STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket Review

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket Review - Is this table tennis paddle worth buying?

Are you a beginner or an intermediate player who wants to refine their advanced skills? The Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket is a well-priced and extremely useful paddle.

The Stiga Evolution has always been among the best ping pong paddles on the market. So, I have wanted to test out the evolution racket for a very long time now. I feel like this paddle is a great alternative to advance beyond recreational play.

It is undoubtedly a fantastic paddle for intermediate paddlers. On the other hand, this paddle is ideal for those who have a powerful attack game, which makes it a great companion for me, considering my style and gameplay.

The rubber is really sticky and spins quickly. It moves quickly, making it a little more challenging to manage. I have done an excellent job of maintaining it by cleaning it every few weeks.

It still looks new after approximately a year and a half. Hence, I do believe that its longevity and strength depend on how the player takes care of it. Overall, I’m quite happy with the paddle’s quality.

But If you are more of an aggressive player, I would advise you to check out the STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Racket for a better spin and speed. Coming back to the Evolution paddle, let’s look at the specifications and advantages of the paddle.

PROS and CONS of STIGA Evolution –

1. Superior and Tacky Rubber 1. Not Designed for Offensive and Aggressive Players
2. Better Feel to it and Balanced 2. Not for Expert/Advanced Players
3. 6 Ply Genuine Wood Blade 3. Not as fast as one would expect
4. Solid and Sturdy Foundation
5. ITTF Certified Sponge
6. Made with ACS technology
7. Concave Flared Handle

Pros of STIGA Evolution –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Superior and Tacky Rubber:

The first thing you’ll notice about the Evolution is the significant improvement in rubber quality. Stiga names the rubber on the Evolution “Premium.”

This is STIGA’s tackiest rubber, and players will notice a difference between it and the lower-quality covers seen on cheaper paddles. If you were previously using an entry-level paddle, the Evolution would allow you to put significantly more spin on the ball.

This, however, will necessitate making the required alterations to your playing style to become accustomed to it.

The Premium rubber significantly impacts serves, allowing you to put a maximum spin on the ball with minimal effort. This paddle is not suggested for total novices due to the sticky rubber.

2. Better Feel to it and Balanced:

Should you get STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket? Review and features of this Table tennis blade

The Evolution is designed such that the head of the racket bears more significant weight than the handle. This is ideal for defensive players who prefer to play closer to the table and use chops to add a backspin to the ball.

This characteristic may make it less suitable for more aggressive players who stand further back from the table and do more backhand and forehand loops.

More aggressive players might like to upgrade to a quicker blade, such as the more expensive STIGA Pro Carbon. On this racket, the sponge is quite lovely.

This makes it ideal for defensive play since slams can be easily controlled and returned without fighting to keep the ball in play. The sponge also ensures that the paddle places the ball consistently, which is crucial for a defensive player.

3. 6-Ply Genuine Wood Blade:

The Evolution has a six-ply genuine wood blade that is considerably lighter than comparable knives in its class. The Evolution’s six-ply blade provides a solid and sturdy foundation while remaining lighter than identical all-round paddles.

Players benefit from having a lightweight blade in various ways, including faster recovery and increased control. Shots with heavier paddles have more speed but less control. That’s the reason why Evolution is focused on control instead of speed.

Overall, this is a well-made blade that can be used for various purposes. The paddle weighs 170 grams, which is relatively light, thanks in part to the lightweight blade. The Evolution’s outstanding reviews and success can be attributed in part to this tough and robust blade.

4. ITTF Certified Sponge and Made with ACS technology:

Is STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket good for buying? My honest review and features about this table tennis paddle

This rubber is rather ordinary, but it is ITTF certified and incorporates cutting-edge technology to produce excellent results. The rubber is made with ACS technology, which blends tiny air particles with a super-light soft rubber.

This simply increases the elasticity of the sponge, giving hits a bit more spring at impact and so increasing the paddle’s speed. This rubber creates respectable levels of spin, but as you progress as a player, you may find that your strokes in this rubber do not deliver the desired outcomes.

Fortunately, this rubber is removable, so you can replace it when it wears out or you want to use a higher-quality rubber. The Evolution’s sponge thickness is 2mm, perfect for attacking play – especially forehand drives.

Overall, STIGA’s Premium rubber is a steady and reliable rubber that can significantly improve your game if you upgrade. The rubber is designed to be used for competitive leisure play rather than focusing on a single feature.

5. Concave Flared Handle:

The Evolution has a concave flared handle that is perfect for Shakehand grip users. Hollowing down the middle of the handle with a shock dispersion tube is a typical feature used by STIGA in their handles (SDT).

The shock dispersion tube absorbs vibrations and disperses shock waves that occur when two surfaces make contact. This improves control and allows for more accurate positioning.

The hollow handle is also exceptionally lightweight, dispersing weight evenly over the paddle’s face. This is a distinct sensation, but it’s really effective once players get used to it.

Overall, this is a popular handle in STIGA’s ready-to-use bats. The handle offers comfort, a lightweight feel, and valuable features like control.

Cons of STIGA Evolution –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

The racket is not designed for offensive players that play the game aggressively. You may achieve reasonable control with this racket, but you’ll lose speed in the process.

The STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket is a much better alternative if you want to add more spin and speed to your strokes. The STIGA Evolution’s handle is hollow, something you won’t find in any other racket.

As a result, it will take time for you to become used to this light handle. It is particularly inconvenient for players who prefer to play at a distance from the table.

They will put in a great deal of effort, but the ball will not always be able to be fired effectively past the net. I wouldn’t suggest this paddle to expert/advanced players because you’re unlikely to get the needed speed and spin.

FAQs –

I want light rackets that can generate a lot of spin on soft strokes; is this the racket for me?

This one has decent control and spin, but it’s quite quick and heavy. I like it since the quality is excellent and it accomplishes my goals, but it took some time for me to get used to it.

This rubber creates respectable levels of spin, but as you progress as a player, you may find that your strokes in this rubber do not deliver the desired outcomes. If you really want it, I’d recommend going with a different one from Stiga that has less speed and more spin.

Is it appropriate for defenders?

This is a fantastic defensive racket to have. With this racket, you can play with superb spin and control. However, after some time on the court, the rubber may begin to function poorly, slowing down your stroke significantly.

This makes it ideal for defensive play since slams can be easily controlled and returned without fighting to keep the ball in play.

Would I Recommend STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket?

Intermediate players with a good understanding of the fundamentals of technique should consider Evolution. This paddle is primarily designed for control, but it also has strong speed and spin, making it a solid all-around performer.

This paddle will make a significant difference in your overall performance. It’s an extremely light racket thanks to the mix of balsa wood, a lighter sponge, and the hollow grip.

The racket’s small weight aids in speedy recovery after a stroke. This racket makes it simpler to play close to the table. This racket is suitable for advanced beginners and pre-intermediate players since it emphasizes control.

This allows them to play with more authority when playing strokes. For players who are developing advanced abilities, this provides the ideal balance of speed, spin, and control.


For players looking to enhance their stroke technique, the STIGA Evolution is one of the best table tennis rackets available. It has excellent control skills, but it comes at a cost: speed.

It isn’t as powerful as, for example, the Pro Carbon, but it wasn’t designed to be. It was built from the ground up to reliably place balls on the table, and it does it with ease. Year after year, buyers give it excellent marks.

As is to be anticipated, there are times when the product and the customer aren’t a perfect match, but in this situation, the benefits much exceed the drawbacks.

You should also check out the hardwood Palio Legend 2.0 Table Tennis Table, which is of higher quality with a better feel and more comparable to the professional blades available for purchase separately.

Based on the performance of this paddle and the pricing, it’s safe to say that it’s a racket well worth the money. If it is well cared for, it will last a long time.

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