STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis table?

Are you looking for a full-size indoor table tennis table? Do you want a new recreational table that barely takes any time for assembly? The STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table is one of the most suitable options for you!

This is a table that I adore. With a basic ratchet, adjustable wrench, and an electric screwdriver, I was able to assemble it in approximately 20 minutes. It was quite simple to alter the playing surface so that both sides matched precisely.

With just one person, the table folds and unfolds in seconds. The table was nicely packaged for transport, and mine has no flaws at all. I’m looking forward to spending many hours around this table with my family and friends, especially over the holidays.

You should also check out the STIGA Coronado Outdoor Table Tennis Table which withstands the coldest weather even in extreme conditions and could be a great investment since it’s an outdoor table.

With the STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table, you can improve your skills both on and off the court. With your competition-ready table placed in the Play Position, challenge your pals to a game of table tennis.

Sharpen your skills and get more practice with the playback position before your next match. Also, by folding the table and rolling it away in the storage position, you can save space.

For the amateur player, a 5/8-inch thick tabletop provides outstanding playability. To provide a smooth, level playing surface, the tabletop is sanded and UV filled, then it is lined with silkscreen striping that is printed right on the tabletop for a completely smooth finish.

The top is supported by a 2-inch contoured steel apron, which ensures equal bounce throughout the whole tabletop. A modern STIGA logo is also included on the apron. Legs are composed of heavy-gauge steel and are 2 inches square for a strong base.

Leg caps made of plastic protect your floor from scratches. The table’s 3-inch mag, ball-bearing wheels allow it to glide easily over surfaces for easy travel. The table is kept in position by two locking wheels for extra safety and stability.

With preassembled parts, the revolutionary QuickPlay Chassis allows you to go from box to play in 20 minutes. This hassle-free design allows you to get right to enjoying your table.

STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table Assembles in 20 Minutes or Less and Includes Net and Post Set
  • QuickPlay Chassis for Fast Assembly- From Box to Play in 20 Minutes
  • 5/8" Thick Tournament Blue Table Top and 2" Self-Opening Steel Legs with 3" Mag Wheels
  • 2" Self-Opening Steel Legs with 3" Mag Wheels and 2" Steel Apron with Corner Protectors

PROS and CONS of STIGA Triumph –

1. Exclusive QuickPlay Chassis Design 1. The tabletop can easily get dents and scratches
2. Pristine Blue Tabletop  2. Not ideal for Playback Mode
3. Stabilized Steel Aprons
4. Easily Foldable for Storage
5. Safe Security Features
6. Steel Legs and 3-inch mag Wheels

Pros of STIGA Triumph –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Exclusive QuickPlay Chassis Design:

Stiga’s QuickPlay function overcomes one of the most common issues among new ping pong table owners: the installation procedure. Some tables can take up to 6 hours to assemble and contain hundreds of parts, need the assistance of two or more persons to maneuver pieces into place for appropriate assembly.

The Stiga Triumph’s QuickPlay Chassis is almost completely pre-assembled, and the entire procedure (from receiving the box to playing your first game) should take no more than 20 minutes.

I have seen this type of chassis previously on tables like the STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table, and I think it’s a huge step forward from traditional assembly methods.

The QuickPlay chassis, on the other hand, is not as simple to set up as the Stiga Instaplay’s InstaPlay chassis. The QuickPlay requires a little more assembly, and there are a lot more pieces to keep care of.

2. Pristine Blue Tabletop with Steel Aprons:

Should you buy STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table? My honest review and specifications about this table tennis table

For added durability, the Stiga Triumph includes a 5/8-inch thick tournament blue top with silk screen striping. The top is professionally sanded and UV-filled for a level playing surface and extremely smooth finish.

The Stiga Triumph is built with many of the same materials and techniques as tournament standard tables, while not being ITTF certified or technically tournament quality (it must be at least 1-inch thick for this).

The tabletop is supported and stabilized by two-inch steel aprons. And the bounce is pretty steady and of good quality throughout the entire tabletop. The pristine blue top looks interesting with the modern STIGA emblem on the apron.

STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table Assembles in 20 Minutes or Less and Includes Net and Post Set
  • QuickPlay Chassis for Fast Assembly- From Box to Play in 20 Minutes
  • 5/8" Thick Tournament Blue Table Top and 2" Self-Opening Steel Legs with 3" Mag Wheels
  • 2" Self-Opening Steel Legs with 3" Mag Wheels and 2" Steel Apron with Corner Protectors

3. Easily Foldable with Steel Legs and Mag Wheels:

The 2 inch square legs are fairly strong and are composed of high gauge steel for a firm foundation. The floor is protected from scratches by the plastic caps at the bottom of the legs.

You can easily move the table from one location to another, thanks to the 3-inch mag wheels. You will, however, be able to keep the table in a permanent position. It not only adds stability, but it also adds safety.

You may require that area for other purposes when the match is completed. Because the table is foldable, you may save space by folding it, rolling it away, and storing it in one corner of the room. This is how you can increase the size of your space.

4. Safe Security Features:

If you have children and are considering buying a table tennis table, now is the time to think about the safety aspects. Plastic guards are placed on each corner of this table. They guard against scratches and snags.

There are also self-opening legs that deploy automatically when you open or close the table. There are clamps underneath the tabletop to prevent the table from opening accidentally.

The legs are held firmly in place by these clamps. The table is entirely safe and stable thanks to the wheel locking mechanism. As a result, children and teenagers will be less likely to sustain injuries when playing on the STIGA Triumph table tennis table.

CONS of STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

The tabletop is the table’s most significant flaw. The 5/8″ thickness will inhibit a tournament-level bounce while also causing surface denting and scratching.

Another issue I’ve found is that buyers who complained to the corporation about minor issues like pre-existing scratches or little paint imperfections were addressed with reluctance.

If you want to practice alone in the playback mode, this table is not the most ideal table tennis table for this feature. When one side of the table is folded up, there is about a 5 to 6-inch space between the net and the back surface.

If you hit the ball pretty close to the net, this allows the ball to fall to the floor rather than being bounced back. The JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table, on the other hand, provides you with a great playback feature.

You can lock the playing position half’s wheels and you’re set for hours of consistent training. You can also check out the Butterfly Playback 19 Table Tennis Table which is an indoor alternative and comes with a 3-year warranty.

STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table Assembles in 20 Minutes or Less and Includes Net and Post Set
  • QuickPlay Chassis for Fast Assembly- From Box to Play in 20 Minutes
  • 5/8" Thick Tournament Blue Table Top and 2" Self-Opening Steel Legs with 3" Mag Wheels
  • 2" Self-Opening Steel Legs with 3" Mag Wheels and 2" Steel Apron with Corner Protectors


What kind of gear is required to put this table together?

It’s well-designed and simply requires the most basic tools. A socket or wrench kit would do the job. A variety of nuts and bolts of various sizes must be fastened. There is also a video on Amazon that will help you through the setup.

I found it quite useful because I could complete one step and then watch the video for the next. Much easier than following the instructions in the manual.

What are the complete dimensions of the shipped table? ( the box)

This table’s box measurements are 62.5″L x 56.5″ W x 7″ H. The package is 187 pounds in weight. This table’s assembled measurements are 60″ W x 108″ D x 30″ H.

The box, on the other hand, is somewhat bigger than half the size of the ping pong table surface. The surface is divided into two panels, which define the box’s size.

Would I Recommend STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table?

This ping pong table is ideal for usage at home, in a club, or at school. This might be a great alternative for families with kids who want to practice their game before entering local tournaments. One of the tables you can rely on is the Stiga Triumph.

Expect no out-of-this-world professional features from the table, and you’ll discover that it’s exactly what a learner needs.  You can purchase this almost-professional for $300-$400, which is a steal considering all of the fantastic features it has.

However, you might want to consider the STIGA Triumph as an excellent choice for anyone searching for a well-made, full-size ping pong table without having to spend hundreds of dollars. A thicker tabletop would have been preferable. Nonetheless, it has a good ball bounce.


The exceptional popularity of this STIGA Triumph ping pong table can be attributed to safety features such as plastic corner guards and rounded edges. The Stiga Triumph table is one of the most popular in the beginner’s list among the various Ping Pong table models that Stiga manufactures.

It’s an entry-level table with decent functionality at a reasonable price. Overall, I liked the STIGA Triumph, and given the price and thickness of the table, it was adequate for casual play. It appears to be of excellent quality.

You’ll be able to play on a perfectly flat surface. As a result, the bounce is rather consistent. The table is well-constructed, and it will withstand years of heavy use.

The table itself provides a nice playing experience and includes several convenient features, making it an appealing alternative for those searching for a solid table on a tight budget.

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