XIOM T5 Table Tennis Table Review

XIOM T5 Table Tennis Table Review - Is this table tennis table worth buying?

Many people think of XIOM when they hear the words “table tennis racket,” “rubber,” or even “plastic balls,” shake hands,” or “Chinese behold.” For the price, XIOM is one of the best-known and most popular brands on the market.

Since its inception in 1976, this South Korean company has quickly ascended to the top of the retail food chain, domestically and internationally. The XIOM T5 Olympic Ping Pong Table is no exception for building quality.

It features a 1-inch-thick HDPB surface, a more authoritarian, lighter polymer that is less resistant to moisture than other materials. Because of its high-grade coating procedure, its Tourna Surface meets International Table Tennis Foundation (ITTF) Standards.

It delivers a high reflection angle as well as a solid spin reflex. This professional-grade table, which has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), is a 2-piece item that includes a competition-grade net set.

Attributes of XIOM T5 Olympic Ping Pong Table –

Surface: 1″ (25mm) HDPB playing surface
Surface Coating: Tough coat and anti-gloss
Legs 50 x 50mm (1.4mm thickness), powder coat finish, adjustable height
Frame: H60mm
Structure Separate rollaway, deep leg
Bound ITTF standard, support angle – 1 per Top
Weight: 123kg/271 lbs.

1. The High-Definition Polyurethane (HDPB) Coating –

The XIOM T5 Ping Pong table offers several distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other Ping Pong tables available on the market.

It features a one-inch-thick HDPB surface, which is a more challenging, lighter, and less moisture-resistant substance than typical plywood, and it is also more affordable.

A high reflecting angle and good spin reflex are achieved due to the high-grade coating technology employed on the Tourna Surface, complying with International Table Tennis Foundation (ITTF) Standards.

There are two pieces to this table, which have been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Because of its low pricing, you will get a table of substantially higher quality than you would anticipate from your usual table tennis table.

2. Locking Mechanism with Two Levels of Protection –

Should you get XIOM T5 Table Tennis Table? My honest review and specification about this table tennis table

The legs are sturdy enough to withstand this weight without bending or breaking under pressure. Additionally, there is superb edging throughout the structure and the casters.

This one has two different types of safety locking systems. Four huge wheels may be used to move the vehicle on each side. As a result, the table is safe and convenient to move about.

The T-shaped wheel leg assembly helps with the overall movement of the wheelchair. If desired, the two table sections may be utilized as two separate tables. Raising one end of the table may create a working space for practice.

The wheel’s elevation may be changed by twisting the wheel or the spherical piece at the bottom of the wheel. This chair has height-adjustment screws that are pre-installed in the front legs.

3. Setup is straightforward –

Considering that you will be putting it together from the bottom up, it should be a basic procedure. If you have a raised platform that is 2 to 3 feet high and you can store the table in an upside-down position, the construction of this table will be much easier to complete.

The assembling procedure is uncomplicated, and it is simple to follow it. The whole process of putting this system up from the ground up takes around 20 minutes. The directions that accompany this table are rather detailed.

If you construct one side of the divide on your own, this should take you between 15 and 30 minutes. You should be able to do it in less than 5-10 minutes if you have help.

4. Scratch-resistant playability –

As a consequence of the increased play space, the new Xiom design gives you an extra playroom on the surface of the water table. The legs may be pushed further into the body to avoid being obstructed when playing.

Moreover, you will utilize the table for more extended periods since the table will sustain minor damage. The powder coating also makes it shock-resistant, which is a bonus.

To solidify the powder coating, it is applied electronically to the metal portions of this table and baked at a high temperature. This method ensures that the finish on all table components is of the highest possible quality.

Pros and Cons of XIOM T5 –

1. Durability and an increased longevity 1. Hefty in weight and high in price
2. Elevated Surface Area for Game
3. Framework with High Accuracy
4. Patented System for Adjustability

Pros of XIOM T5 –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Durability and increased longevity –

The table has been dramatically improved in terms of durability and robustness. This is undoubtedly the best table tennis table available on the market. Attila Malek, the United States National Table Tennis Team coach, chose it.

He had suggested this table to me since it was a low-cost, high-quality alternative. Muscle Back manufactures one of the most substantial and most long-lasting tables available on the market.

The table is coated with a thick layer of varnish, which increases its longevity. High heat and water exposure are no match for this one.

Depending on the table’s laminating materials, it may be able to last for an extended period. The table’s longevity is also improved because the flat base coat is likewise more robust.

2. Elevated Surface Area for Game –

Is XIOM T5 Table Tennis Table good for buying? Review and features about this table tennis table

The new Xiom design gives you an additional play space on the device’s surface, which is a welcome addition. To prevent the legs from blocking the player’s mobility during playing, they may be moved farther within the body.

This Deep Leg Spacing was formerly 23cm; however, it has been extended to 43cm due to recent changes. Everything about this piece is flawless, and the bracing on the bottom is a great finishing touch.

The edging and the playing surface area are of the most outstanding quality available. You will be surprised by the wide range of finishes and precisions that are now accessible to you.

It’s also relatively easy to keep everything organized. This method makes it much simpler to fold and roll. Compared to many more expensive competitors in its category, this table is far less costly.

3. Framework with High Accuracy –

For example, to conform to the International Tennis Federation’s laws, standards, and urgent requirements, among other things, it is necessary to have a robust quality control system in place as well as solid technological skills.

With automated cutters/drillers and robotic welding, precision and quality are improved at XIOM T5. Both automated and robotic welding are used at XIOM T5. Patent applications for each of these ideas are now in the process of being drafted in parallel.

4. Patented System for Adjustability –

To adjust the wheel’s height, rotate either the wheel itself or the bottom circular piece of the revolution, whichever is most comfortable for the user.

The front legs have been pre-drilled and which was before with height-adjustment screws, and the rear legs have been arranged in a way identical to that used for the front legs.

An additional part of the playing surface is a lamination granted an international patent. It produced high-quality bounces due to high-quality bounces.

Cons of XIOM T5 –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

Hefty in weight and high in price –

It is not suggested to be used outdoors in severe weather conditions, even though it is scratch-resistant. The construction is quick and straightforward to put together. It is significant in weight, which indicates that it is both long-lasting and well-built.

However, due to the table’s weight, it is required to have at least two people to raise each side of the table to complete the lift. When it is fully completed, it weighs a total of 100 pounds. Another drawback may be the price range in which it is offered.

This table tennis table, approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), is rather expensive. Compared to its competitors, it is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing tables currently available on the market today.

Although you indeed get what you pay for when purchasing a table tennis table, the high scratch-resistant quality of the XIOM T5 will not let you down.

FAQs –

Is this a table that can handle a wide range of players of different skill levels?

There are no restrictions on who may play on the table since it is an Olympic-graded and ITTF-approved table tennis table. On the other hand, this table is a tad on the expensive side.

If you are a rookie, you may wish to look for less costly and more affordable alternatives on the market before making your final decision.

For those in need of high-quality and fashionable table tennis rackets, tables, rubbers, plastic balls, and shake hands and Chinese penholders, XIOM is one of the first firms that spring to mind.

However, suppose your mind strongly urges you to explore another fantastic choice. In that case, JOOLA Indoor Table Tennis is an excellent match. It is suitable for novices, but it is also “competition-grade” and suited for competitive players.

Suppose you are looking for an affordable table of high quality in construction that will arrive in excellent condition. In that case, this is the table you should consider purchasing.

Is this a table that will endure for a lengthy period?

Because the table is scratch-resistant, you will be able to use it for more extended periods with less worry about it being damaged. It is also shock-resistant due to the powder coating applied to the surface.

This procedure ensures that the finish on all table components is of the highest quality. Tourna Surface is compliant with International Table Tennis Foundation (ITTF) Standards, has a high reflection angle, and has excellent spin reflex due to the high-grade coating technique used on it.

If you’re looking for another fantastic alternative, Donic Waldner Classic Table Tennis is unquestionably the best choice. While it is worthy of consideration by professionals, it is also a great gaming table for individuals looking for a long-lasting, well-crafted set. Experts predict that it will persist for decades.

Is the XIOM T5 Table Tennis Table something I would recommend?

Suitable for players of varying sizes and heights, this table can accommodate them all. With the help of the wheel or the bottom spherical piece, you may alter the height of the table.

The front legs are equipped with height-adjustment screws that are pre-installed. Because of the lightweight material utilized in its manufacturing, this ping pong table has a rougher feel.

It is less resistant to moisture than its competitors, which is a disadvantage. IITF criteria are met by the Tourna surface used on this model. In addition to providing a superb spin reflex, the high-grade coating technique also delivers a high reflection angle.

It also comes with a high-quality net set, which is a significant advantage considering that most net groups included with tables are of low quality.

Conclusion –

In my opinion, the XIOM T5 Olympic Ping Pong Table has received an overwhelmingly positive response due to its revolutionary engineering, design, and exquisite polish, which is applied to even the minor portions of the table.

The majority of seasoned players who have been running for years and can recognize the critical aspects of a table uniformly agree that this table is on the level with, if not better than, its more expensive competitors in every way, including pricing.

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