Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table Review

Kettler Top Star XL Review - Should you buy this table tennis table? My review on this ping pong table

Have you been looking for an outdoor and full-size table tennis table with portability and all-weather protection? Look no further, you might have found the right one for your patio or garage.

For the average ping pong player, the Kettler Top Star XL table tennis table offers the most value for money. Because not everyone can afford a $2000 table, a table like the Kettler comes into the picture.

It’s reasonable for most families at roughly $800, and believe us when I say you’ll get a lot of usage out of it. Because Kettler is a German company, its manufacturing facility is of the highest quality.

It offers an excellent ball bounce and a sturdy build. If you purchase this table, you will not be dissatisfied with its performance. The table can be easily moved out of the shade and into the sun for some fantastic family and friend enjoyment.

This piece is indeed built to last. The Kettler TopStar XL is a great outdoor ping pong table with a variety of features that make it suitable for recreational usage in your backyard or garage.

It’s more affordable than some of the other outdoor models, but it still offers excellent play quality that even advanced players would appreciate. It has a completely waterproof sealed aluminum composite top with conventional ITTF dimensions of 9ft x 5ft.

The surface is anti-reflective and designed to provide a proper tournament-quality bounce while also being resistant to humidity and moisture changes. The top is also quite long-lasting.

It’s constructed from a precision-crafted sealed aluminum structure with layers of treated resin for added strength. The Kettler Top Star is a particularly high-quality outdoor table at a very fair mid-tier rate.

Should you buy Kettler Top Star XL table? Honest review on Kettler table tennis table and its specs

This table comes with an accessory bundle that includes paddles, balls, and an outdoor cover, which is a fantastic extra bonus. If you want to play table tennis indoors or outdoors, the Kettler Top Star XL Table is what you need.

This tennis table was designed and manufactured in Germany and boasts a full-size top made of an aluminum composite with UV scratch and fade-resistant water-based paint for increased strength and longevity.

The table’s playing surface also has an ALU-TEC climate-control underneath and an aluminum apron to keep it from warping due to weather fluctuations.

This foldable table is completely secure from accidents and comes with a dual lock safety mechanism, making it ideal for storage or transport.

PROS and CONS of Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table

1. Alu-Tech Weather Modulation 1. Not a User-Friendly Manual
2. Sturdy and Steady Features
3. UV Protection Coating
4. Remarkable Playback Option
5. Exclusive Outdoor Accessories Bundle
6. Kettler Table Tennis Cover Included

Pros/Specs of Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table

1. Alu-Tech Weather Modulation:

This table is strengthened with a 7/8′′ trademarked, weatherproof ALU-TEC top with Climate-Control technology, so you can rest assured that it can endure any downpour.

Kettler patented the ALU-TEC indentations beneath the table as a mechanism to control the table’s expansion and contraction according to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

A layer of resin-treated MDF, an aluminum sheet, and various layers of UV and scratch-resistant water-based coating are applied over the ALU-TEC aluminum surface.

The table is made up of numerous layers of aluminum and chipboard to simulate the play of an indoor table while maintaining the durability of an outdoor table to ensure a consistent bounce.

On top of that, there are many layers of protective coating and a UV protective finish to prevent the table from fading in the sun. The table is then enclosed with a 1.5-inch aluminum apron to keep all moisture out and avoid warping and corrosion.

2. Sturdy and Steady Features:

Is Kettler Top Star XL worth buying? My honest review on this table tennis table

A strong and durable steel structure is used to hold the table, which is coated with synthetic powder and galvanized to keep it from rusting in the environment. To guarantee maximum stability, the legs are 2.5 inches thick and elliptical.

The DSL Dual Lock technology allows the table to be folded and unfolded with ease without the worry of it collapsing. It also guards against any accidental opening and closing while in storage or transit.

The table also has four 3 inch double wheel casters that make it simple to move the table into position with only one person. With both sides folded up, the table is quite solid, and it also looks spectacular even with the exposed aluminum underside.

The table also has a playback option that allows you to warm up or practice solo against a wall. With dimensions of 26.25′′ wide x 64.75′′ high x 72′′ long in the storage position, it is also incredibly compact.

3. Exclusive Outdoor Accessories Bundle:

The post is made of a strong resin that resists rust and damage caused by moisture. They are fastened to the frame and are fully independent of the tabletop. You won’t have to take the nets from the table separately while folding them, which will save you a lot of time when packing.

A complimentary accessory package of 2 5.0 Kettler Halo Outdoor Table Tennis rackets, a set of 6 3-star table tennis balls, and a Kettler Table Tennis Cover is included with the table tennis.

As a result, there is no need to purchase additional rackets or balls in order to begin playing. When you consider that these things would cost close to $100 if purchased independently, it’s a great deal. Another notable feature of this table is its free shipping, which lowers its prices.

CONS of Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table

The most significant disadvantage of this table is the construction process. The assembly of the TopStar XL, like that of many other outdoor tables, may be somewhat difficult. The instructions that come with the table are really inadequate.

The table comes in a lot of pieces, and putting them all together can be difficult for some people. It may be hard to properly assemble this table if you are not particularly handy or have trouble following instructions.

Many customers have mentioned that assembling the table takes some time, which is a common issue or drawback with all other Kettler tables. This is because the table does have instructions, but the box does itself.

There is a solution to this problem: look online for step-by-step video instructions for putting together other Kettler ping pong tables that are similar.


Does it take long hours to get assembled?

No, it’s easy to assemble once you get the idea. I’d suggest looking for a similar table by Kettler online and watching the step-by-step video instructions. They are considerably easier to follow and will prevent you from assembling the table wrongly.

If you’re looking for a pre-assembled table, STIGA Expert Roller Transportable Indoor Table Tennis could turn out to be a better choice.

You could also check out the Butterfly Easifold DX 22 Table Tennis Table, it does take about 45 minutes for assembly but is a great choice for professional players.

Are the legs made of aluminum or steel?

The legs are composed of powder-coated steel, which is extremely rust-resistant. Because the powder coating process is carried out in Germany, the quality is exceedingly excellent.

It’s crafted with great care and attention to detail. It also boasts four huge 5.5″ dual-wheel swiveling casters with rubber treads for safe, easy, and convenient moving to any position, even by one person.

Each of the table’s legs contains a leg leveler, which adds to the table’s convenience.

Would I Recommend Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table?

Yes, this table is weatherproof and comes with excellent features that ensure its portability and durability. You must check out the STIGA XTR table tennis table, which is more on the affordable side and might suit you better.

The Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table, with all of its features, proves to be a particularly high-quality table that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The table is composed of high-quality materials and German engineering and technology, and it is reasonably priced. Despite its difficult building procedure, this robust table provides an amazing playing experience and unrivaled playing durability once completed.

The fact that the table comes with a complimentary accessories bundle of paddles, balls, and an outdoor cover demonstrates why Kettler is a market leader in the sector.


For recreational table tennis players, the Kettler Top Star XL table is a great choice. The table is made for outdoor use and has good weather protection to keep its shape for years. It also has a simple centerfold design that makes solo play easier. It has a good surface with a fair bounce for an outdoor table, is durable, and comes at a reasonable price. Despite its flaws, it’s a strong table that provides an excellent playing experience and a level of longevity that’s difficult to equal. Overall, the Kettler TopStar XL TT Table outperformed some of its rivals. It could be an excellent choice for families searching for a table to use outside or in the garage.

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