STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket Review

STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket Review - Is this blade worth buying? - BreadCity

Do you want a lighter blade with utmost speed, which will not only help you with your table tennis gameplay but also is quite affordable for the performance it provides?

The STIGA Supreme paddle surely is a stunner when it comes to speed and is a very feasible option for intermediate players. The STIGA Supreme racket is lightweight and pleasant in the hand.

With the colored wood handle, it’s also quite attractive. It’s a big improvement over the regular paddles. The pad is considerably better at creating spin on the ball and providing excellent control.

It’s a touch harder than expected, but if you’re used to soft paddles, it’ll take some getting used to. You can spend a lot more money and buy a much better paddle, but for the average player who wants to improve from their well-worn beginner paddles, this is a fair compromise.

Paddle works great and allows me to add a lot more spin and speed to the ball. It’s been wreaking havoc on opponents, and I can’t wait to keep going. The STIGA Supreme is a tournament-level racket with outstanding ratings and features.

The STIGA Supreme is the ideal racket for a player looking to upgrade to a performance racket with an even balance of speed, spin, and control.

It features an International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Approved Rubber, STIGA Tube Technology, and WRB Technology for the optimal balance of weight and speed.

It enables swift attacks. The rubber is tacky with a good grip, spins well, and has a thick cushion; excellent feedback for power shots.

STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket made with ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament...
  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Features STIGA ACS for Control and Speed

PROS and CONS of STIGA Supreme –

1. Extremely Lightweight 1. Not Suitable for Offensive Players
2. Suitable For Defensive Players 2. Fewer Spins and Control
3. Superior Quality Blade
4. Durable and Sturdy Handle
5. Strengthened by ACS Technology
6. Embedded with WRB System

Specifications of STIGA Supreme –

1. Extremely Lightweight:

The blade is composed of a 6-Ply ultra-lightweight material. While most similar paddles have a 5-ply layer design, Stiga’s breakthrough technology has generated a 6-ply blade with a layer in the middle, greatly lowering the weight of the paddling apparatus.

A 2-millimeter piece of future inverted rubber holds it in place. The racket is incredibly light and nice to use. There are only 142 grams in the racket, which makes it easy to hold and play with.

The surface outlay is extremely hard, and it’s polished with the latest in Crystal technology. The racket’s speed is increased thanks to a STIGA innovation for better collisions.

The blade also has several small air-capsules to provide players with extraordinary flexibility and excellent control in one package. The racket has a notable amount of spin and control for players. It has a very comfortable grip and can overhand spin beautifully.

STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket made with ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament...
  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Features STIGA ACS for Control and Speed

2. Superior Quality Blade and Handle:

Is STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket worth buying? My review on this table tennis table - BreadCity

When it comes to rubber quality, the ACS technology used ensures that the tires will hold up well over time. The handle, like the blade, is fashioned from high-quality materials.

Initial steps were taken by adding the revolutionary veneer in the middle by the maker. The veneer was used in the blade’s middle to improve the required features. Stiga crystal technology was employed by the manufacturer to strengthen the blade’s outer shell.

The purpose of this process was to harden the blade, allowing you to shoot more quickly. Along with the WRB system, the Anatomic Italian composite provides high quality.

The WRB system is a fantastic addition to the racket, increasing speed, power, and sensitivity. They can be used for a long period because they are always in good condition. The durability and sturdiness will not let you down.

3. Made For Defensive Players:

For starters, the supplier has upgraded the center veneer on the blade and handle. This was done to improve the performance, balance, control, and recovery rate of the table tennis racket. But that’s not all.

The vibrations are absorbed by the table tennis racket and sent to the handle. Both sides of the table tennis racket are well-bonded when it comes to the rubber and sponge mix.

As a result, the table tennis racket has a speed rating of 90, a control rating of 89, and a spin rating of 92. The STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Paddle might be a better alternative considering if you are an intermediate player.

You may service returns, chop, and backspin all of your shots back to your opponent as a player. If you favor a defensive approach to gaming, this is the paddle for you.

STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket made with ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament...
  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Features STIGA ACS for Control and Speed

CONS of STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket –

Should you buy STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket - My honest review on this ping pong table

The Stiga supreme table tennis racket, as previously stated, is best suited for beginners and intermediates who prefer defensive play. Although the table tennis racket is made of high-quality materials, it can be used by professionals, but it will limit their performance.

Your money will be well spent. Of course, if you are an advanced player, this racket may not be what you are seeking, despite the reasonable price. If you’re a more accomplished player, a professional blade and rubbers will allow you to play your best strokes.

The paddle may be too light for you to grasp if you’re an offensive player. Despite this, the paddle can provide players with adequate control.


Does it provide good enough blocking?

If you try to block with the paddle, you’ll find that it works rather well. It generates a low-level block that is just large enough to cross the net in a short distance.

However, as you block, you must reduce your power somewhat so that the ball does not fly off the table.

What is ACS technology, and how does it work?

The Air Capsule System is a system that incorporates multiple small air capsules into ultralight rubber. This increases the blade’s performance and gives you more control.

Aside from increasing your performance, high-quality materials aid in vibration absorption and energy transfer from the handle.

Would I Recommend STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket?

The STIGA Supreme paddle is intended specifically for defensive players. With strong loops and excellent control, the 2-millimeter sponge makes excellent defensive countermeasures.

The paddle was not made with an attacking player in mind. This paddle is probably not for you if your offensive style is based on smashes and spin. It’s not bad for an advanced or beginner table tennis player for the price.

If you’re a serious intermediate or expert ping pong player, though, you should skip this paddle in favor of a higher-quality paddle with a superior sponge.

This paddle will not meet your expectations given your skill level. If you are an offensive player looking for a paddle with optimum speed, you should check out the Palio Legend 2.0 Paddle.


The Stiga Supreme is a significant improvement over the Stiga Titan Table Tennis Paddle, which still seems to be a better alternative for advanced players in terms of performance.

It’s a great tool for beginners who want to learn how to operate something lightweight and durable, in my opinion. It’s made to allow you to go back to the table quickly.

One of the greatest paddles for beginners and intermediates is the Stiga ultimate table tennis racket. The table tennis racket is made of high-quality revolutionized veneer and is wrapped with ITTF rubber sheets and a sponge for optimum performance.

The Stiga supreme table tennis racket is capable of delivering more power, speed, and control while not providing much spin.

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