Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade Review

Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade Review - Is this table tennis blade worth buying?

Are you looking for a great blade to polish your skills? The Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade might be the one you have been looking for. This renowned and popular blade is undoubtedly a safe bet when looking for good blade alternatives.

While most people believe that having a quick blade means sacrificing control, that’s not a problem with this one. With this paddle’s incredible control and speed, you will be basically invincible if you already have great techniques.

It also generates a distinct Asian-like sound, and when you strike hard, it sounds as though you’ve fractured the ball. It’s a joy to play with and do everything well. It’s quick for a 5-ply all-wood but not out of control.

It’s fairly thin and light, so if you want to go fast, you’ll have to put in some effort. But it’s so terrific in every other way that I think it’s a better bet for overall feel and control than a carbon blade.

The YASAKA Rakza 7 Table Tennis Rubber and XIOM Omega IV Pro Table Tennis Rubber are excellent offensive rubber options. Now let’s take a look at some of the features that the blade has to offer.

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Specifications of Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade –

1. Arylate Carbon Blades –

The blade is made using high-quality wood and string instrument manufacturing technologies. This technique is designed to increase suppleness and provide a bigger sweet spot.

With laminated strings, the structure feels even better. The abbreviation FE refers to FEEL carbon, and the usage of this technology is intended to soften the blade.

This technique is comparable to ALC Carbon (Arylate Carbon) blades. Nittaku attempted to keep the feel and originality of a wooden blade while also introducing revolutionary technologies suitable for modern battle.

This blade has the feel of an all-wood blade but with more speed, spin, and power. Its thick outer layers keep the ball from bouncing too quickly or too much, giving you better control.

2. Durable and Exceptional Quality –

Is Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade good for buying? Review and specification of this table tennis racket

The thickness of its blade is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. The outside layers of the blade are thicker than the inner layers, which increases not just dwell duration but also blade durability.

This blade will last you long and preserve its exceptional quality even if you play aggressively and practice hard. The normal Nittaku FL handle is very easy to hold. The blade is a true investment.

The blade is one of the toughest Nittaku blades. When the ball strikes the bat, it makes a clear sound. It also has a harsh feel and lacks the softness seen in Butterfly carbon blades.

However, the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade is a little more flexible than the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Table Tennis Blade.

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3. Consistent Shots –

When playing, a low to medium bounce will provide you with an excellent dwell time at the moment of contact with the ball. With this blade, you can easily do a push. When attempting a return backspin serve, the bat performs admirably.

It’s also terrific for blocking, especially if you’re using both your backhand and forehand. It is suggested for those who want to occupy a position near to the table. This allows you to play flawless loops and drives.

The consistency of this blade will also aid players, especially while doing smashes. When smashing from a distance, you may apply to the ball to confuse your opponent, making it difficult for them to perform a return of serve.

The wooden layer provides a lot of spin, especially when played on low to medium power.

4. Japanese-made FE Carbon Technology –

The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade is constructed of high-quality wood. It employs the most recent stringed instrument technology and Japanese-made FE Carbon.

The FE Carbon, which stands for Feel Carbon, offers this blade a beautiful soft touch, similar to that of the ALC carbon blades.

The blade construction differs somewhat from the original Acoustic model, with the normal Nittaku’s FL handle design, but differs due to the inclusion of carbon.

The handle is a light yellow tint with an oversized grip. The blade comprises five plywood layers and two layers of FE Carbon. It weighs 90g and measures 5.5mm thick.

PROS and CONS of Nittaku Acoustic –

1. Responds well to Offensive and Fast Strikes 1. Quite Heavy
2. Great for All-round Players 2. Less Consistent
3. Ideal Amount of Control
4. Larger Sweet Spot
5. Stiff and Rough Feel

PROS of Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Responds well to Offensive and Fast Strikes:

The blade reacts extremely well to offensive and quick attacks. With a medium bounce and a convenient push, you may achieve a reasonable amount of dwell time. Returns are also smooth.

It works well against an attacking opponent since blocking is easy with both the forehand and backhand. You can play exquisite loops and drives with suitable rubber.

It is also incredibly consistent while smashing, making it ideal for offensive warfare. If you play with low to medium power, this blade will provide you with the appropriate amount of spin.

If you are aiming to focus on the spin play, the NITTAKU Narucross GS Soft Table Tennis Rubber might just be a great option to pair this blade with.

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2. Great for All-round Players:

Should you get Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade? My review and features about this table tennis paddle

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon is one of the few blades on the market that players of all skill levels can use; it performs equally well for beginners and elite athletes.

Although players have remarked that it is equally appropriate for all-round players, it genuinely shines in offensive battles. This blade performs best close to the table’s center and responds well to spin-oriented strokes.

Furthermore, it is one of the heaviest on the market; therefore, the weight must be matched with an appropriate rubber. The blade is especially ideal for use with the new poly ball.

3. Ideal Amount of Control:

The blade is very quick but not excessively, mainly due to its weight. This component benefits player since sufficient speed provides a lot of control.

As with most quick blades, there may be less control—over the game or the execution of flawless hits. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon, on the other hand, performed wonderfully on this issue and gave you the ideal amount of control.

As previously said, it provides a smooth play because of its stiffness. It doesn’t feel very springy, which is a good thing because springiness might induce a loss of control. Furthermore, the blade transmits little to no vibrations to the player and is adaptable to various approaches.

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4. Stiff and Rough Feel:

This blade has a wooden feel to it, yet it performs similarly to the next-generation carbon blades. It has a rough feel to it and is hence rather stiff. I can safely assert that it is Nittaku’s stiffest blade, and it does not have a catapult effect.

However, if you want a firm blade and a sharp smashing sensation while hitting heavy strokes, this blade might be ideal for you. The hardness and strong feel give you the power you need for attacking blows.

The blade also has a comfortable grip and a larger sweet spot than others. Without losing control, one may execute quick but spin-oriented shots. Despite being a bigger blade, its weight is balanced, resulting in a low throw angle.

CONS of Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

If the weight of a paddle is crucial to you, this blade may be quite inconvenient. It is heavier than other offensive ping pong blades because of its seven thick layers.

However, because the blade works incredibly well, you may compensate for the hefty weight by utilizing lighter rubbers. This blade is not suitable for players who play far away from the table since its performance suffers.

If you like to play away from the table, you may find the blade to be less consistent. You may also feel a loss of control. Furthermore, spin creation is not as good as it is at close range.

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FAQs –

What distinguishes it from the others?

The carbon blade on the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon is remarkably similar to that on the Mima Ito. The sole distinction is that Mima Ito Carbon Blade was created just for her 20th birthday.

Mima Ito created the grip color, and this one-of-a-kind blade is her signature. Mima Ito has been utilizing this carbon blade for many years, most recently at this year’s Olympics.

The two blades are steady and constant. They enhance the attacking abilities of different strokes.

Which rubbers do you recommend for this blade?

The sort of rubber used will be determined by the player’s preferences. The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade has the advantage of fitting most rubbers. However, if you prefer loops, the Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber will be ideal.

For the blade, medium to hard rubbers can be used. Rubbers such as the Andro Hexer Powergrip and the DONIC Bluefire M1 can also be utilized.

Would I Recommend Nittaku Acoustic Table Tennis Blade?

An acoustic blade provides a blade that maintains balance. It is a well-balanced blade with distinct strengths. Its strength is based on its stability and the significant threat of moderate power. It’s a blade that’s great for all-around play.

The workmanship, material choices, and texture are all exceptional in terms of look. The paulownia core lacks hardness and strength when compared to your wood since it does not rely on the huge core’s general deformation to apply stresses.

Instead, it is dependent on stronger and more durable surface materials to accomplish so. However, as a result of this, the ball’s control will be more steady. It is better suited for drive and loop combinations. This blade’s excellent feel will make you fall in love with it.


If you desire an all-wood feel with the benefits of the latest generation carbon blades, the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon is unquestionably the ideal table tennis blade for you. This blade is a fantastic combination of the best attributes players seeks in an aggressive blade.

When used passively, the blade is entirely undetectable, but when used offensively, it is explosive. Furthermore, it is speedy, but not too so.

It enables both a full swing damaging shot and a compact arm movement. It has a pleasing clear tone and a gentle feel to it. This blade delivers on its promises and comes highly recommended by us.

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