Y&T V989E Table Tennis Robot Review

Y&T V989E Table Tennis Robot Review - Is this table tennis robot worth buying?

Are you an enthusiastic table tennis player who wants to play continuously and practice for hours together? Do you also want to play hassle-free without needing someone else to join you?

Well, if you want something that will allow you to do that, then I have the perfect match for you because I too was looking for something exactly like this—presenting to you the Y and T V989 E Table Tennis Robot.

Using this robot, you can play for hours together without needing to stop for anything or wait for another player to join you, which is fantastic! Moreover, you can experience different kinds of gaming styles and perfect them all.

Hence, if table tennis is your sport, this robot is all you need to accompany you and play with it endlessly.

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Features of Y&T V-989E –

Speed 4-50 m/sec
Dimensions L×W×H 107.5 x 55.5 x 51cm
Weight 15 kg 
Frequency  25-95 ball/min

1. Superior quality –

In terms of quality, this table tennis robot is undoubtedly well made and is backed by an extended warranty period to ensure that you get nothing but a well-made product.

This robot system is built with the latest technology to satisfy players’ needs and comes with a net and ball catching system that is very helpful when used.

With a heavyweight and wheels, you can be sure that this robot will never skip a beat or get jammed in the middle of the game. This is why I would say that this robot is made with high-quality craftsmanship and won’t disappoint for sure.

2. Easy setup –

My review on Y&T V989E Table Tennis Robot - Specification and features about this table tennis robot

I am sure the first thing you would have thought about after looking at this robot’s mechanism is how tough it would be to put it together. But let me tell you that assembly is the last thing you have to worry about with this robot.

The robot is quick and easy to set up since each side panel is held to the table by a simple, quick screw clamp holder next to the net. The fact that it comes with a net and ball catcher allows you to play endlessly after setup, which is every player’s dream.

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3. Fastball delivery –

No doubt, the primary purpose of investing in such high-quality gaming equipment is to experience the game of your life and practice for hours to come, which is exactly what this robot has to offer for you.

Since it can easily deliver 25 to 95 balls per minute depending on the kind of speed you want and the number of balls you want to hit per minute, you can enjoy using this fastball delivery mode that will help you improve your speed hone your skills better.

Pros and Cons of Y&T V-989E Robot –

Pros Cons
1. Twin wheel design for easy ball serves 1. Offers less control
2. Ball catcher and net to allow continuous gameplay
3. Multiple ball setting system 
4. Includes all accessories and balls
5. Comes with warranty

Here are the Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Twin wheel design:

The best part about this table tennis robot is that it has a twin-wheel design. Twin wheel design means the spin can be set to anything between max topspin and max backspin.

Thus it’s possible to set up float or no-spin balls depending on which one you prefer. This robot can even hit nine different kinds of spins with a frequency of 25 to 95 balls per minute and a speed of 4 to 50 meters per second, which is quite impressive.

2. Ball catcher:

Should you get Y&T V989E Table Tennis Robot? My honest review and specification about this table tennis robot

The main feature about this table that will surely incite every player to want it while playing is that it has a ball catcher system and net to keep the game ongoing without breaking the game flow.

So with this innovative feature, you can play without needing to stop in the middle to pick the balls up since it automatically gets collected, and the net prevents the ball from falling off the table.

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3. Multiball setting:

The feature that I found very helpful about this robot is that the number of balls on each spot can be controlled depending on what kind of pace and style of shots you want to play with at the moment, which I love.

Hence, this random set of long and short balls is an excellent addition to a multi-ball sequence but even more helpful when practicing serves. Besides, the fact that it is mounted on wheels allows it to simulate different servings to improve your skills.

4. Accessories:

Is Y&T V989E Table Tennis Robot good for buying? Honest review and features about this ping pong robot

To provide convenience in terms of usage, this robot system includes all the accessories needed to play the game with. First, it has an easy setup system that is crucial and stores more than 150 balls for serving.

It even comes with a net to automatically return balls into the robot’s feed tray and a free ball catcher to pick up balls from the floor. The fact that it even comes with a warranty makes it more convenient and completely worth investing in.

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5. Warranty:

When it comes to investing in high-end gaming equipment like this table tennis robot, you will want your investment to be completely worth it. In which case, you can rest assured that this robot will last you long term since it is backed by a three-year warranty period.

Hence in case of any kind of defect or damage to the parts of the machine, you can easily contact the manufacturing company, and they will guide you in the same. So you have nothing to worry about other than enjoying a good game and improving your skills.

Here are the Cons –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Offers less control:

No doubt, this table is a perfect match for a table tennis enthusiast to play at length without having to stop their flow. However, the one thing that this robot lacks is that it does not have pre-set training programs which makes setting the shots more convenient.

However, if you want a table tennis robot that comes with preset training programs, then you can check out other options like the Butterfly Amicus Prime Robot.

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Will I get a replacement in case of a defective piece?

Yes, you will replace the broken piece, or the manufacturing company will repair the product and give you a well-made piece instead.

Because this table is backed by a warranty so in case of any complaint, you can simply raise it to the company, and they will take care of it from there. Hence you can enjoy this robot system for a long time and not worry about it breaking down.

Can this robot be moved around, or will it remain fixed?

Yes, the best part about this robot is that you can move it around and keep it at various angles and positions to experience different kinds of shots.

Hence, thanks to its wheels, this robot system can be moved around easily and transported to different rooms wherever required.

Will I get table tennis rackets with this robot system?

No, this robot will surely come with all the accessories you will need to play a smooth game like the balls, the net system, and the ball catcher. But it does not come with rackets.

So if you want a racket that you can use to play, you can check out other options like the Donic Burn Off Table Tennis Racket.

Would you recommend buying this table?

Yes, I would recommend you to buy this table because it is very useful to help you enhance your skills and play great games each time.

With this table tennis robot, you can place it in any direction and keep it away whenever not needed. Moreover, the fact that it is made with top-notch quality materials assures you complete customer satisfaction.


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