STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying - My personal review

Do you want a durable tournament-grade table tennis table for your Indoor TT gameplay? You might have been looking for the STIGA STS 420 table tennis table for so long. We bought this table a few months ago.

We are extremely delighted with it now that it is installed in my basement. The table is lovely by itself. It should last a lifetime because it is heavy, solid, and well-made. We could start playing right away after uncrating this table.

STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table
  • Tournament-Grade Table with QuickPlay Chassis for Easy Assembly
  • 1" Thick Table Top with Silk-Screened Striping
  • 2.5" Legs with Leg Levelers and 5" Mag Wheels with Locks

Overall, the table is solid, has a fantastic playing surface, ball storage boxes on both ends, and is simple to fold up for storage or single play. For the money invested, I think it was a good deal.

When in the upright stowed position, it is simple to store and move around. It arrived in fantastic condition, complete with all of the necessary parts. The blue color is appealing, and the net fits snugly against the table.

While it was difficult to move, that only indicates the quality and sturdiness of the STIGA STS 420 table tennis table. The new STIGA Tournament Series is a tournament-grade table tennis table with an easy-to-assemble QuickPlay chassis that offers quality, durability, performance, innovation, and convenience.

The STS 420 table has a 1-inch top that has been sanded and UV filled before receiving numerous coats of specially formulated paint and a clear top coat for a smooth, durable, and consistent playing surface.

Is STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table worth buying? My review on this amazing table tennis table

Silk-screening ensures the playfield’s durability and playability. With the revolutionary full-length ball storage and a 2.5″ powder-coated steel apron, you’ll never misplace a table tennis ball again.

On the 2.5″ legs with leg levelers, play on a level surface, or effortlessly roll the table with the 5″ mag wheels with locks. The STIGA STS 420 table tennis table has a 1′′ surface thickness and is designed for tournament play.

It’s a terrific and relatively reasonable option for anyone searching for a top-tier ping pong table that meets all competition requirements. The table’s sturdy structure, combined with all of the thoughtful features, makes this ping pong table an outstanding purchase.

It has a solid frame, a great tabletop thickness, and a few more entertaining features that make the game a lot of fun. You’ll get a table that can handle the demands of both professional tournament players and leisure family players. The Stiga STS 420 is the most cost-effective ping pong table in the STIGA STS series.

STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table
  • Tournament-Grade Table with QuickPlay Chassis for Easy Assembly
  • 1" Thick Table Top with Silk-Screened Striping
  • 2.5" Legs with Leg Levelers and 5" Mag Wheels with Locks

PROS and CONS of STIGA STS 420 –

1. Tournament-Grade Top 1. Quite Heavy Weight
2. Trouble-free Assembly 2. The shipping process may lead to damages
3. Handy and Functional Features
4. Flawless Silk-screen Striping
5. Excellent Surface Quality
6. Intriguing Full-length ball storage
7. Heavy-duty Levelers

Pros/Specs of Stiga STS 420 –

Should I buy STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table? My review on the Ping pong table on BreadCity

1. Tournament-Grade Top:

A tough 1″ thick table surface complies with ITTF standards for tournament-level play. The tabletop is sanded and UV-filled before receiving many layers of specialized paint, followed by a clear topcoat and silk-screen striping for a flawless, long-lasting finish.

The Stiga STS 420’s playing surface is supported by a 2.5″ steel apron to maintain a uniform bounce throughout the table. This is done to guarantee that the playing surface is excellent and constant.

The playing surface’s quality and craftsmanship will become apparent the first time you use it. The table addresses the problems of “dead zones” that plague tables made of less expensive materials.

2. Trouble-free Assembly:

The Stiga STS 420 is surprisingly simple to put together. It only takes 4 screws to put everything together, and it’ll be done in no time. Another feature that makes the STIGA STS 420 so useful is how the QuickPlay chassis is pre-assembled in the box, reducing the amount of labor you have to perform yourself.

To begin playing ping pong with your buddies, all you need to do is attach the legs to the tabletop and set up the net. According to one purchaser, assembly needed only four bolts and the sliding of the tabletop pieces into the table’s frame’s base.

The table was ready to play after screwing the leg levelers in. The table is simple to put together, quick to set up and offers full-length ball storage in the end aprons.

3. Handy and Functional Features:

The table is kept firm and stable during play by the powder-coated steel apron, which is coated for a long-lasting gloss. The four corner protectors prevent individuals from colliding with and injuring themselves on sharp corners, which is especially dangerous for families with young children who can bang their heads there.

The legs are designed to deploy automatically when the table is opened and closed, and are fitted with heavy-gauge steel levelers that can be utilized to keep the STIGA STS 420 level no matter how uneven the floor is.

These levelers can be adjusted in height by screwing and unscrewing them. When the table is folded, it is held in place by a set of safety leg clips. The table tennis table also comes with five ball-bearing mag wheels with sport tread that allow it to travel effortlessly across any type of floor.

When the table is in place, these wheels can be locked. An apron for the balls runs the entire table width at each end of the table. There is enough space for up to forty table tennis balls. To keep the ink from interfering with play, STIGA invented an innovative method of printing it onto the surface.

CONS of STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table –

The most significant disadvantage of the STIGA STS 420 is the shipping process. Many consumers have complained about parts arriving broken or deformed, mainly as a result of shipping concerns.

This table may be crushed under its weight, with a shipping weight of approximately 370 pounds. This is something that potential purchasers should be aware of, and remember that you have the right to refuse to sign for goods that have been damaged during transit.

Furthermore, STIGA has a proven track record of dealing with quality assurance and customer difficulties involving broken components during the shipping process.


Is the full length of this table only 64 inches when it’s assembled? So it’s not a standard size?

The STIGA STS 420 is a premium, tournament-quality indoor-only table from one of the most well-known table tennis brands.

The 64-inch dimension is only for shipping purposes. This table measures 108 inches long by 60 inches wide when fully built. This ability is regular and full size.

Are the Stiga STS 420’s frame and undercarriage solid? Is it easy to assemble?

Yes, it includes welded cross brace and 2 x 1/2 inch self-opening heavy gauge steel legs with 3 x 1/2″ leg levelers. Strong enough to withstand the rigors of a high-stakes game. Stiga has included a QuickPlay chassis, which means it’s already half-built when you open the box.

So you won’t have to put in as much effort when putting the table together.  To attach the table legs, you’ll need a screwdriver. When you’ve completed that task, you’re ready to begin playing table tennis.

Would I Recommend STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table?

Yes, for an Indoor and full-size table it’s one of the best out there in the market. I do love how it’s not too uneasy to assemble and affordable for a full-size table.

The tabletop is of exceptional quality, with silk printed white stripes and a 1″ table-top thickness that provides the ideal bounce for a high-level or semi-professional table tennis game.

The undercarriage is a black frame with white edges that serves as a locking system for game stability. This ping pong table is also quite elegant, and Stiga has included screw-able feet that allow you to modify the table if the floor is uneven.

You get a ‘true’ bounce table that is high-quality and long-lasting. The Stiga STS 420 is a table to consider for players searching for steady bounce and above-average recreational play.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a full-size viable TT table that can be used both outdoors and indoors which is weatherproof and would last for a long time, I would advise you to check out the STIGA XTR Table Tennis Table which surely is a deal-breaker being more affordable and works like a charm.


The STIGA 420 is made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure that the table is sturdy without sacrificing its attractive appearance. This ping pong table will allow you to have the same amazing table tennis experience that professionals have at every game.

The STIGA STS 420 is a great alternative for anyone looking for a long-lasting indoor ping pong table. Even though the Stiga STS 420 is not ITTF authorized, it is an excellent choice for competitive play.

It’s also sophisticated enough to be displayed in a hall or a club. The QuickPlay chassis indicates that putting things together doesn’t have to be difficult. Overall, the Stiga STS 420 is the best of its kind.

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