STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis table

Do you want a table tennis table with high durability and a fast assembly process? The STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table is one of the best tales from the STIGA STS series.

It took roughly two hours to put it together thanks to the straightforward assembly instructions. It’s well-designed, well-built, and everything works as it should.

It’s also extremely ingenious in that the table folds and opens up quickly. The website is well-made. It takes some effort to put it together, but it’s all solid and well-made.

It’s simple to put together, but make sure you read the instructions as you go. It’s also simple to fold up, relocate, and lower into play. My two sons put it together without difficulty, except that the bits to attach the net were missing.

This table is a favorite of my entire family, including my children and grandchildren. Quality, durability, performance, creativity, and simplicity are all features of the new Stiga Tournament Series (STS) Tables.

The STS 185 table has a.75-inch top that has been sanded and UV filled before receiving many layers of specially formulated paint and a clear topcoat for a smooth, durable, and consistent playing surface.

For the novice player, a 3/4-inch thick tabletop provides outstanding playability. The top is supported by a 2-inch contoured steel apron, which ensures equal bounce throughout the whole tabletop.

The white apron is powder coated for a long-lasting finish. For a firm foundation, the sturdy 2-inch square legs are crafted of heavy-gauge steel. Leg caps made of plastic protect your flooring from scratches.

Sharpen your skills and get more practice with the playback position before your next match. The table’s 3-inch mag ball-bearing wheels with sport tread allow it to move across practically any surface with ease for optimal portability.

The table is kept in position by two locking wheels for extra safety and stability. Both end aprons include patented full-length ball storage for enhanced convenience that you can only get from STIGA.

Corner guards made of 3D molded plastic increase safety by preventing scratches and snags, which is especially important for families with small children.

STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table
  • 0.75-Inch Top
  • 2-Inch Heavy gauge steel Legs
  • 2-Inch Powder coated steel apron with patented full-length integrated ball storage in each end apron

PROS and CONS of STIGA STS 185 –

1. 3″ Mag Ball-Bearing Wheels 1. Heavy Weight 
2. 2″ Powder-Coated Steel Apron 2. Instruction Booklet is unclear
3. Sturdy and Durable Frame 
4. Comes with a Warranty
5. Simple Assembly 
6. Ball Storage

Pros of STIGA STS 185 –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Sturdy and Durable Frame:

This table is built to last, with a 2″ powder-coated steel apron that minimizes corrosion while also increasing durability and strength. Moving the table and closing/opening the table is significantly easier because of the 3″ mag ball-bearing wheels.

Most tables have inferior 2″ wheels, thus this is a good feature that distinguishes this table. Stiga’s Patented Half-Length Ball Storage is another fascinating feature.

Full-length ball storage is built onto both end aprons on the STIGA STS 185. The ball storage integrates smoothly into the table, providing not only extra convenience but also a beautiful aesthetic.

2. Comes with a Warranty:

Is STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table worth buying? My honest review and specification about this table tennis table

If something goes wrong with the STIGA STS 185, it comes with a fantastic warranty. Customers have repeatedly stated that Stiga has been quite helpful in addressing issues with their purchases.

Stiga has a track record of putting things right for their consumers, whether it’s a manufacturing problem or an issue with how the client puts the table together.

The Stiga STS 185 Table Tennis Table has a sleek and attractive appearance, and the specification includes several features that any player looking to improve their game would appreciate.

STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table
  • 0.75-Inch Top
  • 2-Inch Heavy gauge steel Legs
  • 2-Inch Powder coated steel apron with patented full-length integrated ball storage in each end apron

3. Simple Assembly:

Another plus for this table is that it comes with pre-assembled components that just require a few nuts and screws to put together. Due to confusing instructions and missing pieces, it can take 3-5 hours of assembling time.

This table, on the other hand, comes with Quick-Play chassis technology, which means it comes practically totally constructed, with only a few nuts and screws needed to get it ready to play.

Because most of the components are already assembled and the cross beam supports and caster beams easily click into position, Stiga calls it a QuickPlay chassis.

This means that the initial table assembly is simple; you won’t have to devote a whole day to it.


Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

Customer reviews haven’t raised any serious concerns about the table’s design or quality, but there have been a few issues concerning the assembling.

Even if it is simple to disassemble and divide in two, it appears that getting it up and running in the first place can take some time and effort.

If you are willing to spend more money on a well-made and elegant-looking table, the Barrington Fremont Table Tennis Table might be a better choice for you.

The instruction booklet is the largest issue here, especially when it comes to installing the net because it is not very clear.

Additionally, owing to the weight and some of the more intricate components, it has been suggested that prospective customers set aside a few hours to complete it properly and get some extra help.

STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table
  • 0.75-Inch Top
  • 2-Inch Heavy gauge steel Legs
  • 2-Inch Powder coated steel apron with patented full-length integrated ball storage in each end apron


How long does it take to put everything together?

The time it takes to construct varies depending on the consumer, but it normally takes no more than 2 hours. You would think that putting together a table tennis table is difficult because of these qualities, but you’d be mistaken.

In actuality, a typical user with no prior experience will require 20 minutes.

Those of you who store your table in the garage. Have you noticed any warping as a result of the cold or heat?

These tables should be kept inside or in a climate-controlled garage. Any moisture or humidity could cause the top to distort. The top should be unaffected by temperature. This table retains its longevity when it’s indoors and used with care.

Would I Recommend STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table?

This Stiga STS table is highly recommended for anyone looking for a high-quality table that also provides opportunities for solo training and tournaments in a variety of venues.

In many ways, the table is contemporary, elegant, and refined. Yes, the price is a little higher than usual, but you receive everything you’ll ever need in the end.

The entire attention to detail is above average, and the quality is superb. In short, even though it can be a nuisance to assemble and may be too heavy for some people, it appears to be well worth the effort due to the high quality of the finished table and the versatility of the design for various forms of play.

The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Series is also worth mentioning being one of the most popular indoor series under the brand name of JOOLA.

These tables are made of MDF surface and come pre-assembled with the assembly time being barely 10-20 minutes. If you are looking for a rather tournament grade and high-quality molded table, you should surely check out the JOOLA Signature Pro Table Tennis Table.


I especially enjoy the ball storage, which will make playing much easier. This is a fantastic table for families looking for something of good quality but at a reasonable price.

Overall, this is a fantastic indoor table tennis table that competes with the Dunlop Lenox Official Size Table Tennis Table which has a thicker top. 3″ mag ball-bearing wheels, a 3/4″ tournament level top, a robust structure, and ingenious integrated ball storage are just a few of the qualities that set it apart.

The STIGA STS 185 also has excellent safety features, making it an excellent choice for families and intermediate and beginning players.

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