XIOM Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber Review

XIOM Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber Review - Is this table tennis rubber worth buying?

Do you need a budget-friendly rubber with control to help speed up your attacking style of play? The ever-popular and best-selling Xiom Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber might be an excellent choice for you.

Personally, I preferred this rubber on the backhand when I first got it. It helps generate more speed, spin, and lift. The rubber is quite constant across the sheet, making it ideal for serves and flips.

The performance is excellent, and the speed is fairly linear. Serves have a spiny texture. The short game isn’t bouncy, but the power shots are. The issue with this rubber is its top sheet durability.

After only a few hours of play, the top sheet begins to abrade and loses grip. This is something I would suggest to any aspiring offensive player.

It includes all the thrill of rubbers like Tenergy and the Evolution series, but a lot more forgiving. Before making a purchase, you should look at some of its characteristics and advantages.

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Specifications of XIOM Vega Pro –

1. Immense Control –

The XIOM Vega Pro provides a tremendous lot of control when playing shots. This is owing to its many gears. The Carbo Sponge provides as much speed as you put into it.

So, the rubber might seem virtually lifeless for passive shots, but this is intentional. The purpose of the pace dampening here is to offer you as much control as possible.

If you desire speed, you must create it by playing a quicker stroke. Because of the linear link between stroke speed and ball speed, the XIOM Vega Pro is a very dependable rubber.

2. Improved and Better Touch –

Is XIOM Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber good for buying? My honest review and specification of this table tennis rubber

To regulate the significantly lower throw angle in high-speed rallies, you must be the one on the job. Because it draws a straight line, the Xiom Vega Pro requires more accuracy to counter loop.

It is faster to draw a straight line from A to B than it is to draw the curving line of the Tenergy series. Xiom Vega, on the other hand, provides brakes in races.

If you hit lightly, you can slow down the rally. Tenergy does not lose spin and speed energy like the deader absorbing Xiom Vega Pro. This deadness improves the touch.

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3. Brilliant Option for Intermediate Players –

Some players may find the deadening of the ball to be odd at first, especially for those moving up from quicker rubbers with fewer gears. However, you may grow used to this trait and utilize it to your advantage with a bit of practice.

Because of the lower gears, the XIOM Vega Pro is a fantastic choice for intermediate players. Many players make the mistake of buying quick rubbers before they are ready.

On the other hand, Vega Pro gives you access to both ends of the spectrum. As you progress and gain confidence in your strokes, you will be able to exert greater speed, which will translate effectively to the ball.

4. Comparatively High Throw Angle –

Many people compare Vega Pro to the renowned Tenergy 05 Rubber, and while it is a fantastic rubber, it differs from Tenergy 05 in several ways. While it has a comparable high throw angle, it lacks spin and speed compared to the Tenergy 05.

Tenergy also doesn’t have as many gears as Vegas Pro, but you can feel its power even at lesser speeds. Looping feels natural with this rubber and works best when you’re close to mid-distance from the table.

Because Vegas Pro lacks the catapult effect, it is less suitable for use away from the table. However, loop depth is much easier to anticipate.

PROS and CONS of XIOM Vega Pro –

1. Undeniable Top-Notch Quality 1. Lack of Speed
2. Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting
3. Medium Hard Top Sheet
4. Spin-Oriented
5. Fantastic Grip

PROS of XIOM Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Undeniable Top-Notch Quality:

I was pleasantly surprised by the superior quality of Vega Pro, especially given its low-cost value. The top sheet and sponge, in particular, were of outstanding caliber.

I also enjoy the fact that there isn’t a lot of booster on a fresh sheet. This means that the rubber will not shrink when removed from your bat and will remain constant throughout its life.

This function is ideal for the players who have the habit of constantly changing and replacing the rubber.

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2. Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting:

Should you get XIOM Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber? My review and features of this table tennis rubber

This is one of the finest, if not the greatest, ESN rubber I’ve tested for longevity. It’s phenomenal; the rubber could last a season if you wanted it to.

The top sheet degrades quite slowly; after three months, my sheet still looked brand new, with no imperfections and all of its grip. It can last as long as Tenergy rubbers and is a fantastic value for money.

I’d guess it can last about a half a year if you play 2-3 times per week at peak performance; after that, the top sheet declines somewhat but not significantly.

3. Medium Hard Top Sheet:

The hardness of the top sheet is roughly medium-medium/hard, and it corresponds nicely with the sponge to provide a good balance.

When you play offensive strokes, you can feel the rubber bite the ball, and the sponge is also wonderful, not too dead but not too active, not too firm but not too soft, an excellent medium ground.

I can’t express how much I appreciate the feel of this rubber; it’s a lot of fun to play with. The Vega has the same super-soft Topsheet as all other tensors.

The top sheet of Vega Pro is softer, but the sponge is firmer. Many individuals believe that the harder top sheet provides greater thrust.

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4. Spin-Oriented:

The Xiom Vega Pro is a spin-oriented rubber built for looping; it is exceptional at catching the ball and playing slow brushy loop strokes. I’d say it creates fewer spins than the Tibhar Evolution MX-P.

The strange thing is that when you’re playing, it doesn’t feel this way; instead, it has this fantastic smooth grabby vibe. It’s a lot of fun to play with. However, you can notice that it is less potent while playing large shots because there isn’t the same spin production.

The Vega Pro is comparable to medium-speed spin-oriented rubbers in terms of feel. It’s in the same league as the Tibhar Evolution MXS and the Nittaku Fastarc G-1.

CONS of XIOM Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

Some players will be disappointed by the lack of speed and spin. Many of us have grown accustomed to the catapult effect of high-end rubbers, so the lack of it makes us feel vulnerable.

The Xiom Vega not only lacks strength in this regard, your opponent easily blocks your blows. This is most noticeable while looping far from the table, which you shouldn’t do very often with Vega Pro.

The speed limit might make finishing rallies with power strokes a little more difficult.

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FAQs –

Do the other rubbers in the Vega series serve any additional purpose?

Many players demand the intensity of the spin and the stability and sturdy feel. The VEGA series is the culmination of a dream. Its simplicity will enable participants to play “winning” table tennis.

There are now four options available. They are all capable of producing a lot of spins. The softer VEGA ASIA is for greater speed, the softer VEGA EUROPE is for more control, and the softest VEGA ELITE is for ultimate control.

What technology is employed in the production of the Vega pro?

VEGA combines two innovative technologies: HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE. Both rely on TENSOR technology, which gives rubber the appearance of built-in tension.

Hyper elasto gives tremendous spin and stability, while the carbo sponge in black provides unique energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the Vega experience is both exhilarating and relaxing. Moreover, the Vega experience is both exhilarating and relaxing.

Would I Recommend XIOM Vega Pro Table Tennis Rubber?

Placement is predictable and dependable due to the linear relationship between force put on the ball and force created. The Xiom Vega Pro is a controlled looping rubber, in my opinion.

It is best suited to intermediate-level players with a controlled loop attacking style who wish to perform loop shots as soon as possible. Players who prioritize control and precision should choose a medium-speed setting to modify spin and placement.

Xiom has created an excellent value-for-money rubber, which is why it is still a top-selling rubber after more than ten years. At close to mid-distance from the table, Vega Pro is best suited to all-around and attacking play styles.

Conclusion –

The XIOM Vega Pro is an excellent rubber that allows you to manage the tempo at which you play. Because of its multiple gears, you may simply slow down or speed up rallies as you see proper.

Expect amazing consistency on your loops, outstanding blocks, and a strong short game. At its pricing point, the XIOM Vega Pro, like the rest of the Vega Pro lineup, is an excellent buy.

If you enjoy the sound of this rubber but are concerned about how it will function owing to its design for the older celluloid ball, consider the Vega X instead. It’s simply a fresh and improved clone that’s been developed for the plastic ball.

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