Killerspin MyT7 Breeze Table Tennis Table Review

Killerspin MyT7 Breeze Table Tennis Table Review - Is it worth buying?

Are you looking for an indoor and outdoor table tennis table for a stronger hold on your game? Do you want a well-made table that will help you play a good game and last you a long time as well? Then you need not worry as I have the perfect match for you.

Presenting to you the Killerspin MyT7 Table Tennis Table. This table is an excellent option for beginners to intermediate players, young to adults, or anyone who pursues endless hours of proper gaming, and the best part is that you can use it in any weather condition as well.

With its table looking so appealing, you want to play at it for hours, while its extensive features urge you to carry out all your gaming styles and have a great time with your friends and family.

Hence I would have to say that this Killerspin is a sturdy, respectable-looking table tennis table that allows for singular playing as well, which makes it an excellent choice for any table tennis lovers looking to acquire a table of their own for practice purposes or simply to have a fun time using it.

Moreover, the fact that it is made by a well-known brand and backed by a warranty assures you get nothing but a well-made table for long-term use.

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Features of Killerspin MyT7 Breeze –

Brand Killerspin
Frame type Foldable
Table location  Outdoor
Set up style Rollaway

1. Explicit design –

With the blue finish on the top, silver powder-coated steel base, and a pop of red color to brighten up the whole look, MyT7 Breeze is destined to become a backyard favorite. All that’s left for you to do is to gather your loved ones and enjoy the weather outside while playing our favorite sport!

Hence I would say that the design of this table is the perfect match for anyone who wants to enjoy a good game and play for hours together without any stoppage. Moreover, the overall look is so appealing that it instantly sets the mood right in and urges players to play.

2. Superior quality table –

Is Killerspin MyT7 Breeze Table Tennis Table good for buying? My honest review and specification about this table tennis table

When it comes to high-end tables like this, everyone wants their investment to be utilized fully by getting a well-made product that is exactly what you will get.

This Killerspin table has a 4mm aluminum plastic weatherproof playing surface, providing an ultra-durable tabletop with superior bounce. It even has a steel undercarriage with 3-inch caster wheels, so moving it is easy.

The weather-resistant materials are essential to allow you to play all the year-round, while the long durability is what sets these outdoor tables apart from other tables out there.

Moreover, because Killerspin makes it, you rest assured of a happy customer journey with the best gaming tables out there, which is fantastic!

However, I would not say that it’s meant for aggressive playing, so if you are an advanced player, you can check out other options like the Butterfly Easifold DX 22 table.

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3. Playback mode for solo playing –

If you want to train by yourself without needing another person to join you, you will love this table’s playback feature.

Playback mode means you can fold the table in half and keep hitting the ball back and forth to yourself. With this exclusive feature, you can play without stopping or waiting for someone else to join you, which is fantastic.

Moreover, this table is even effortless to fold and put away when not needed. Hence if you are a table tennis enthusiast looking for a table to help you hone your skills, then this one is the most suitable one for you.

Pros and Cons of Killerspin MyT7 Breeze –

Pros Cons
1. 4mm aluminum plastic weatherproof playing surface 1. Has a thin tabletop
2. Weatherproof top quality outdoor table 
3. Can be used indoor and outdoor both
4. Foldable frame with holders to store equipment
5. Comes pre-assembled

Here are the Pros –

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1. Smooth playing surface:

The MyT7 Breeze from Killerspin features a 4mm aluminum plastic weatherproof playing surface that is just mid-range on tabletop thickness. The ball bounce is about average, and you can get a level playing surface by adjusting the leg levelers.

Hence if you are more of a professional player, this tabletop won’t suffice your needs, but you can check out other options like the Cornilleau Black Code Table Tennis Table.

However, the ability to store ping pong rackets and balls on the ends of the table is very convenient. Playback mode is simple to get into, so if you want to practice hitting without an opponent around, this table is a perfect fit for you.

2. Weatherproof tabletop:

Should you get Killerspin MyT7 Breeze Table Tennis Table? Review and features of this table tennis table

It’s time to go out, take a breath of fresh air, and challenge your family, friends, and co-workers to a match! Not only will you have a fantastic table tennis experience with endless fun, but you will also be able to do it all without having to worry if the weather changes.

The MyT7 Breeze is an entirely weatherproof, top-quality outdoor table with excellent performance and durability. Rain and moisture don’t slow down this versatile table which allows you endless gameplay for years to come.

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3. Flexible in terms of usage:

I must say that this table is so good-looking that you will want to use it indoors since the MyT 7 Breeze combines the trendy look with state-of-the-art weather resistance.

This table is crafted of steel and aluminum-plastic for easy care. Its sturdy top provides such quality bounce and feels that you won’t find yourself wanting an indoor-only table any time soon.

Moreover, the fact that this MyT7 Breeze table can do double duty as an outdoor and an indoor table is what makes it a must-have for sure.

Since it is not only limited to one kind of playing, you can place it anywhere and still play a good game without damaging the quality of the playing surface.

4. All accessories included:

Review on Killerspin MyT7 Breeze Table Tennis Table - My take and review on this table tennis tableThe classic styling is paired with functionality with the MyT7 Breeze table. With a foldable frame and an aluminum-plastic, weatherproof top that can store up to 16 balls and four paddles, this regulation size, 9ft long and 5ft wide table, makes table tennis a delightful experience.

So this means you can store your equipment safely and not be bothered by finding them every time you want to play. So with all that this table offers, you can easily start playing after setting it up, which won’t take much time either because most of the parts come pre-assembled, which is very convenient.

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5. Comes mostly pre-assembled:

I love this table because it comes pre-assembled chiefly, which makes setting it up easy and hassle-free. This is because you are looking at about 15-minutes to set up this outdoor ping pong table with only eight nuts and bolts.

The two tabletop halves come pretty much assembled, making this very easy to put together. Since you can simply slide the two halves together and attach the net and you are done. So with this easy setup table, you can spend less time assembling and more time playing, which is amazing.

Here are the Cons –

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1. Thin tabletop:

I am sure everyone knows that the thicker the tabletop, the higher the quality ball bounce typically is. That is the one drawback of this table because the 4mm Alu-plastic weatherproof playing surface is of decent size but not that thick that competitor tables come with.

So with a less thick tabletop, you can play smooth games but not at that aggressive level as advanced players would want to.

2. Not for professional play:

This table is undoubtedly very well built in terms of quality materials and construction. It is even backed by a good amount of warranty for long-term use.

However, the one thing that it cannot cater to is aggressive playing or fast moves that professional players love to play with. With a tabletop thickness of only 4mm, it is very thin, and the table is not sturdy enough to cater to extreme kinds of gameplay.

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Can this table be used outdoors?

Yes, you can undoubtedly use this table indoors and outdoors as well. This MyT7 Breeze Table is an entirely weatherproof, top-quality outdoor table with excellent performance and durability.

This means that rain and moisture won’t slow down this versatile table. So with this table, you won’t have to bother about the weather conditions outside because the table can easily adhere to it and not wear out easily as well, which is fantastic.

Will this table last a long time or wear out easily?

Yes, without a doubt, this table will last you a long time as it has a solid construction and is made with superior quality parts, which make it sturdy enough to cater to wear and tear.

So you have assured nothing less than a well-made product that will help suffice all your needs and give you a pleasant experience every time you play on it.

Will I find it difficult to store this table?

No, you will not find it difficult to use and store this table since it has an easy fold system; instead, it can be easily transported to different rooms because it has wheels to move it around.

For more convenience, the table can even be folded so that when it is not in use, it can easily be kept away to make room for other things, which is quite helpful. This means you can play at the table during any hour of the day, fold it, and easily put it away within minutes, which is excellent.

Would you recommend buying this table?

Yes, I would recommend you to buy this table because it has all you need to play the game you love throughout the year without any stoppage. It’s the perfect match for players who want to practice independently without needing someone else to join them.

It even comes pre-assembled and is easy to store as well. Lastly, the weatherproof playing surface is what every player would love. Hence with all that this table has to offer, I must say that it is a must-have for sure.


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