Yasaka MaxWood Blade Review

Yasaka MaxWood Blade Review - Is This ping pong blade worth buying? My review on this table tennis paddle

Do you want to replace a much-used blade with a better one? Are you looking for a blade that is affordable and durable? The Yasaka MaxWood Blade has got you covered.

I’ve had this blade for a long time, and it was a gift from a state player. I had a china rubber, which I used extensively. However, this blade is not particularly swift, but it is effective in terms of skill and control.

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This blade performs well in terms of speed and spin, but with the caveat that the user must understand the art of controlling this blade, as it is extremely fast but also effective in blocking and attacking.

To be honest, I adore that about the racket since it makes playing so much more enjoyable and simple. In terms of price, I think it was affordable. Moreover, Yasaka as a brand does a pretty good job at providing its customers with supreme quality at affordable and budget-friendly prices.

Most of the series of blades by Yasaka cost around $34-$118. The Yasaka MaxWood is priced at $49.95. It is one of the greatest non-carbon blades in the market, with excellent balance, control, and speed.

It has a pleasant feel and a pleasant touch, and it works well with a variety of rubbers. Ever since I bought it, I could not stop talking about it. I have also recommended the MaxWood blade to a lot of my friends and relatives.

The Yasaka MaxWood is a robust blade designed for players that want to attack and block quickly. Its sturdy and strong for the form and the speed along with the control is plausible.

Should I buy Yasaka MaxWood Blade? My review on this table tennis blade

MaxWood is made up of a 7-ply combination with two tougher veneers connected with a specific gluing procedure, providing the blade tremendous power. MaxWood has an attractive design and was made in Sweden’s renowned blade manufacturing.

It was designed for players who want a strong grasp and the fastest attack and blocking speeds possible. This blade is stiffer and harder than most 7-ply wood blades, and as a result, it has a reputation for being hefty.

It is, nevertheless, still quick. It has a 93 mph top speed and a 70 mph control speed. It doesn’t weigh more than 90g, which is quite substantial. However, it has no bearing on the speed of the blade.

This blade is well-made and looks impressive. The level of control is excellent and efficient. It can’t be beaten for this price by any other blade in the market; it’s far too cheap for such a powerful blade.

MaxWood also combines well with different rubbers, resulting in a fantastic game.

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PROS and CONS of Yasaka MaxWood Blade –

1. From a Promising Brand 1. Speed is not as fast
2. Robust Control 2. Not for Professional Players
3. Eminent Power
4. Notable Hardness
5. Decent Spin

Pros/Specs Of Yasaka MaxWood Blade –

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1. From a Promising Brand:

The Yasaka Table Tennis Company has been selling table tennis equipment since 1947 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Hiroshi Yaoita and Mr. Sakamoto founded the company, which has grown to be highly successful, thanks in part to their very popular Mark V brand of table tennis rubbers.

Yasaka stunned the TT-World in 2002 by producing the DYNAMIX, a 17-layer blade. YASAKA grew quickly, owing to close ties with prominent Japanese players, and quickly ascended to the top of the world table tennis rankings.

The Yasaka MaxWood is another promising blade manufactured in Sweden itself by Yasaka. Costumers have and still trust the brand for its outstanding types of equipment, especially table tennis blades.

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2. Quick Control:

Yasaka MaxWood Table Tennis Blade provides 93 Speed and Control 70, allowing you to dominate the game with more speed and control. You’ll have a greater hitting area with the extra-large sweet spot.

It is powerful and with enough feedback retained as I expected it would be, the hardness allowed it to perform speedy and powerful even with softer rubber. One of my mates recently purchased a Maxwood blade after I recommended it to him.

He’s very pleased with it. As soon as it was delivered to him, we decided to plan a game. Surprisingly, his control and quickness in all of his shoots increased like never before. With control, power, and blocking, we had a fantastic rally game.

Cons of Yasaka MaxWood Blade –

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The quickest of the Yasaka all-wood blades is the Gatien Max Wood. Despite being a seven-ply wood, it provides superb control in all settings. However, some customers appear to be dissatisfied with the pace at which it operates.

The speed is a tad disappointing for a 7-ply mix that also has two tougher veneers. Although it is still a preferred blade for great play, professional players seem to shun it, owing to its speed.

This blade isn’t particularly fast, but it works well with a technique-based playing style and can also be used for control. The speed is more or less slow for professional use but it still has the unique features that make it stand out more against its competitors.

The Killerspin JET500 Paddle is fairly a better alternative than this paddle, which comes with vigorous speed and power for more professional gameplay.

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Does it provide good control?

This is a high-quality blade with plenty of speed and control, plus it’s manufactured in Sweden. It’s a great blade for the price, a very affordable and budget-friendly blade.

It provides excellent control, as well as being very light and slender. It can easily be paired Pairs well with a thicker, quicker runner. This is a very and handy light blade.

The blade has a pleasant feel to it and fits comfortably in your hand. Furthermore, it is both stable and durable. This is one of the greatest non-carbon blades available in the market.

Is it the best blade by Yasaka? Are there any better blades available in the market?

The Maxwood blade sure is a stunner and won’t disappoint you, however, Yasaka has launched a lot of new series of blades after this 2009 model, which is more durable and provides players with better control and speed.

The Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle is a professional grade paddle that is way better than many other competitors in the market, it outperforms its own claims and is very popular among Table Tennis players.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a more professional blade to refine your game and are willing to spend a little more, then you can go ahead and check out the Killerspin Jet800 SPEED N2 Ping Pong Paddle.

Would I Recommend Yasaka MaxWood Blade?

Sure, it is your best bet at this price. Undoubtedly, you can find a better blade but not at this price. If you’re on a budget, this is a great choice. The quality is very nice as promised by the brand.

The speed, control, and power are considerable factors. It’s also very durable and stable along with the factor that it’s a great blade for intermediate players. The Yasaka Maxwood is not going to disappoint you in terms of power and more other aspects.


The Yasaka MaxWood Blade is one of the greatest non-carbon blades available in the market. It provides the players with excellent balance, control, and speed. It has a pleasant feel and a pleasant touch, and it works well with a variety of other rubbers of different brands. Even with a softer rubber, the toughness allows it to function quickly and powerfully with maximum efficiency.

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