Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table Tennis Robot Review

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Review - Is this table tennis robot worth buying?

One of the chief reasons people contemplate buying a table tennis robot is how efficient it is. When I am training to improve my skills, there are several limitations that I encounter eventually, like a fitting partner to keep up with my rhythm.

A table tennis robot ensures quality companionship for your workout. As a robot never gets tired, it provides you have a reliable source of power and energy. The Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro is one intelligent, high-end table tennis robot.

It is a very sturdy robot that will endure the test of time. The standout feature of Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro is the digital touch screen. This provides flexibility over the training program, making it fun and supplying over thirty different sequences.

The H2W Touch Pro might look like a technical robot with an industrial look, but don’t judge the book by its cover. This is an extraordinary piece of kit that has some of the most unconventional features and functionalities to offer.

All of which can massively enhance your game. It’s thronged in with preset sequences to give you a complete workout or ensure you practice that one shot repeatedly until you master the art of that shot.

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Specifications of Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro –

Number of shooting head One
Ball Container holding up to 100 Balls.
Net Catcher Yes
Control Touch Screen LCD
Ball Collection Net Yes
Power supply Battery Operated
Number of Balls  120
Wheels Yes
Speed  Up to 110 mph
Spin indicator Yes

1. Touch Screen Control Box Features –

Thirty preset sequences: The robot has 30 built-in preset sequences that will give you good all-rounder table tennis sessions or help you perfect that particular shooting style.

  1. Random sequence mode: Whenever the player presses the “Sequences in Random” key, the robot randomly selects one of 30 preset sequences and then rearranges the serving order for a new sequence. This random pick has the potential to design over 60,000 diverse kinds of serving series.
  2. Memory function: This tremendous little function allows you to save sequences or patterns you programmed into this robot. This feature enables you to develop a library of sequences needed to enhance your game. Using this feature, you can save up to 9 different sequences.

2. Key Features of the Robot –

Should you get Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro? My honest review and specification about this ping pong robot

1. Touchscreen LCD: This LCD makes it easy to control the robot and gives you the ideal workout required. The touchscreen clips onto the player side of the table, letting you control the robot without much hassle conveniently.

This control box is one of the crucial features of the H2W Ping Pong Robot, which makes it a standout robot. You can control speed, spin, sequences, and the number of balls that come at you.

2. Ball counter: You can manage the number of balls that will play in a series. You can have up to 999 balls.

3. Ball catch net and recycling system: This is a vital function of the Paddle Palace Robot. All the robots come with a net catcher for the ball collecting system. Through this, you can catch the balls and stack them back into the Robot to allow endless play and make for a great workout.

4. One-year warranty: Paddle Palace is convinced that the H2W Table Tennis Robot is constructed to last. They have bestowed their faith in this product by granting a 30-day money-back guarantee and One year warranty in case of defective manufacturing.

5. Suitable for Different Types of Balls: Another requirement this machine achieves is diversity. The Paddle Palace H2W offers the choice to use different types of ping pong balls. It works with various small and big balls, which are shot at different speeds and multiple heights.

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3. Set up and Versatility of the Robot –

The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro is pre-configured and ready to use, though it requires a bit of customization and setup, and the Robot H2W Touch Pro, it’s ready to use and play.

It also provides the most versatile practice workout of all Paddle Palace robots. Even more so than the dual-head versions. This is their most advanced machine. It allows for 22 different ball touchdown posts on the table, which is as imminent to an actual game as you can get.

4. The Collection System –

Is Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro good for buying? My review and features about this table tennis table

It includes a net collection system to decrease the time you spend setting it up again. The machine takes full benefit of its system for ball recycling too. This makes training way much more accessible.

These two systems are easily activated, and they grant the players the permit to have more time practicing and less time making adjustments. All these benefits make this product an outstanding choice to buy. It indeed overshadows most of the competition on the market.

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5. Flexibility –

The robot lets us customize the settings and spins to accommodate our training sessions. This bonus and the option to customize the landing spots provide us with a machine competent for knowing what we need.

The robot’s flexibility also makes it a great companion for both professionals and amateurs. It did not take long before I noticed how effective it is to increase my skills with the proper customization.

Pros And Cons of Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro –

1. The net collection and ball recycling system is a blessing as it helps in assembling the balls quickly and makes each round more convenient. 1. This robot is slightly expensive as compared to other robots available in the market.
2. The robot comes with 120 Nittaku training balls 2. The machinery needs maintenance.
3. The brand offers free shipping and 1 -year warranty on the robot. 3. Transportation is not easy for this robot, as it is heavy and thus not portable.
4. The digital display helps you select the ideal workout you want. 4. All the custom settings can be confusing if you aren’t advanced
5. The spin indicator helps you select the desired spin for your practice.
6. The robot is very durable.
7. Shoots rate over 70 balls per minute

My Review –

Don’t be fooled by the industrial, analog-looking design. This is one of the most unconventional robots out there. The robot has a touchscreen remote that can be programmed to shoot the ping pong balls on twenty-two different spots on the table with any spin and in any order.

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The setup is effortless and practical. I just had to attach the net with the table, and it was good to go. I didn’t have to connect the robot to the table as it is a standing-type robot. The wheels and the adjustable height make it easy for me to move it in any desired direction.Review about Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro - Should you buy this table tennis robot?

The 30 preset drills, in my opinion, makes the robot workable for amateurs and professionals equally. I could program the robot as per my sequence. The spins could also be programmed in any random order.

A fast topspin could succeed a short backspin, and then a flat backhand ball can come. I feel that one might need the guidance of a professional human coach to understand which sequences and strokes should be added or the pattern of spins and strokes.

The ball recycling system is pretty sound. I can never run out of balls and play until I learn any new skill or have a complete workout. These factors are not even available with a human partner.

The touch screen remote control is nicely designed and is wireless. I could decide if I wanted to play the same type of shots or try some different shots for a long time. The spin indicator is a new addition to this robot.

This human-like feature is imbibed into this robot can make you get to learn the skill. Just before the ball was shot, the indicator informed me which type of spin it would have. So gradually, you will be able to understand the kind of spins from the coming ball.

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What is included in the package?

H2W Touch Pro Robot includes:

1. Net Collection and Ball Recycling System

2. Free 120 Nittaku J-Top training balls

3. Free Shipping to the contiguous USA

4. 30-day money-back Guarantee

5. One-year limited Warranty

Does this product include the ping pong table?

The robot purchase does not include a table tennis table. It does have the ball collection net, which attaches to the table, so the balls are recycled back into the robot. It’s a great robot!

What are some cheaper alternatives to this robot?

Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro is a fantastic robot with a lot to offer. But one of its top cons is that it is heavy on the pockets.

In such situations, the market offers a lot of cheaper alternatives like the Power Pong Omega or the iPONG Trainer Motion. These are a lot less expensive than the Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro, with more or less the same qualities.


The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro robot is one of the best table tennis robots available in the market today. This robot is similar in specs and price to the Butterfly Amicus Professional but has a slight disadvantage in portability.

This robot is not a tool for beginners. It is a fully-featured advanced table tennis robot that allows you to fine-tune your training routine to the most refined aspect. If you are solemn about table tennis, this robot will prove its worth in time.

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