoor Table Tennis Table.

Due to the ambiguous instruction manual that comes with the table, you may get stuck halfway through the assembly. If you run into any difficulties, you can always watch the assembly video and follow along.

PROS and CONS of Kettler Outdoor 10 –

1. Simple to Put Together 1. Expensive
2. Ball box and Corner Protectors 2. Misleading Manual
3. Weatherproof Net System
4. 4 Leg Levelers
5. Playback Functionality with Powder Coated Steel Frame
6. 50mm thick and 40mm x 40mm Square Tube Legs
7. Rust-Resistant and Weatherproof

PROS of Kettler Outdoor 10 –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Ball box and Corner Protectors:

This is one of the table’s features that you wouldn’t find in most other tables on the market. This table includes a built-in ball box where you may store balls and draw them as needed.

This removes the need to fetch balls regularly. This is especially useful while playing outside because you would normally have to go out into the woods every time you hit a ball off the board.

You may swiftly draw another ball and gather them all up after the game this manner. Table tennis tables’ corners are generally one of their weak points, and they can be easily destroyed, especially when exposed to the elements.

This table has corner guards to help you preserve your investment straight away, allowing you to keep your table in good shape for longer.

2. Weatherproof Net System along with Leg Levelers:

Should you get Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table? My review and features about this table tennis table

The net system that comes with the table is a tournament and professional quality. The net is water-resistant. This table has features such as adjustable net tension and net height.

Even when the table is stowed, the sturdy net and resin post stay in the play position. As a result, it makes folding easier because you don’t have to remove and reinstall the net every time you shut or open the table.

It’s necessary to have a mechanism to level the table for both indoor and outdoor tables, but it’s more important for outdoor tables because the ground is generally harsher.

You might not have even bothered adjusting the legs on your indoor table. However, when dealing with rocky terrain outside, this becomes a major concern that must be taken into account. Even on an uneven outdoor surface, this table is easy to level and play on.

3. Playback Functionality with Powder Coated Steel Frame:

This device is primarily intended for solitary training, but its replay mode and ability to lock together make it ideal for a single or doubles game. In other words, by folding up one side and bouncing your balls against the wall, you may play against yourself.

Having no one to play against at the moment should no longer be an excuse for not training with this table. Even if you don’t have somebody to compete with, playing against yourself can help you improve your talents.

A 10mm melamine resin playing board is included, which is waterproof, resilient, and strong. The durable and long-lasting frame is built of powder-coated steel 50mm thick and 40mm x 40mm square tube legs made of rust-resistant and weatherproof materials.

CONS of Kettler Outdoor 10 –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

It’s challenging to identify a flaw with the Kettler Outdoor 10 ping pong table. You could certainly use the cost as a deterrent. It costs roughly $1500, which is about the same as the Cornilleau 400M Crossover Table Tennis Table but less than the Cornilleau 500M Crossover Table Tennis Table.

It’s a pricey table. However, the table is well worth the money you spend for the features and quality it provides. The instructions and handbook might be somewhat perplexing. It needs some improvement.

The assembly procedure might be difficult due to the impracticality of the user handbook. The wheels could be a little heavier, and the leg levelers could be a little better, but we’re being a little harsh at this stage.


Can this table withstand the heat and rain of South Florida? Is it essential to fold and cover it, or can it withstand the elements?

Yes, this table is meant to handle the elements with no problem! We are from beautiful Virginia Beach and have our fair share of salty air, humid heat, and rainy days, so we know this table can withstand any weather.

Closing the table and covering is recommended for long-term storage and protecting it from sun fading over the years, which any outdoor product experiences.

What’s the distinction between Kettler Outdoor 6 Table Tennis Table and outdoor 10?

The thickness of the frame and tubing distinguishes the Outdoor ten from the Outdoor 6. The Outdoor ten is far more durable than the Outdoor 6, with the thickest metal legs available.

Our revolutionary One-Hand opening mechanism is included in the Outdoor 10, making it far easier to open and close the Outdoor 10. These tables are nearly identical in terms of characteristics.

Would I Recommend Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table?

I would strongly recommend you to buy it if you are seeking a good investment. Isn’t it nice to have a tournament-ready table on hand without having to worry about where it’s kept?

The design and construction of this product’s tables are excellent and long-lasting. When you play table tennis with your friends or family, this property allows you to enjoy a true table tennis experience.

This table’s weather-resistant playing surface allows it to survive a wide range of weather conditions. Overall, this is an excellent product for beginners and recreational players, but it’s even better for expert players searching for a table that can match the true ping pong bounce of indoor options.


If you want to play ping pong outside, the Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table is a fantastic choice. It will also be an excellent addition to campers and other recreational locations where people congregate.

Its weather-resistant surface ensures maximum protection from the elements, while its exceptional features make it a high-quality alternative for playing on. This high-quality table will provide you with a fantastic ping pong experience.

This table’s surface is made of a material that has a good bounce. As a result, the table’s play is quick and comparable to that of indoor tables. This table’s durability, bounce, and folding mechanism make it incredibly desirable and important to ping pong players.

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