STIGA Baja Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA Baja Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table worth buying?

Are you looking for exceptional durability and playability in an outdoor table tennis table? The STIGA Baja Table Tennis Table is a great option when it comes to outdoor tables.

Overall, the construction is excellent; the table’s bottom is entirely made of aluminum, and the top feels and appears to be very substantial. The leveling feet are a wonderful touch, and they came in handy because my garage floor isn’t exactly level.

The table can be quickly put up by one person, and the lever arms are quite solid and perfectly sustain the table’s weight. I value that the table is long-lasting, waterproof, attractive, and simple to open and close.

I’ve had my table for over a year, and while I haven’t always been good about covering it when it rains, it appears to have held up well, and my kids and I continue to use it daily.

With the Stiga Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table, you can play whenever and wherever you want. When the weather is nice, please keep it in your backyard, and when it rains, bring it inside.

It contains an aluminum composite top, an enlarged composite caster beam, and molded corner protection pads, as well as a revolutionary quick-play chassis design and a sturdy structure.

The support frame is made of heavy-duty welded steel. The steel cross beam supports a large composite caster beam. Snag protection is provided by molded corner guards and all the hardware made of galvanized steel.

This indoor table tennis table has 5″ all-terrain and double wheel casters and 2″ steel self-opening legs with leg levelers. On the bottom of the aluminum tops, there is a translucent pattern.

QuickPlay Chassis is a patented design that allows for rapid and easy construction. STIGA 72″ Pivoting All-Weather Net & Post System is also included with the package.

It is an ideal table for decks, garages, and covered porches. There is a silkscreen striping on an aluminum composite blue top.

PROS and CONS of STIGA Baja –

1. Highly Durable and Meant for Outdoor Play 1. Inconsistent Bounce
2. Weather Resistant Aluminium Tabletop 2. 2-3 hours of Assembly Time
3. Straightforward Assembly 
4. Sturdy Welded Steel frame
5. Included Good Quality Net and Post 
6. Leg Levelers and Corner Protectors
7. Robust Apron with Wheel Casters 

Pros of STIGA Baja –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Highly Durable and Meant for Outdoor Play:

This table was designed to be used outside. Its metal top will not rust or distort like many other tables if left outside; thus, it could be a fantastic choice for someone who wishes to put it outside all the time.

You’ll notice that this table is made from really high-quality materials. As a result, it is quite sturdy, and you can rest assured that it will endure a long time.

It has an aluminum composite top that is resistant to warping and rusting. It also comes with a 72-inch welded steel apron and a heavy-duty welded steel apron that can endure all types of weather.

2. Weather Resistant Aluminium Tabletop:

Should you buy STIGA Baja Table Tennis Table? My review on this table tennis table and its specification

The surface of the Stiga Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table is made of a 10mm weather-resistant aluminum composite top with silk-screen striping, making it weatherproof.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, the durable table will not give up quickly. Table tennis will be consistent with this table, and the ball will bounce back wherever it meets the tabletop.

Regardless of where the table is set up, it allows for constant play and bounce. Some players enjoy using this table, but others, especially skilled players, despise it.

3. Straightforward Assembly:

The table is constructed in such a way that it is simple to put together. In actuality, just one person would be required to do the task. It won’t take many tools, and you’ll be able to get the table ready to play in no time.

The procedure can take anything from 2 to 3 hours. It comes with 2-inch self-opening steel legs with leg levelers, which provide you with a lot of flexibility.

You’ll find that the 5-inch twin wheels with all-terrain tires and locks make things a lot easier for you. The table’s dimensions make it ideal for storing in a garage or on a deck.

4. Sturdy Steel frame and Apron with Wheel Casters

After assembling the table, you’ll see a welded steel support frame beneath the table that offers solid support for the tabletop. The hefty tabletop is supported by this steel frame. Additionally, there is a steel apron that wraps around the frame.

With the addition of a steel apron, your table will be adequately protected against warping. A 5-inch double wheel caster provides all-terrain mobility.

The readily moveable table is ideal for playing the game outside in any weather. With the help of the wheels, you can even transport it back to the storage. Once you’ve positioned the table, the caster locks it in place and holds it there.

5. Included Net and Post with Levelers and Protectors

This Stiga Baja Ping Pong table comes with a 72-inch pivoting all-weather net and a post system. The well-designed net prevents you from incurring additional costs if they were not included in the bundle.

Only the net needs to be adjusted regularly to ensure that the tension does not deteriorate with time and that the balls do not contact each other. The table is supported by 2-inch steel legs with leg levelers.

The legs are sturdy enough to keep the table firmly in place. Even if the outside field texture isn’t smooth enough, the leg levelers will help keep the legs adjusted.

To ensure safety, the table’s four corners are protected. People frequently strike the table, or their racket may strike the corner. The protectors are helpful in these situations since the hit does not shatter or chip the table’s edge.

CONS of STIGA Baja Table Tennis Table –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

The STIGA Baja’s most significant flaw is that the ball does not bounce equally over the table. I believe the chassis is touching and reinforcing the tabletop, causing it to bounce more.

While the difference is evident throughout the table, it is more noticeable towards its back edge. This should not be a problem for casual gamers or children, but anyone who takes their game seriously will rapidly become frustrated.

If you need to move the table around, the wheels will wear out faster than I would want. The plastic wheel brackets are delicate and can’t withstand a lot of pressure.

To avoid them breaking, try to maintain the table in place as much as possible. The instructions for putting it together are terrible. Yes, the table is simple to fold, store, and bring out when it has been erected.

Whether you’re looking for a table tennis table for your home or office but aren’t sure if it’ll fit or if you’ll be able to store it easily when not in use, the Killerspin MyT5 Premium Table Tennis Table is worth considering.

The STIGA Coronado Table Tennis Table is also one of the most tempting selections on the market since it includes all of the characteristics that people are looking for.

However, physically putting the Baja table together was a pain and took a long time (2–3 hours). While the construction time is reasonable when compared to some of the other tables, the directions were difficult to understand.

FAQs –

Is the top durable? What do you suggest I use to clean the table’s top?

The table’s surface is composed of aluminum and is 10mm thick. The composite top is additionally silkscreened, indicating that it will withstand all of the harsh weathering.

But to clean your table, use only a soft, damp cloth, not a wet one. Use no chemicals, abrasives, or cleaning items on your table’s playing surface to avoid damage or corrosion.

Where can I get a net for my table tennis table from the climate series?

The net comes with the table, so there’s no need to buy it separately. This Stiga Baja Ping Pong table comes with a 72-inch pivoting all-weather net and a post system.

The well-designed net saves you from incurring additional costs if it were not included in the set.

Would I Recommend STIGA Baja Table Tennis Table?

If you’re looking for a table tennis table that can be used outside, the STIGA Baja outdoor table tennis table is an excellent option to consider because it has all the features you’ll need.

There is no denying that this table could be better, but on the whole, it manages to impress and ensure that you receive something that will allow you to enjoy casual games with ease.

As a result, if you’re searching for a table tennis table, take a look at everything this one has to offer, and you’ll see that it makes a compelling case. The Stiga Baja is a heavy-duty table with one fatal flaw: an inconsistent bounce.

This is utterly unacceptable for a table in this price range. I do not advocate purchasing the Stiga Baja, mainly because so many excellent and reasonably priced patio tables are available now.

The Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table is a German-made outdoor table with a more constant bounce than the Baja and a similar price. It is not made of the same heavy-duty materials as the others, but it delivers a superb playing experience and will not warp or fracture even in the harshest weather conditions.


This Stiga Baja ping pong table is built to last in all types of weather for an extended period. The table’s bottom is composed of the top board, which is quite substantial.

The Stiga Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table has a fantastic location, and it’s up to the player to figure out where they want to put the table outside, and they’ll be able to squeeze it in for a short period and start playing in no time.

The Joola Nova Tour DX Table Tennis Table is another terrific alternative for a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Stiga Baja. The Nova DX is a very adjustable table that can be moved inside for play during the winters while also being weatherproof and durable enough to be used outside during the summer.

Even though the price may seem costly to some, it is still deemed reasonable compared to other outdoor table tennis tables similar to this one. While the table may not be up to official tournament standards, it is still a good quality outdoor table that you can put in your garden or backyard and enjoy with your friends and family.

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