Xiom Vega X Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Review

Xiom Vega X Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Review - Is this table tennis rubber worth buying?

Are you a table tennis enthusiast looking for a neat, finished superior quality rubber sheet? If you are, I must say you have reached the perfect place because I have a product that you will love and recommend to others.

The Xiom Vega X rubber sheet is a must-have for sure. Starting with all that it has to offer, I must say from personal experience that it is one of the most highly equipped rubber sheets that one can use.

It is not only made from the best technologies and top-notch materials, but it also has some great speed and spin qualities. So with this high-power rubber sheet, you have assured a pleasant experience every time you use it, and it also gives you the forefront to put up a tough fight against your opponent.

So you don’t have to think more and just go for it because I can assure you it won’t disappoint. Instead, it will only give you the best time every time you use it.

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Features of Xiom Vega X Table Tennis Rubber –

Brand Xiom
Speed 91
Spin 92
Control  91

1. Good quality medium-hard rubber –

Xiom VEGA X, in celebration of VEGA’s 10th Anniversary. Table tennis players worldwide have experienced and appreciated the “VEGA” rubber series over the past decade.

VEGA made its reputation for excellent performance at a reasonable price. The top sheet of this new Xiom rubber is of high quality. The catchiness, however, does not appear to be very pronounced.

In contrast, when using the new plastic balls, in contrast, the surface of the Vega X provides the best possible shots. Furthermore, the top sheet is medium-hard and medium-elastic.

Nevertheless, XIOM has constantly made an effort to innovate the VEGA rubber series. Now, XIOM proudly releases VEGA X.

2. Upgraded top sheet –

Review about Xiom Vega X Table Tennis Rubber Sheet - My opinion on should you buy it?

While maintaining the strength of VEGA PRO, they upgraded this rubber’s overall performance, hence making it the perfect rubber in every way possible. The basic formula of VEGA X is based on VEGA PRO.

But the top sheet has been upgraded to the latest architectural structure. It brings more aggressive features while maintaining balance.

Players using VEGA PRO can quickly adapt to the VEGA X – and immediately experience the fantastic performance boost. Moreover, if you are still an intermediate in the game, this rubber will also be the most suitable one for you.

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3. Extreme spin but does not forgive errors –

When doing serves, you can generate an extreme amount of spin. All versions went off the hand very easily, whether backspin, sidespin or kick-topspin. Short chopped balls could be placed flat and spinny when doing returns.

However, the Vega X does not forgive many errors when having bad timing for chopped balls. Hence, you need to anticipate and understand such balls to successfully play with such high-end rubber.

So if you want a rubber sheet that is simpler to use, then you can check out other options like the Donic Baracuda Big Slam Rubber Sheet.

Pros and Cons of Xiom Vega X –

Pros Cons
1. Made with the newest carbon sponge  1. Has limited usage
2. Uses dynamic friction technology 
3. Medium-large sponge for more speed
4. Gives sufficient power and easy shots
5. Made for spin oriented attackers 

Here are the Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Made with Carbon sponge:

Xiom Vega X is the newest production from the company with specific technologies for table tennis rubber. The black “Carbon Sponge” uses a carbon composite and provides more efficient energy usage when contacting the ball.

The sponge is comparably lighter to other rubbers. So the catapult effect is hardly noticeable when doing short-short. Flips over the table are easy. Spinny, hard, and well-placed balls are feasible no matter what kind of stroke you are doing.

2. Uses Dynamic Friction Technology:

Should you get Xiom Vega X Table Tennis Rubber Sheet? My review and feature about this table tennis rubber

The rubber is also produced with Dynamic Friction technology, which is based around the design of a snow tire to produce spin on the plastic ball due to the extra grip.

Vega X also uses “Cycloid” technology, which enhances the ball’s trajectory. These designs are used in the “Elasto Futura” generation of rubbers from Xiom.

So with a rubber sheet, this well-made you know for sure it won’t disappoint. Instead, using it, you can exercise different gaming styles and improve the one that suits you the most. Moreover, the fact that it comes at a reasonable price is a huge plus point.

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3. Offers high speed:

This rubber sheet has pimples that are short and exhibit a medium width. The sponge is quite hard, and the pores are medium-large. As with almost all other Xiom rubbers, the sponge color is black.

The overall speed is very high, and when further increasing the speed, the rubber behaves directly and dynamically. Its catapult effect is good to control.

The overall feeling of using this rubber sheet is great because it gives you all the power you need to play a great game and put up a tough fight against your opponent.

4. Easy shots and defense:

is Xiom Vega X Table Tennis Rubber Sheet good for buying? My review and specification about the rubber

Shots and finishing strokes go off the hand very nicely! When being close to the table, you can use slow attacks from your opponent to finish off your opponent. High balls are the easiest to cater to for this rubber!

Interestingly, the defense is excellent as well. It is easily possible to serve high-arched balls toward the ground line without any errors. Counterattacks are feasible, no matter where you are.

This is why I would say that this Xiom Vega X always develops sufficient power to give your best shot and learn. Hence due to its playing characteristics and hardness, the rubber is a worthy successor to the Xiom Vega Pro for sure.

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5. Made for spin oriented attackers:

The Xiom Vega X sets standards within the densely packed rubber market! It is an excellent topspin rubber with an excellent price-performance ratio. This rubber is designed for modern and spin-oriented attackers who prefer a high overall speed.

The Vega X can genuinely be called a worthy successor to the Vega Pro. However, the X is more dynamic, has a larger catapult effect, and exhibits better suitability to meet the requirements of the new plastic ping pong balls.

Hence, this top-notch table tennis rubber is one of the best spin-creating topspin rubbers combined with the plastic ball.

Here are the Cons –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Limited usage:

No doubt, this rubber sheet comes with some extensive features and has a very superior build too. However, the rubber sheet can primarily cater to only aggressive play and attackers because of its great spin and fast speed.

So if you are a beginner, you will not find this rubber sheet good enough for you, but you can check out other options like the Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX Rubber Sheet.

This is why I would say that this rubber sheet lacks usage as it is not universal. However, if you want to improve your skills and learn to play a good game, this rubber sheet is all you need.

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Is this rubber sheet very expensive?

No, even though high-end rubbers turn out to be very costly, this rubber sheet is not that pricey; instead, it is easily affordable online for buyers to buy it.

So with rubber of such good quality and so affordable, you know, it is worth buying for sure, and it will even last you a long time, making your investment worth it.

This is why if you are a table tennis enthusiast looking for a rubber to match your pace, then this one is the most suitable one for you.

Will this rubber be durable for the long run?

Yes, I would say that this rubber sheet is made with the most top-notch quality materials and the latest formulas used to make a well-made rubber sheet that won’t disappoint.

Hence, this assures that you will get a superior quality rubber that will give you a great experience and last you long. So as long as you keep the rubber sheet intact, it won’t wear out easily, even if it is subject to constant playing.

Does this rubber offer good spin?

Yes, of course, this Xiom Vega X is a topspin rubber of the latest generation. This top-notch table tennis rubber is one of the best spin-creating topspin rubbers with the plastic ball.

Due to its playing characteristics and hardness, the rubber is worthy of being used to cater to endless gameplay and play high-pressure games.

So if you want a good spin and high-power rubber, there isn’t a better fit than this. So with this rubber sheet, you can learn your skills better and enjoy great games as well.

Would you recommend buying this rubber sheet?

Yes, honestly, I would recommend you buy this rubber sheet if you want to take the game seriously and enhance your gameplay.

Because the rubber is elegant in its features that will invariably help you up to your game and hone your skills better, this rubber is even very flexible in terms of usage and price.

This is why I can assure you both complete satisfaction and a good experience hence making it a must-have for sure.


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