Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot Review

Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis robot or not?

If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line table tennis robot that checks all of the boxes and then some, you should look into the Power Pong Alpha. It is the best-rated robot overall.

It has a wide range of capabilities that make it an excellent choice as a partner for any committed table tennis players who wish to elevate their performance to a higher level of competition.

As part of my Power Pong Alpha review, I’m going to take a closer look at why it’s so popular and expose all of the fantastic features that it has to offer.

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Attributes of Power Pong Alpha –

Weight, Net/Gross 20.2 lb./24.0 lb.
Robot Dimensions, Folded 9.5″W x 31″H x 12.75″D
Robot Dimensions, Unfolded 62″W x 33.75″H x 63″D
Type of Wheels Three 4″ foam.
Power PCB Located in Base, very close to motors.
Power Supply External wall wart with Euro power cord & US plug adapter. Input: 100~240V, 50~60Hz; Output: 24V, 3A
Silent Mode There are no fans, and motors stop when ball delivery stops.
Spare Parts/Tools Included Rubber bands for side nets, Wheel Adjustment Gauge, 2mm & 4mm Hex Wrenches (for replacing & adjusting wheels).

1. The ability to produce whatever spin you choose –

Should you get Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot - My opinion and review on this table tennis robot

The Power Pong Alpha can generate every form of spin that you could possibly want. Not only can you choose between several forms of spin, yet could also choose how much spin to apply to each individual ball on a range from 1 to 10.

The three-wheel design, which was similar to the Butterfly Amicus sequence of robots, enabled all of this to be accomplished.

Because of their unique design, these robots are highly precise and adjustable, and they can also use fireballs without spinning the ball, which is a good function that not many robots can do.

As a result, your preparation seems as genuine as possible, and you get the impression that you are fighting vs. a strong opponent.

However, if you are looking for a robot that can produce more balls per minute, you might choose the Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot, which can produce roughly 120 balls per minute.

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2. Bluetooth phone app with the latest technology –

Another of the Power Pong Alpha’s most essential features that distinguish it from the other two versions in the Power Pong line (the 2001 and the 3001) is its Bluetooth cell phone app.

It is no longer necessary to merely use the control box to set up exercises; instead, you can now use your smartphone to modify each ball in each and every single drill for total command of your conditioning program.

Every ball is individually customized, and I mean it. You can design exercises using up to 12 balls with different speeds, spins, trajectories, and positions than the other balls.

And that’s only one drill; with both the Power Pong Alpha, you can store a limitless number of drills in one convenient location.

Simple as well; choose a ball number and slide it about the screen to the location you wish, then change the pace and spin as needed, and you’re ready to start playing.

The app has a simple labeling and tagging system that makes it easy to search and identify the drills you would like to work on. If you’re a coach, you may also share exercises with your pupils or other players, all from the convenience of your phone.

A team in the United States develops and updates it regularly, making it compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

3. One of the most sophisticated control boxes for training –

Is Power Pong Alpha Table Tennis Robot perfect for buying? Review and features of this table tennis robot

Don’t worry for those who are uninterested in technology; you can still set up your exercises by using the advanced control box rather than the mobile application.

While it does not provide the same amount of customization and drill storage as the previous system, it allows you to store many drills and even aggregate them.

However, the app’s capabilities are so excellent that we strongly advise you to take the plunge and use it, as once you become accustomed to how it works, you will never want to go back.

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4. Excellent client assistance and guidance –

Consumer service and support are second to none with Power Pong, which is expected from such a high-end table tennis robot. They provide a three-year guarantee on all of their items marketed by Attila Malek, a table tennis teacher and member of the USATT Hall of Fame.

If you have any problems with your robot, give it back to them, and they will repair it or repair it within one day, according to their guarantee.

In addition to providing excellent technical support, The colleagues at Power Pong are more than delighted to assist you in getting going with your new robot.

Additionally, in addition to the 12 already loaded exercises, they offer to provide you with a custom-designed set of drills that match your specific requirements. The personal touch was appreciated.

Pros and Cons of Power Pong Delta –

1. The benefit of  100 free 3-star Power Pong balls with purchase 1. The most expensive table tennis robot on the market
2. Excellent customer service with a one-day policy of repair or replacement
3. An unlimited number of drills may be stored in the mobile app.
4. Pre-installed with 12 drills, with the ability to add more if necessary.
5. Take control of every solitary ball’s pace, rotation, and positioning
6. Balls may be recycled endlessly with the high-quality ball recycling net.

FAQs –

Is it going to be tough to keep and put together?

No, I don’t believe that putting this robot together will be difficult at all. Because there isn’t any in the assembling department, the Power Pong Alpha thrives in this area. In addition, it is suitable for all table tennis tables, including convertible top tables.

It is sent pre-assembled. It also boasts a convenient fold-down design for simple storage and traveling. Furthermore, it is simple to put up, take down, keep, and move, which is a significant bonus.

It also matches all conventional ping pong tables, another major benefit. This makes it very straightforward and guarantees that all customers are delighted.

Will this robot become unresponsive after a long period of use?

No, absolutely not. This robot is designed to endure for a long time and not be easily removed by normal wear and tear. Rather, this machine is constructed in such a manner that it may be used for extended periods while still providing you with the finest possible experience and without creating any trouble for you.

This robot also comes with a one-year guarantee term, which is fantastic for ensuring a positive client experience. As a result, I would say that you’ll never have to be concerned about the lifetime of this robot whatsoever since it has been designed to endure.

Do you think it’s a good idea to acquire this robot?

To be quite honest, if you are searching for a one-time investment robot you expect to bring the sport of table tennis properly, then this robot is perfect for you. It provides the player with great flexibility and is particularly well suited for rough play.

The robot lays the ball exactly each time for you, allowing you to develop your strokes, abilities, and overall game by practicing regularly.

Additionally, it goes with a one-year guarantee term to ensure that you are never dissatisfied, which is fantastic! So if table tennis is your sport, then this robot will provide you with all you need.

What kind of table tennis rackets does this robot come with?

Because this robot is a single piece and does not come with any rackets, you should look at the Donic Burn Off Table Tennis Racquet if you want a high-quality racket. Aside from that, this robot includes all of the necessary components.

The package includes a swing ball launcher, a recycling net system with side netting to trap your rebounds and recover balls for non-stop action, an analog control center, four dozen orange Robo-Balls from 60mm, a Setup DVD, and a Training Manual, among other things.

As a result, you may concentrate entirely on your gaming and not on anything else.

Conclusion –

Overall, the Power Pong Alpha has been by far my favorite table tennis robot available for purchase right now, and I recommend it without reservation. It has a plethora of fantastic features, as well as the aspect that it is highly customizable is a huge plus.

With it, the training opportunities are almost limitless. Power Pong not only provides superior goods, but they also provide superior service and warranties, demonstrating a genuine concern for not just the company’s reputation but also for their customers’ satisfaction with Power Pong products and their whole Power Pong expertise.

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