TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber Review

TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber Review - Is it worth buying this table tennis rubber?

Many athletes think that their opponents are a blessing in disguise. They urge you to make use of your strengths, and they provide you with the opportunity to achieve new heights in a way that no one else can.

Although there are many fantastic rivalries between players in table tennis, one of the most fierce competitions is between Tibhar Evolution MX-P and the Butterfly Tenergy 05.

Examine how the Tibhar Evolution MX-P compares to the well-known Tenergy 05 and determine whether it deserves the acclaim it has gained over the years.

Future projections of TIBHAR Evolution MX- P –

Even though it has been on the market for more than a decade (it first appeared on the scene more than a decade ago), it has proved to be a challenging product to dethrone from its current position atop the search engine results page rankings.

What you can anticipate from the exceptional Tibhar Evolution MX-P and how it differs from its competitors on the market are discussed in further detail in this article.

Attributes of Tibhar Evolution MX-P –

Weight 6.6
Speed: 9.5
Spin: 9.3
Control: 8.0
Gears: 8.7
Consistency: 9.3
Durability 7.7
Tackiness 2.5

1. A top-notch building for excellent gameplay –

When Tibhar’s Evolution series was initially released, it was marketed as the quickest and most dynamic rubber available. It also has a Pro-Tension top sheet for great spin, crediting these marketing claims.

A substantial part of its tremendous speed may be attributed to the pimple-shaped geometry of the blade, which allows for a far more efficient transfer of energy when striking the ball.

Despite its vibrant crimson color, the power sponge underneath it has a hardness rating of medium. It has the characteristics of being permeable and adaptable.

2. An adequate grip on the Top Sheet –

Is TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber good for buying? My review and specification of this table tennis rubberIt is undeniable that the top sheet has a natural tendency to grip. Still, it is reasonable to suppose that even the most current generation of rubbers outperforms the Evolution MX-P in this respect.

In addition, the MX-P improves the top sheet grip of Rhyzers, Bluestorms, Rasanters, and even the Evolution MX-S and EL-S. This makes it easier to generate spin at slower speeds depending on your stroke with the MX-P.

However, even though it was designed before the advent of the playball, this rubber does not feature any of the spin-optimized top sheets that are ubiquitous in modern rubbers.

Even though alternative high-end rubbers give a higher maximum sheet grip than the Tibhar Evolution MX-P, it is still a powerful performer over a broad range of surfaces.

3. Outperforming Spinning Powershot –

Modern rubbers such as the Rhyzer 48 and Bluestorm Z1 perform worse in this area than the Evolution MX-P, which surpasses both of these modern rubbers.

It works in concert with the top sheet to generate additional spin while maintaining a very linear arc throughout the process when the MX-P sponge is activated.

It is pretty challenging to maintain high arc and spin rates while using any of the present generations of rubbers, which reduces overall shot quality. The Tenergy 05 is the most excellent available option in this category.

Power looping at mid-distance with the Tenergy 05 is fantastic and challenging to imitate, even with the Evolution MX-P and the Evolution MX-P.

4. The anticipated pitching angle –

For example, the arc of this rubber is still discernible. Still, it is not nearly as apparent as similar-looking rubbers like the Tenergy 05, Nittaku Fastarc G1, or even the Donic Bluefire M1, for example.

However, even though it has a medium arc, this forehand is quite spectacular on the forehand because it allows you to play the loops to go deep with progressively concealed degrees of spin, which is truly remarkable.

Pros and Cons of TIBHAR Evolution MX-P –

Acceleration that is insane subpar in terms of longevity
Astonishing Command and Control
Incredibly impressive Spin Generation
The expected Stiffness & Sensation 

Pros of TIBHAR Evolution MX-P –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Acceleration that is insane –

The Tibhar Evolution is a lightning-fast process. It’s safe to say that the Evolution MX-P would have been the fastest runner ever created had it been released before the current generation of rubbers.

Even today, only the Rhyzer 48, Bluestorm Z1 & Z1 Turbo, and the fastest Rasanters can match the MX-P in terms of peak speed. This rubber has a unique feel; you can use it to transmit both spin and speed without sacrificing either, which is remarkable in a rubber.

As a result of the Evolution MX-elastic P’s feel, you can generate great speed with it near the table and away from it, considering how much energy you put into the stroke.

The Tibhar Evolution MX-P will not let you down when it comes to speed, and even the Tenergy 05 will fall short.

2. Astonishing Command and Control –

My review on TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber - Should you get this table tennis rubber?

As seen by the rubber’s speed, control of this rubber may be a bit more challenging at times. This rubber is considered a top-tier table tennis rubber because of its superb linearity, the large number of gears available (ranging from mild touch strokes to violent smashes), and the simplicity with which the speed may be modified.

As an illustration of how it compares to the Tenergy 05 in terms of control, consider the following: It is simpler to handle and counter strokes with the Evolution MX-P since it is less responsive to incoming spin than the Tenergy 05.

Effortless precision — The MX-P delivers its speed far more linearly than the Tenergy 05, making it significantly more straightforward to change through a higher number of gears than the latter.

As a result of the MX-sharper P’s feel, you will be able to get much more excellent feedback on your strokes and make minor modifications as needed.

3. Incredibly impressive Spin Generation –

Because of its innovative technology, the Evolution MX-P can produce excellent and high-quality spins. Making loops with this rubber is simple.

One of the things you’ll like the most is that it seems to have an abundance of gears that you can use to quickly modify the pace of loops while keeping incredible quantities of spin.

You may create moderate loops up to rapid loops with its high-quality top sheet, which has an astounding amount of spin. You can also make fast loops with their high-quality bottom sheet.

4. The expected Stiffness & Sensation –

After experimenting with a variety of rubbers, I’m reasonably sure that the Evolution MX-P is the one that I keep coming back to; it’s hard (more complicated than Tenergy 05, a little more complex than Rhyzer 48 and Bluestorm z1), which I prefer.

It’s exceptionally snappy (slightly snappier than Rhyzer 48 and Bluestorm z1), which I also enjoy. As time goes on, you begin to feel for the ball.

This rubber has the benefit of creating a satisfying crack sound when it is smashed, which gives the impression that it is a winner even before the ball reaches the goal. Despite its softness, this rubber has a particular texture that appeals to me.

Cons of TIBHAR Evolution MX-P –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Subpar in terms of longevity –

The Tibhar Evolution MX-P has an average level of durability. Even though it lasts around 3-4 months of playing 2-3 times per week, the biggest disappointment was how the performance degraded with time.

It behaves differently depending on how long the sheet has been around. When the rubber grows old, visible worn patches form on the top layer of the rubber, indicating that the rubber has grown worn.

This causes you to have difficulties holding, and it is not as technically grabby when this occurs. The unfortunate reality is that after 5 or 6 months of continuous use, this rubber becomes almost worthless for attackers due to a significant decrease in its overall effectiveness.

FAQs –

Is the rubber spin of MX-rubber P’s as fantastic as it seems on the surface?

In addition to having amazing spin potential, MX- P has a long throw distance and a medium swimming speed, which makes it an excellent all-around performer. Massive objects may be lifted with relative ease if the ball hold is strong.

The sponge is infused with a “CLUCK”-like mood, yet there is nothing particularly noteworthy about it. It is excellent for use at either a close or a distance from the table setting, as needed.

According to my experience, Hexer is a lot less complex to play than Tenergy 05. It’s also a lot more forgiving and safer, as well as being a lot more pleasant.

Tenergy 05 must be looped by using a broad brush and applying massive pressure to it over a number of strokes. In addition, natural rubber is used for the top sheet, rather than synthetic rubber, which was formerly used on earlier models of the same kind.

Is the rubber successful in keeping the tennis racket under control?

When played close to the table, the game is linear and slow; when played further away from the table, the thick stiff top sheet allows for a high degree of accuracy due to the thick rigid top sheet.

Additionally, while playing from a distance away from the table, the control is superb as well. In addition, since MX- P is very linear, it is easy to add additional power to current systems while preserving pinpoint accuracy in the process.

For the top sheet to adequately penetrate into the sponge, it is required to apply a precise amount of force on it. This force has an effect on how both the whole sheet and the sponge react to one another when they come into contact.

Is MX-P Table tennis Rubber something I’d promote to a friend or family member?

I feel that the target audience for this rubber is those who like playing a strategic spin game from a medium distance.

A patient attacker does not want to overwhelm their opponent but instead seeks to gain an advantage via the use of angles, rotations, and other techniques that force the adversary into an unfavorable position before charging in for the kill.

A big confidence interval for their strokes is particularly attractive to players who place high importance on consistency above all other variables.

Taking use of the high arc, attacking shots are more secure. However, the moderate pace provides for more consistency, while the linear component allows for greater flexibility at the same time.

Conclusion –

Briefly said, investing in an MX-P Tibhar Evolution provides you with the same playing experience as a Butterfly Tenergy 05 at a fraction of the latter’s expense.

Its characteristics are just excellent, and the only drawback is the relatively short lifespan of the rubber, which will only last you around 3-4 months when utilized to its full potential.

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