Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis table or not?

Are you looking for a neat-looking, well-finished full-sized table tennis table that you can play and have a good time with?
Well, are you also on a budget and want something that will fit right in, making it completely worth it and not much of a burden?

Then don’t worry at all as I have the exact table to match your wish list. It is the Stiga Advantage table tennis table. This table has truly been a boon since the day I got it. It is not only compact so that you can put it away when you want.

But you can even play singularly with the playback feature. That’s not all it even comes with leg levelers, safety latches to prevent any kind of harm, and has built-in high-end quality nets and surfaces.

This is why I can assure you without a doubt that you will enjoy every game you play on this table and become a master at it as well. Moreover, it is not that expensive either compared to other tables out there, with all the features that it has to offer.

You don’t believe me? Then let me show you more!

Specs of Stiga Advantage –

Brand Stiga
Material Cotton
Weight 115 pounds
Dimensions LxWxH 63 x 56 x 5 inches

1. Table Top –

The tabletop of a table tennis table is the most crucial part of it all, as that is what you play on. The 5/8″ thick tabletop by Stiga Advantage offers exceptional playability and durability for players of all skill levels.

The tournament blue tabletop is painted with an automated repeat roller coating process and then UV cured to create a smooth, durable and consistent playing surface.

It even has adjustable legs with rubber levelers to protect your floors from scratches or marks. Moreover, it comes in two halves for table mobility making it compact to store and put away.

The table also includes playback mode which allows you to play singularly by hitting the other table, which is a very neat and valuable feature of this tabletop.

2. Strong and self-opening legs –

Is Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table worth buying? My honest review and specs about the ping pong table

Just as much as how important a cabinet is for a gaming table, the build and quality of its legs are equally important. For invariably the entire weight and movement of the table are held by the legs.

This table has some strong legs with adjustable leg levelers to adjust the height. The legs even feature a self-opening design that automatically deploys the legs from storage to play position as you open and close the table for added convenience and safety.

So you won’t have to worry about putting extra energy into the setup. The legs even come with a lock feature to prevent them from sliding down or moving too much while playing which is a simple but elegant feature.

3. Tournament grade net and post set –

The most prominent feature of this table is its tournament-grade set and post set. This means you can easily attach and remove the tournament-grade 72″ clamp-style net and post set that includes tension and height adjustments.

Since it is of tournament quality it means that it is definitely made from the best quality materials out there and will surely allow a good play.

Moreover, in terms of storage and safety the premium, tournament-quality cotton-blend 72” net comes with a sturdy steel spring clamp post system that can be assembled and removed from the table in seconds with a simple squeeze of the clamp.

4. Construction –

For a full-fledged-sized table tennis table, the construction of every part and cabinet becomes very crucial to allow smooth and good quality gameplay. This table has exactly that as it is made from the most well-known brand name called Stiga that are known for their quality and durability of gaming tools.

The Stiga table allows excellent playability with its 5/8”-thick top with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping. The table smoothly rolls over surfaces due to its eight 3″ premium black casters that lock into place for added safety.

Moreover, it even comes with professional quality nets and post sets. It even keeps safety in mind with its opening legs and locking wheels and a safety latch system. Overall it’s a high-end quality table tennis table for sure.

Pros and Cons of Stiga Advantage –

Pros Cons
1. Suitable for transport and storage 1. Has a thin tabletop
2. Comes with a playback feature
3. Offers easy assembly
4. Is worth the price

Here are the Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Suitable for transport and storage:

I am so sure the moment you saw this table you would have been worried about its storage, looking at its size. But let me tell you, it’s the last thing you have to be worried about with this table.

As it comes with a quick play design that allows it to be set up in 10 minutes as 95% of parts are already pre-assembled. Moreover, it can even be used as two separate halves. It even rolls effortlessly with 3” lockable casters, making transporting the table halves, setting up, and storing extremely easy.

So without wasting any time, you can fold the table to store it away, or you can move it easily with its rollers to take it to a different room or location. In all, it is compatible with most setups.

2. Has a playback feature:

Should you buy Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table? My review on this table tennis table and its specification

What’s better than being able to train by yourself without needing another person to join you? You can easily hone your skill at table tennis by using the playback mode. The Stiga Advantage table tennis table has a playback feature that allows you to smash against half of the table when you want to play singularly.

This means that the “playback mode” allows you to practice to your heart’s content without the need for a second player. So you can easily refine your skills and get additional practice.

This feature becomes so crucial when you want to practice, but don’t have the company which isn’t a problem with this table. Rather you can practice day and night without any hurdle or stoppage.

3. Easy assembly:

Assembly plays a huge part especially when it comes to such full-sized gaming tables. As customers usually get irritated if it comes with too many screws and manual pages.

This isn’t an issue with this table irrespective of its size, as the Stiga Advantage comes with a quick play system. This effectively means that the table is almost pre-assembled when it arrives, so you can get started in around 10-minutes, which is so feasible if you think about it.

Even the manual is clear and easy to follow, as it includes both written and graphic instructions to guide you through every step. So you won’t have to be bothered by needing extra help or taking forever to set it up.

Rather it can even be used as two different halves and can be easily put away when needed.

4. Worth the price

To be honest the one thing that took me by surprise is how budget-friendly this table is, in terms of everything it has to offer. This is why I can surely say that it is the best quality valuable table that is available on the market.

That’s not all, it is even made by one of the most reputable brands in the table tennis world, known as Stiga, so you know you will get what you pay for.

This table not only offers extensive features with its playback system and safety latches but it is even very compact to use and will surely allow you a good time using it. This is why it’s an overall must-have with the price tag that it comes with, as I don’t feel it lacks anything much at all.

Here are the Cons –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Thin tabletop:

No doubt in a game of table tennis you need to have a very thick top cover that will allow for faster gameplay and more fun. This is what this Stiga Advantage table lacks as its tabletop is only 16 mm thick.

This is why you will expect the ball to be a little slow and lack the kind of bounce professional players would prefer. So clearly this table will give you a good play and has all the amazing features on a very feasible budget.

But the only weakness of this table is the thickness of the playing surface. So if you want a table that has a better playing surface then you can check out the Butterfly Space Saver 22 table.


Can I fold the table so I can play by myself?

Yes, you totally can, as this Stiga table has the playback mode, which allows you to practice without the need for a second person to join. As the table has a foldable mechanism that allows you to hit against one half of the table.

Is it possible to separate the net for other uses?

Yes, the net comes with the package and can be separated easily. The net comes as a separate piece so you can just clip it on and off, whenever you want or remove it when you don’t want it.

Can this table cater to fast gameplay?

The thickness of this Stiga Advantage table is merely 16mm which is one of the drawbacks of the table, as it won’t be able to cater to faster gameplay. But if you want a strong table you can check out the Butterfly Easifold DX 22.

Would you recommend buying this table?

Yes, I would recommend this table for you. It is a personal favorite for me as it comes in the perfect price range and has some amazing features that will assure good gameplay.

Moreover, the overall features and quality materials make it worth buying as they can guarantee you complete customer satisfaction.


Hey, did you just enjoy this article that j wrote on the Stiga Advantage table, or did it in some way help solve your queries and give you a better idea? If it did then please do share your feedback in the comments down below and share it with your friends and family too. Thanks a lot for your time.

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